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Past articles by Robert:

The EV Transition Is Harder Than Anyone Thinks

Clueless policymakers, skeptical consumers, greedy automakers—and the tech isn’t ready either → Read More

The Aftershocks of the EV Transition Could Be Ugly

The introduction of EVs at scale causes perturbations within the current operating environment, which in turn, create behavioral responses, some predictable, many not. “People find ways to use systems for their own benefit not anticipated by designers and developers," says John Leslie King... → Read More

Why EVs Aren't a Climate Change Panacea

“Electric cars will not save the climate. It is completely wrong,” Fatih Birol, Executive Director of the International Energy Agency (IEA), has stated. If Birol were from Maine, he might have simply observed, “You can’t get there from here.” → Read More

The EV Transition Explained: Reshaping Labor Markets

Knowing how many net jobs the transition to EVs and related renewable energy will create, change or eliminate—and over what time period—is critical to determining the impacts of governmental policies and whether they need revision. However, accurate job figures are exceedingly hard to determine. → Read More

Level 1, 2, and 3 Chargers Explained

Level 1 (L1) chargers plug directly into a standard residential 120V AC outlet and supply an average of 1.3 to 2.4 kW. This provides somewhere between 3-5 miles of EV range per hour. An empty battery electric vehicle (BEV) battery may take up to 40-50 hours to charge the US Department of Transportat... → Read More

The EV Transition Explained: Can the Grid Cope?

There have been vigorous debates pro and con in the US and elsewhere over whether the electric grids can support EVs at scale. The answer is a nuanced “perhaps.” It depends on several factors, including the speed of grid component modernization, the volume of EV sales, where they occur and when... → Read More

EV Car Makers Compete for Engineering Talent

One critical area of resource competition is over the limited supply of software and systems engineers with mechatronics and robotics expertise needed for EVs. <a href="- → Read More

The EV Transition Explained

The challenges posed by the transition from ICE vehicles to EVs at scale are significantly larger in scope and more complex than the policy makers appreciate. The systems engineering task alone is enormous, with countless interdependencies that are outside policy makers' control. → Read More

Coders Cash In on Electric Cars

As car makers spend billions to convert their fleets to electric, they need thousands of coders to write the software to make these vehicles move. → Read More

The Fragile State of UK Banking Sector IT Systems Continues Unabated

Customers warned to expect regular system outages well into the future → Read More

Five Enduring Government IT Failures

Photo: John Keeble/Getty Images Large, costly government IT project failures often create an immediate sensation in the media, but they quickly fall out of public notice as soon another failure grabs attention. However, in many cases, the failure’s after-effects linger for years afterward; but these are little reported. Below are five such IT project failures that have happened in the past… → Read More

Errors Found in Forensic Software Meant to Assess Age of Death of Skeletal Remains

Problem highlights increasing concerns about validity of digital forensic apps → Read More

Zimbabwe Government Blocks Internet to Suppress Protests, Cuts Power as a Result

This latest example of a government restricting Internet access to control its citizenry had unintended consequences → Read More

The Biggest IT Failures of 2018

Technical mishaps occurred in trains, planes, automobiles, and many more places → Read More

Indonesia Releases Preliminary Report on Lion Air Crash

Pilots on flight JT610 struggled to control the Boeing aircraft and fought against automated systems → Read More

Personal Cheques Still Alive and Well in the United Kingdom in 2018

Paper cheques didn’t finally disappear last month, as hoped in 2009 → Read More

New Auto Safety Technologies Push Repair Bills Up

Repairs for cars with advanced technologies could cost thousands more than for other cars → Read More

Slipshod Cybersecurity for U.S. Defense Dept. Weapons Systems

After decades of DoD recalcitrance, the Government Accountability Office has given up making recommendations in favor of public shaming → Read More

Toyota Recalls 2.4 Million Hybrids for Stalling Issue

Meanwhile, malfunctioning radars plague the Nissan Sentra, while Fiat Chrysler stops Jeep Wrangler sales over faulty welds → Read More

The Long Journey to FEMA’s Presidential Alert Test

First such test since the emergency alert system went live in 2012 → Read More