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Past articles by Simon:

The economic effects of a pandemic – Simon Wren-Lewis

The human effects of the coronavirus are paramount. But what will be its impact on a medium-sized economy such as that of the UK? → Read More

For all Jeremy Corbyn's flaws, he is the only viable alternative to Boris Johnson PM

Only Labour can dislodge the most right-wing and dangerous government the UK has endured for decades. → Read More

How Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt have embraced Donald Trump's economic policies

The promise of tax cuts and higher spending is not designed to help the economy but to retain Tory support amid the chaos of a no-deal Brexit. → Read More

Is Brexit a culture war or a class war?

The economic segregation between dynamic cities and stagnant towns means social liberalism is in part generated by class. → Read More

This is no time for the left to try and appease Farage and Trump devotees

Remainers should focus on winning over marginal voters, not those it cannot hope to convince. → Read More

Why are we governed by incompetents?

In 2016 Boris Johnson and Michael Gove narrowly won the referendum on EU membership. But it turned out they had no idea how to turn their victory into a concrete policy. They had dismissed every potential difficulty as just more “Project Fear”, and it became clear they were not just doing this just because it was effective rhetoric: they had not thought through any of the major problems that… → Read More

When should we start worrying about incipient fascism?

Brexit and those pushing for it have displayed almost every element of Müller-style populism. → Read More

The European Elections could be a painful watch for Remainers

Pro-Brexit parties are trumping anti-Brexit parties in the polls. The problem is that the Labour vote is mostly made up of Remainers. → Read More

A partisan media is fuelling far-right extremism — the UK needs to wake up

The press does not just reflect the attitudes of its readers, it creates and shapes them. → Read More

Brexit is unlikely to happen if the Tories lose office before the UK leaves the EU

Both Conservative Brexiteers and Remainers would seek to thwart a soft Brexit negotiated by a Corbyn-led government. → Read More

To defeat the populist right, we must understand the forces behind its rise

The growth of “left behind” voters reflects economic and regional inequality, and a lack of representation, not just deindustrialisation. → Read More

Is increasing workers' bargaining power the best way to raise real wages?

To raise real wages, we need higher UK productivity, and that will only come from stronger private and public sector investment. → Read More

We need a political party that is tough on the causes of Brexit. The Independent Group isn’t

Unless we have politicians who understand the need for radical change, the snake oil sellers who sold us Brexit will happily carry on plying their wares. → Read More

The case for funding a Green New Deal through government debt

Humanity will not come to an end if we double debt to GDP ratios, but it could come to an end if we fail to combat climate change. → Read More

How the economic cost of Brexit is being hidden from Leave voters

The average household is around £2,000 worse off. But Brexiteer politicians and much of the media are obscuring this truth. → Read More

Why top rates of income tax should be much higher

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has kickstarted a debate on taxation. Arguments for high income tax rates are political as well as pecuniary. → Read More

Why the UK cannot see that Brexit is utterly, utterly stupid

The British press helped condone austerity. It's now blinding us to the stupidity of Brexit. → Read More

The Brexit referendum was badly designed and unfairly won. So why is there so much deference to it?

MPs should stop deifying the 2016 vote and back a fair and democratic second referendum. → Read More

Labour’s refusal to oppose Brexit is becoming a historic error

There is no principled or electoral case for the party to back Leave - Jeremy Corbyn should support a second referendum. → Read More

Lessons From The Greek Tragedy Unlearnt

Inside the Eurozone the creditors have too much power, because they can threaten to cut off money to a member's banking system or throw you out of the club—which makes it a dangerous club to join. → Read More