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Past articles by Sara:

A Staged Adaptation of a 'Where the Wild Things Are' Turned My Child and Me Into Happy Monsters –

People of a certain age and background take for granted that Where the Wild Things Are is a beloved, indelible relic of their childhood. But if it was beloved by me when I was a child, I’ve no memory of it. As long as I can recall, my Sendak associations focus on the Nutshell Library. That ... → Read More

How the Sundae Got its Name & the Origin of the Banana Split

From Ithaca to Latrobe to Atlantic City to the great beyond → Read More

Broad City’s Jews on a Plane With Their Periods: Finale Recap –

And so we come to the end. Of Broad City’s third season, that is. But not yet, in this last episode called “Jews on a Plane,” to the end of Abbi and Ilana’s incessant ability not just to support what they believe in (yes, dammit, tampons should be free! And yes, dammit, the government probab... → Read More

On the Latest Episode of 'Broad City,' Abbi and Ilana go to the Motherland (and it's not Long Island) –

It makes sense that Abbi and Ilana are boarding an → Read More

On The Latest episode of 'Broad City,' Abbi and Ilana's Love Lives Come Into Sharp Focus –

As uzhe, I watched Broad City pre-dawn and it was semi-melancholic, not only because life’s been tough lately (last weekend, my little boy asserted “I hate you” for the first time, and while he hasn’t any idea what that means, me got sad). It also didn't help that I had semi-obsessively l... → Read More

In The Latest Episode of 'Broad City,' Abbi Tries to Right Some Childhood Wrongs. Also, Tony Danza Still Looks Great. –

Atonement for the win on Broad City this week. I counted three pronouncements of the word as the ladies head to the Philly burbs to clean out Abbi’s childhood bedroom or, as Ilana calls it, “the Holocaust Museum of Abbi Abrams,” with Holocaust Museums being the only kind the Wexler family... → Read More

On the Latest Ep of 'Broad City': Abbi and Ilana Find Comfort With Hillary –

Right now I want to be in a vast field of soft, green grass with purple and yellow wildflowers. I want trees close enough nearby that I can hear the birds on their tall branches, chirping with delight over a clear blue sky and warming sun. I want to think of nothing. I want to sink into the soft e... → Read More

SuperPAC's Ad Highlights Trump's Unacceptable Comments about Women –

“Bimbo.” “Dog.” “Fat pig.” These are the epithets that kick off a new ad running from the Our Principles PAC, founded by a former Mitt Romney campaign manager, that highlights the sexist, insidious, anti-women slurs spewed by Republican front runner Donald Trump. These are unac... → Read More

Ben and Jerry and Bernie –

“Bernie’s Yearning is essentially mint chocolate chip ice cream, → Read More

On This Week's Episode of 'Broad City,' Abbi Invites Her Tinder Matches—All of 'Em—to a Party –

I have a dream: The Guy from High Maintenance (formerly of Vimeo, coming soon to an HBO screen near you), makes an appearance on the most recent episode of Broad City as Ilana’s bike-to-deliver pot dealer. It’s not so far-fetched. Last season there was a bike-by buy while Abbi, woozy on paink... → Read More

The Very Pleasing Pathologies of Abbi and Ilana Continue on 'Broad City' –

“I mean, who wants those chemicals so close to their orifices?” I said that. This morning. On the subway. Out loud. To a lawyer friend. We were discussing Thinx, you know, the “period underpants,” whose ads blanket the train cars (apologies: you cannot now unknow them). After we pa... → Read More

Bernie Sanders' Latest Jewishly-Related Observations –

The efforts to pry some chest-thumping affirmation of Jewish pride, or at least a nod to theism, out of Bernie Sanders continue apace, as last night’s Town Hall with Chris Matthews suggests. As minutes tick down to South Carolina Democratic primary tomorrow, the Vermont senator answered questions ... → Read More

Anne Frank for Toddlers—Yes or No? –

When I was in high school and college, my father, a professor of medieval Jewish and Islamic philosophy, had adjoining computers set up in the basement of our house in a suburb of Boston. He was at work on a multi-lingual years-long project on Averroes Middle Commentary on Aristotle’s De Anima. To... → Read More

'Broad City' Mayhem at the Food Coop –

Mocking the food coops of Brooklyn is like shooting fish in a barrel. But I forgive Broad City for this slight transgression because I’ve never seen anyone try to twerk in one, and certainly I’ve never seen that at 6 am, when I woke up today to watch the show’s most recent episode. I’m a ... → Read More

Russ & Daughters Opens Kosher Restaurant at the Jewish Museum –

Upper East Siders hankering for a bissel of mouth-watering sable have reason to rejoice today. On Tuesday, Russ & Daughters, the legendary appetizing shop and restaurant, opened the doors to a long-awaited 70-seat kosher restaurant in the Jewish Museum on Fifth Avenue and 92nd Street in Manhatta... → Read More

Russ & Daughters Opens Kosher Café at the Jewish Museum –

Upper East Siders hankering for a bissel of mouth-watering sable have reason to rejoice today. On Tuesday, Russ & Daughters, the legendary appetizing shop and restaurant, opened the doors to a long-awaited 70-seat kosher café in the Jewish Museum on Fifth Avenue and 92nd Street in Manhattan. ... → Read More

A Columbine Killer's Mother Grapples With His Legacy –

Sue Klebold is a brave woman. She’s the mother of Dylan Klebold, who, with his friend Eric Harris, shot and killed 13 people and injured 24 at Columbine High School, where they were students, in 1999 before then killing themselves. In “A Mother’s Reckoning,” Klebold discusses the aftermat... → Read More

'Broad City' Season 3 Is Out, and It's as Good as Ever –

Is it ridiculous to fantasize we—Abbi, Ilana, and me—could hang out? It is nuts, given my age and station, to think the stars of Broad City would want me as a friend? See, I’m a single parent to a three-year old, and there’s a lot riding on my TV viewing. Ilana and Abbi are Calgon: T... → Read More

'Israel Story' is Coming to New York and Florida for Valentine's Day-themed Shows! –

The gang that produces Israel Story—the This American Life-style podcast from the Holy Land—is here in the United States for a series of live shows with a Valentine’s Day theme of LOVE, natch. Want to see them in New York City? Well, you're in luck. They’ll be at the JCC in Manhattan ... → Read More

Details Emerge About Jerry Lewis's Unreleased Holocaust Film, 'The Day the Clown Cried' –

There’s a sort of louche, menacing quality about Jerry Lewis—I’ve always thought so, anyway. Maybe it’s the tan or the bada-bing pinkie ring, or the warmth he seemed unwilling to summon even while hosting a telethon for muscular dystrophy. I found Lewis’s nasal parodic voice irksome and r... → Read More