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Recent articles by Marc:

Biden wants you to believe shortages and inflation are another ‘extraordinary success’

The administration claims its economic policies are working. In fact, the opposite is true. → Read More

Colin Powell didn’t want the American family breaking into warring factions over race

Only in America would his life have been possible. → Read More

It’s the 1970s all over again, and Joe Biden is the new Jimmy Carter

Runaway inflation, Americans trapped overseas, a president begging OPEC — it’s like the 1970s all over again. → Read More

Democrats have declared war on ‘school board moms’

And they are going to regret it. → Read More

On infrastructure, Biden has taken presidential incompetence to a new level

Just when you thought Biden had plumbed the depths of presidential incompetence, he finds a way to reach a new low. → Read More

Our military leaders confirm: Biden misled America

Biden’s decision to withdraw from Afghanistan was a choice — one that he made against the advice of his military commanders. → Read More

Democrats’ failure to raise the debt ceiling is yet another self-inflicted crisis

And like all the other crises they have manufactured, they are blaming everyone but themselves. → Read More

When you vote to let terrorists kill Jews, that is antisemitism

In blocking funding for Israel's Iron Dome system, the Squad and others have gone from slurs to real-world consequences → Read More

Biden is reeling from one self-inflicted crisis to the next

If August was the worst month of his presidency, September is not looking much better. → Read More

Milley wanted to save us from Trump. Instead, he enabled Biden’s military debacle in Afghanistan.

He has some explaining to do — and not just about his phone calls with a Chinese general. → Read More

Why isn’t the 9/11 mastermind dead yet? Ask Joe Biden.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was ready to be put to death. Then the Obama administration took over the case. → Read More

We think about 9/11. But we must also remember 9/12.

The son of a New York firefighter who died at the World Trade Center on 9/11 urges a divided country to recall the sense of unity that followed the terrorist attacks. → Read More

Biden has no business setting foot at Ground Zero on the anniversary of 9/11

The president surrendered to the those who harbored the enemies who attacked us that day. → Read More

Biden’s Afghan retreat has done irreparable damage to our alliances

Joe Biden — the great champion of multilateralism and critic of Republican unilateralism — wasn’t sure if there was a benefit to picking up the phone and calling a world leader? → Read More

Our military’s sacrifice in Afghanistan was not in vain

Our troops service and sacrifice in Afghanistan helped purchase two decades of safety and security for the American people. → Read More

Greenlighting the Taliban’s takeover of Kabul is a national disgrace

As The Post reports, the nightmare that began on Aug. 15 resulted from conscious U.S. choices. → Read More

Kabul isn’t Saigon ’75, it’s Beirut ’83

If the United States cuts and runs the way Reagan did after the Marine Corps barracks bombing in Lebanon, the Biden administration will send a message of weakness that risks inspiring terrorists around the world. → Read More

Biden’s claims that al-Qaeda is ‘gone’ in Afghanistan are delusional and dangerous

The president's claim that we have an “over the horizon” capability to combat an al-Qaeda resurgence is a joke. → Read More

Biden’s ‘team of sycophants’ enabled his Afghanistan disaster

The president has surrounded himself with a team of sycophants and enablers who share his worst instincts. → Read More

Afghanistan isn’t Biden’s first epic mistake

The president is repeating what he did wrong in Iraq as vice president. → Read More