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Recent articles by Daniel:

I went to a sneaker launch in VR because of the coronavirus

If you're launching a new product, you normally want to put on a show with a sprinkling of razzle and plenty of dazzle. That means getting journalists and fans into a big room, trotting out your wares and letting everyone play with the new toys. Unfortunately, the world is currently on lockdown to deal with COVID-19, and large groups in auditoriums is a big no-no right now. → Read More

Can Twitter survive when no one can go outside?

Twitter says it can no longer predict, with any certainty, how its finances are going to look in the coming months. The company told investors that it was withdrawing its guidance as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. For a platform that ties its future into covering the big events of the day, the coronavirus could hit the company very hard. → Read More

Leak reveals Fitbit's new Charge 4

Otherwise, you'll struggle to spot the hardware differences between the two models, and it's likely that there won't be any big changes internally. As 9to5Mac says, the best we can hope for is the inclusion of NFC (for mobile payments) across the range, which was only available on the special edition Charge 3. That and, perhaps, an always-on display, if Fitbit have been able to improve battery… → Read More

No, 5G didn't start a pandemic

What 5G is You'll have seen the hype about new 5G networks slowly rolling out across the globe, and the devices that can harness the 5G power. Over the next few years, the average speed of our wireless internet is going to skyrocket, with capacity getting broad enough to enable whole new industries. If you listen to the fearmongers, however, you may wind up thinking that 5G is an unsafe,… → Read More

Public interest group tells medical equipment makers to release their repair manuals

"In order to keep equipment that is critical to treat COVID-19 working with the least possible downtime, medical device manufacturers should immediately release all repair documentation and software, schematics and manuals for that equipment, especially ventilators." said Proctor. He added that the statistics show that independent repair, not conducted by a technician authorized by the company,… → Read More

Apple's new MacBook Air comes with a Magic Keyboard and costs $999

Apple is upgrading the MacBook Air with the new, more reliable Magic Keyboard, and is hacking the price down to just $999. The new model also gets new internals and double the amount of storage to make it an ideal machine for folks who want to work on the go. → Read More

The UK's biggest phone store chain is closing all of its outlets

In a statement, Dixons Carphone says that it expects around 1,800 people to take new jobs with the company. It expects to make 2,900 people redundant as a consequence of the closures, around 60 percent of those affected. The hope is, with the closures and associated cost-savings, the company can stop losing money on its mobile retail business, which is expected to make a £90 million ($109… → Read More

Formula E season suspended due to coronavirus fears

FIA, the organizing body behind motor sport and Formula E have decided to suspend this year's racing season for up to two months. In response to concerns about managing the spread of COVID-19, the organizations have said that pausing the season was the "most responsible course of action." The direct result of this is the cancellation of planned races in Paris, Seoul, while the Jakarta E-Prix was… → Read More

Niantic cancels ‘Pokémon Go’ and ‘Wizards Unite’ community days

Both titles, as well as Ingress, are designed to get people out and about, exploring their local area and teaming up in groups. That's the opposite to what people should be doing in the face of a pandemic, with people urged to isolate and reduce close contact with others wherever possible. Community days even more so, given that they reward groups of players that roam around city centers in… → Read More

The next iPhone could have a depth-sensing camera on the back

There are two obvious benefits to a rear-facing depth-sensing lens, which is already available on some other flagship phones. Firstly, it'll make portrait and zoom photography a little better, since the cameras will be able to tell how far an object (or person) is away from the lens. Secondly, it's likely to bolster Apple's stated push for augmented reality, since you'll have accurate depth… → Read More

Why do memes suddenly matter in politics?

Social media is typically a poor bellwether for political engagement, and not all voters hang out on Instagram. A TV ad can reach tens of millions of people, but a meme can often reach only a few thousand -- or a couple of million if it resonates. Not to mention that younger audiences, hyper-engaged to the internet, may not be interested in politics per-se. Turnout during Super Tuesday, for… → Read More

Apple’s iPad and Keyboard Folio is all I need

Notable exceptions aside, Apple has always avoided discounting its products to juice sales (the $100 off the first iPhone being the one I could call to mind). Even during sales holidays, it often adds on longer trials for Apple Music, or headphones, rather than slash sticker prices. So I took it on trust that Apple would never deign to cut the price of the 10.2-inch iPad and its accessories. But… → Read More

The case for making tiny nuclear reactors

In the US, the electricity powering your home was probably generated by burning natural gas, a fossil fuel. As coal becomes unfeasible, renewables work toward s... → Read More

Kinnos' disinfectant dye gets backing to keep killing germs

The company is hoping to get its product out to hospitals to help prevent diseases spreading. → Read More

SETI@Home ends its crowdsourced search for alien life after 21 years

The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence is a series of projects that scrub the background noise of the universe to look for alien life. One of the most fa... → Read More

Twitter pulls out of SXSW 2020 over virus fears

Twitter has announced that it will not be sending its employees to South by Southwest (SxSW) 2020 this year in an attempt to avoid the spread of coronavirus. A... → Read More

Sony’s first 5G smartphone is the Xperia 1 Mk II

Triple-cameras, hi-res audio and a 3.5mm headphone jack are part of the package. → Read More

FCC forced to ask for public feedback on net neutrality repeal

Earlier this week, the FCC successfully defeated Mozilla's attempt to undo the commission's repeal of net neutrality. But, while siding with the body, judges ha... → Read More

3Doodler's newest kit lets preschoolers 3D-print tiny toys

3Doodler makes pens that shoot out lines of hot plastic, allowing you to make freeform 3D-prints without the hassle of learning how to use a dedicated printer.... → Read More

CBS confirms it's working on an expanded streaming service

ViacomCBS' rumored new streaming service has been confirmed, at least in part, in the company's most recent financial results. The documents contain a nugget ab... → Read More