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Past articles by Punsara:

In Praise of the Lioness of Law: Ruth Bidder Ginsburg and her Jurisprudence

The death of the US Supreme Court Judge Ruth Bidder Ginsburg has created an abyss in the court for the liberal voice where justice Ginsburg was seen as the linchpin of the liberal block of the Supreme Court at a time when that block was shrinking. Especially late judge had vociferously advocated for women ‘rights, environmental issues and often came[Read More...] → Read More

Mare Nostrum for Indian Ocean and Sri Lanka’s “India First” foreign policy

by Punsara Amarasinghe & Eshan Jayawardane Sri Lanka has been often portrayed as being in the crossroads of geopolitical encounters with powerful nations throughout its history and its unique geographic location in Indian ocean closer to the Indian mainland, yet distinct from it has made the island’s destiny extremely intertwined with India. Sri Lanka’s own historical identity is the[Read… → Read More

Corona and path to global state of exception: Futility of Solidarity, Civil Liberties – Countercurrents

Co-Written by Punsara Amarasinghe And Eshan Jayawardane At this moment the world has indeed been witnessing a plague which looms before humanity as an unmitigated disaster beyond continents, races, religions and all the other so-called social and economic boundaries including the global North-South division. The deplorable conditions in Europe currently portray a nightmare where the congenial… → Read More

Applicability of international law for justice: Some remarks on Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 – Countercurrents

Co-Written by PunsaraAmarasinghe & Esshan Jayawardane The pandemonium erupted following Soleimani’s death seems to have encircled the embattled regime in Iran after admitting that Ukrainian flight was shot down by their force with 176 people on board. The protestors who chanted death to America at Soleimani’s funeral changed their tune when they realized the government they reverently… → Read More

Will Russia become the brother in arms with Iran? – Countercurrents

The killing of Iranian leader of famous Quds force Gen.Qasem Soleimani in Bagdad seems to have made an apocalyptic move in the beginning of this new decade as some critics have already viewed this incident similar to the the assassination of Austrian crown prince Duke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo which paved the path to the First World War in 1914.[Read More...] → Read More

Kulbushan Saga: Will ICJ’s verdict lead Pakistan to a diplomatic isolation? – Countercurrents

Co-Written by Punsara Amarasinghe & Prof.Sanjay Rajhans When Indian national Mr. Kulbushan Jadhav was arrested in 2016 by Pakistan alleging him as a RAW operative andthe reaction came from New Delhi was based on their interest in providing consular access to Mr. Jadhav and strongly denied any espionage link. Nevertheless the judgment given by a military tribunal in Pakistan[Read More...] → Read More

From Gujral doctrine to Modi doctrine – Countercurrents

Co-Written by Punsara Amarasinghe & Eshan Jayawardene The predictions made by larger number of academics based in Delhi, Mumbai and Calcutta about Indian General elections vouching that NarendraModi would not get his second term as prime minister were shattered in reality as Modi could uphold his strong position better than the previous time resulting a steeping success of his Bharatiya[Read… → Read More

Tirupathi Factor: Unbreakable Symbol of Sri Lankan politician’s spiritual dependence of India – Countercurrents

Co-Written by Punsara Amarasinhe and Eshan Jayawardane Man’s association with faith is the most inexplicable thing in the world which gives no clues of comprehending its very nature. Even the most powerful men in world history were known to be shaky and crumbled before the creed they ardently believed. In the annals of Roman history we find emperors like Hadrian[Read More...] → Read More

Has the Sun Finally Set on the British Empire? Some reflections on ICJ advisory opinion on Chagos Islands – Countercurrents

Co-Written by PunsaraAmarasinghe and Anastasia Glazova The fame of British Empire was once embellished around the corners of the world as the empire where sun never sets and its imperial majesty ruled the millions of lives regardless how they were brought under the colonial yoke. The end of two great wars saw eventually paved the path to dismantle British Empire[Read More...] → Read More

Feminist Theological View on Abortion and Catholic Church – Countercurrents

The word abortion has been abominable to Catholic Church for centuries and the theological views on abortion from catholic perspective always painted abortion as a heinous moral sin. In tracing the Christian antipathy on abortion in the church history, it become rather an ironic factor[Read More...] → Read More

Indo Sri Lankan fishery dispute: Solving the problem in a win win situation – Countercurrents

Co-Written by Punsara Amarasinghe & Eshan Jayawardena The Palk Bay, a narrow strip of water separating the state of Tamil Nadu in India from the Northern Province of Sri Lanka, has historically provided rich fishing grounds for both countries. However, the region has become a highly contested site in recent decades, with the conflict taking on a new dimension since[Read More...] → Read More

Waves of Extremism in North Eastern States in India Against Christians – Countercurrents

When Indian constitution was drafted by Amedkar, his visionary mind understood the importance of placing specific emphasis on the religious freedom as India shelters for dozens of religions and faiths with its vast cultural homogeneity. The religious freedom of Indian constitution has been verified by Article 25 and secularism in Indian constitution is predominant factor which is accepted by… → Read More

Paradise in Tears: Sinhalese-Muslim Ethnic Tension in Sri Lanka – Countercurrents

Sri Lankans were looked for a change with sanguine hopes on good governance, reconciliation and development when the current president MaithripalaSirisenacame into power in 2015. However the greatexpectations yearned by Sri Lankans began to fade away with the lethargic, inefficient rule of the new government and the most recent ethnictension in the island has become its’ worst nightmare. The… → Read More

Winds of Change in Sri Lanka:Rajapakshe’s Voodoo in Local Election And Foreign Factors in Sri Lankan Politics – Countercurrents

Co-Written by Punsara Amarasinghe & Eshan Jayawardane The enigmatic nature of Sri Lanka was once again manifested by overall results of the recently held local election. The landslide victory marked by Former president Mahinda Rajapakshe’s newly established political party “People’s Front”(Podu Jana Peramuna) has disorientated the two main political parties of the island. In fact the local… → Read More

Rise of Right Wing Nationalism Before Refugee Crisis In Europe And Human Rights Obligations of European Union – Countercurrents

Co-Written by Punsara Amarasinghe & Anastasia Glazova The roots of the refugee problem Europe currently facing has derived from aged long socio political disparities of people and its present condition is an offshoot of the same serious of problems. Nevertheless the current hullabaloo in European Union on the influx of large number of asylum seekers was mainly emerged after the[Read More...] → Read More

Is Sri Lanka Going To Be The Next China Town In Indian Ocean? – Countercurrents

Co-Written by Punsara Amarasinghe & Eshan Mandara Jayawardane Chinese presence in Sri Lanka was not emerged out of the blue in the island’s recent political past. Having located in a crucial geographic location in maritime silk route Sri Lankan history claims a long standing affinity with China in its rich history. However Sino Sri Lankan relations in the post independent[Read More...] → Read More