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Recent articles by Rachel:

What pet owners should know about toxic algae blooms: 'Dogs can die within minutes'

A couple's three dogs all died from a pond contaminated with toxic blue-green algae. "We are gutted," said one of the owners. → Read More

Sesame allergies more common than previously thought, says new study

New study shows that sesame allergies may affect 1.5 million children and adults in the U.S. Researchers hope the FDA will require food labels to list sesame as an ingredient. → Read More

Air quality warnings on Apple products: What you need to know

If you've ever noticed air quality warnings in the weather app on your iPhone or Apple Watch, it’s not always clear what exactly you should do after getting such a warning. → Read More

The best ways to manage money — and avoid credit card debt — while in college

When you’re away at college, it's easy to spend money on things you don’t necessarily need — or worse, rack up credit card debt. Yahoo Finance writers Kristin Myers and Daniel Roberts share their tips on how to manage your money in college. → Read More

Mosquito-borne virus that causes brain swelling, death in humans detected in Florida

Mosquitos carrying a virus that can infect humans, causing brain swelling and death, has been found in Florida. Here’s what you need to know. → Read More

Tainted alcohol kills 20 in Costa Rica: Here’s how to protect yourself

At least 20 people, ages 32 to 72, have died from drinking alcohol tainted with methanol in Costa Rica. An expert from poison control reveals why ethanol can be toxic. → Read More

Bella Thorne is pansexual: Why are more women than men coming out?

Bella Thorne is part of a growing number of celebrities who have opened up about their pansexuality. But it’s hard not to notice that nearly all of the celebrities coming out are women. → Read More

'College is a Petri dish': How to stay healthy – mentally and physically – in school

Experts share their tips on the best ways to take care of your mental and physical health while in college. → Read More

Are vitamins a waste of money? A new study says yes

Are you wasting your money on vitamin and mineral supplements? For most people, the answer is yes, according to a new study. → Read More

How to decorate your dorm room so it feels like ‘a home away from home’

Three designers share their best tips for not only maximizing the small space, but also decorating it so your college dorm room reflects your personality. → Read More

'Don’t sweat it': College students share the advice they would give their freshman selves

Three current college students share what the transition from high school to college was like for them, as well as the social and emotional challenges they faced when they first started college. → Read More

People are drinking collagen powder for its anti-aging benefits — but how safe is it?

People are consuming collagen supplements to improve skin, hair, and nails — but does it actually do anything? It might. → Read More

Formerly homeless high school senior gets into 12 universities

Brianna Watts followed in her mom's footsteps to college after overcoming hardship. → Read More

Chrissy Metz on how her weight had 'nothing to do' with her being cast for new movie 'Breakthrough': 'How refreshing'

Actress, author and singer Chrissy Metz, who stars in the new movie "Breakthrough," on how "This Is Us" changed her life "completely." → Read More

Dr. Oz on the serious health condition that makes breathing 'a real challenge'

There are more than 12 million Americans who have COPD, according to Dr. Oz. But “many don’t realize it so they’re not getting the attention that can save their lives,” he says. → Read More

How humor helped Maria Menounos and her mom cope after they were both diagnosed with brain tumors

TV host Maria Menounos opens up about her mother's brain tumor diagnosis, and then, less than a year later, being diagnosed with a brain tumor herself. → Read More

Padma Lakshmi opens up about painful endometriosis to help other women who 'suffer in silence'

"Top Chef" host and model Padma Lakshmi opens up about living with painful endometriosis for years and why talking about women's reproductive health and periods shouldn't be taboo. → Read More

Having a stroke in your 50s, like Luke Perry, is ‘actually quite common’

Here's what you need to know about the different types of stroke, how you can protect yourself and how to quickly identify the signs of a stroke. → Read More

Singer Taylor Dayne opens up about touring with Michael Jackson in the '80s and how music 'saved' her

Taylor Dayne is best known for belting out some of the most popular songs in the 80s, including “Tell It To My Heart,” and “Love Will Lead You Back.” But the road to fame had its shares of highs and lows. → Read More

From smoother-looking skin to easing aches and pains, the surprising benefits of light therapy

One of the most popular treatments is the LED light facial, which a slew of celebrities use to improve and smooth their complexion, including reducing brown spots and pimple breakouts. → Read More