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Past articles by Kris:

Ukraine Faces a New Threat: Russian Drone Swarms

The Iranian “kamikaze” drones are a loitering munition that can attack from ranges as far as 2,500 kilometers away. → Read More

The AbramsX Is Ready for High-Speed Warfare

Sensing and artificial intelligence (AI) will be critical to the success of the AbramsX. → Read More

Ukraine Shows How to Fight Back Against Tanks

Ukrainians have had great success destroying Russian tanks with top-down missile attacks. → Read More

Speed Kills: Is the AbramsX the World’s Most Mobile Tank?

The AbramsX's design massively increases mobility, deployability, and speed for combat maneuvers. → Read More

Missile Defense and More: How NATO Will Deter Russian Aggression

The Pentagon is taking specific steps to strengthen missile defense networking with NATO allies throughout Europe and increase multinational collaboration in support of Ukraine. → Read More

The Army’s Future Will Be Built on AI and Robots

General Dynamics Land Systems seeking to align with, anticipate, and support the Army’s modernization strategy and vision. → Read More

Sold for Scrap: Is This the End of the Army’s Abrams Tank?

Some combination of both heavily armored tanks and faster, lighter, more expeditionary alternatives may represent the optimal approach. → Read More

The Army’s StrykerX Is Loaded Up With Lasers and Drones

The StrykerX vehicle will upgrade several of the vehicle’s most cutting-edge technologies, such as its laser weapons, short-range-air-defense Stinger missiles, and 30mm cannons. → Read More

General Dynamics’ StrykerX Is Bringing Drones and Lasers to the Battlefield

The emerging StrykerX infantry carrier is set to offer unprecedented capabilities to U.S. warfighters. → Read More

Abrams X: The Army’s Newest Heavy Tank Is Unstoppable

The emergence of the AbramsX, and the many innovations being weaved into the platform, is redefining the role of the Abrams tank and heavy armor in U.S. combat operations. → Read More

Leveling Up: AI Co-Pilots Are the Future of Flying

A human user supported by an AI pilot may be the best approach. → Read More

Is China’s H-20 Bomber a Copy of the Air Force’s Crown Jewel?

Many of the H-20 bomber's design features seem to resemble features from the American B-2. → Read More

America Should Fear China’s H-20 and H-6 Bomber Duo

While waiting for large numbers of its emerging H-20 stealth bomber to arrive, China has been consistently upgrading its legacy H-6 bomber to a degree that continues to generate U.S. concern. → Read More

Catching Up: New Chinese Refueling Tanker Extends Fighter Range

“The YU-20 can conduct aerial refueling for warplanes including the J-20, the J-16 and the J-10C, and such aerial refueling exercises have been carried out multiple times in high-altitude plateau regions and above the sea,” according to a Chinese military spokesman. → Read More

China Boosts J-20 Fighter Production to Counter U.S. Stealth Fighters

It is unclear how much longer the United States and its allies can sustain its now distinct fifth-generation airpower advantage → Read More

Flying Tandem: Inside China’s Two-Seat J-20 Stealth Fighter

The Chinese government-backed Global Times newspaper, as well as several U.S. news outlets, have published photos of a two-seat J-20 fighter. → Read More

The Army’s FLRAA Helicopter Takes Data Processing to the Next Level

The fast-emerging aircraft is expected to have double the range and speed of legacy helicopters → Read More

Will the Army Turn Artificial Intelligence Against Its Enemies?

Certain procedural tasks are best performed by computers and advanced algorithms, yet many dynamic and interwoven aspects of human decision-making cannot be replicated by machines. → Read More

The Navy’s Littoral Combat Ship Is Here for the Long Haul

The Navy’s Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) will sail to fight another day, as the service continues to deliver restored and updated Freedom-class variant ships. → Read More

The Pentagon Isn’t Impressed By Russia’s Troop Mobilization

A senior official noted that there continue to be protests across Russia and what he called “concern from the Russian population” about the mobilization. → Read More