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Past articles by Lauren:

If calling migrant detention centres 'concentration camps' makes you that upset, ask yourself why

Let’s get right to the point: They are f**king concentration camps. There is an ongoing debate over how to refer to the migrant detention centers at the border, which began this past Monday, when Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York said that the Trump administration “has established concentration camps at the southern border.” The emerging debate has been → Read More

Some people in the Democratic debates wanted to change things. Some wanted to clean up a murder scene with a Lysol wipe

Over the past two nights of Democratic debates among 20 candidates, a key question has been introduced to this clown car of a primary, namely: Do we want “big, structural change” — as Elizabeth Warren put it, setting the tone on Wednesday evening — or would we rather go back to the way things were before? → Read More

The US Constitution wasn't really supposed to include all Americans — as a new Broadway play reminds us

You’d be forgiven for thinking What The Constitution Means to Me, the play appearing on Broadway through June, might be something like a history class with production design. In terms of structure and tone, playwright and lead Heidi Schreck is not unlike your most captivating teacher, except the show is definitely not about the past. After all, the United States Constitution → Read More

I agree Joe Biden is 'of a different time' — that's why he shouldn't be president

We are currently “in the age of MeToo”. This phrase comes up often in news items nowadays, as a reminder that men sometimes face consequences for not treating women like people now. This has not always been the case, and so it’s deemed necessary to signal MeToo when talking about sexual misconduct; in doing so, we acknowledge that the actual allegations are nothing new but → Read More

If you want to know the shocking truth about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her scandals, here it is

There is a veritable dumpster fire of scandals currently embroiling the White House. President Trump has been accused of conspiring with a foreign government, obstructing justice, and violating campaign finance law, among other things that I cannot list in full because this piece can only run to 800 words. Indeed, Americans are facing the most pressing threat to our democracy → Read More

The Nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court Feels Inevitable. But We Can Actually Stop Him.

Fume about all of this. And then do something about it. → Read More

Donald Trump Is Still Gaslighting America. I Really Care. Do u?

In this edition of Thigh-High Politics, Teen Vogue columnist Lauren Duca explains why Donald Trump is still gaslighting America. → Read More

Al Gore Called Low Voter Turnout “Pathetic” — Here's Why That's Unfair

Teen Vogue writer Lauren Duca spoke to former vice president Al Gore about his current work on climate change activism and his thoughts on youth voter turnout. → Read More

Donald Trump Has Been Lying to the American Public, and Journalists Need to Call Him Out

Teen Vogue writer Lauren Duca calls out journalists who have been soft on their reporting of Donald Trump’s lies. → Read More

Saying Cyberharassment “Is Just the Internet” Erases Its IRL Consequences

Lauren Duca reviewed the film “Netizens”, which shows how cyberharassment has become as problematic and misogynistic as “IRL” abuse. → Read More

The Facebook Testimony Reveals Just How Out of Touch Congress Is With American Life

Social media shouldn’t be this hard to understand. → Read More

Twitter Using Women’s Empowerment in an Ad Campaign Is Pure Hypocrisy

Teen Vogue writer Lauren Duca breaks down how Twitter’s #HereWeAre campaign ignores the abuse women face daily on the platform. → Read More

High Schoolers Have Always Been Political, So Start Paying Attention

In this Thigh-High Politics, columnist Lauren Duca explains the activism of the school shooting survivors of Parkland, Florida. → Read More

So You Survived 2017. What Will the 2018 Fight Look Like?

In this week's Thigh-High Politics, Lauren Duca looks back on the wins and losses of 2017 and where we go from here. → Read More

Trump's Accusers Deserve an Ethics Investigation into His Alleged Sexual Misconduct

In this week's Thigh-High Politics, columnist Lauren Duca explains why Trump's accusers deserve to be taken seriously. → Read More

The FCC’s Attack on Net Neutrality Is an Attack on Civil Rights

In this week’s Thigh-High Politics, columnist Lauren Duca explains why net neutrality is important. → Read More

Sexual Abusers Must Be Held Accountable — Regardless of Political Party

In this week's Thigh-High Politics, Lauren Duca explains how abusers aren't limited to one political party. → Read More

Lauren Duca: "What Hillary Clinton Taught Me About Sexism"

Read an exclusive letter Lauren Duca wrote about what she learned from Hillary Clinton for Teen Vogue Volume IV. → Read More

It's Not "Unfeminist" to Admit You're Tired of Fighting

In this week's installment of Thigh-High Politics, columnist Lauren Duca explains the connection between sexism and memory. → Read More

Gaslighting 2: Revenge of the Reality-Based Community

In this installment of Thigh-High Politics, columnist Lauren Duca reflects on life with the Trump Administration, one year after the 2016 election. → Read More