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'Mobility' Is Not a Strategy for Ford

What the ouster of CEO Mark Fields tells us about Ford. → Read More

CEO Daily: Monday, 15th May

• Ransomware. Everywhere. The world remains on edge as a new working week threatens to trigger a fresh wave of chaos caused by the WannaCry malware virus. The virus wrought havoc in over 150 countries, notably in health care systems and at logistics firm Fedex. French carmaker Renault was also forced to shut down factories across Europe. Though researchers have found a "kill switch" that seems… → Read More

Business Needs to Get Its Tax Act Together

A simpler system would benefit everyone, but not on every line item → Read More

Heroes Get Crucified in the End

Good morning. President Trump’s decision to dismiss FBI director James Comey Tuesday night has pushed Washington into further partisan chaos, weakened chances for action on either health care or taxes, and made what once looked like a promising year for legislative accomplishments in Washington increasingly look like another year of partisan gridlock. On the health care front, Aetna announced… → Read More

Passion and Purpose Before Profit

Would Bill Gates have done better to use Microsoft's clout in pushing his agenda? → Read More

Warren Buffett, 3G and the Battle for Capitalism's Soul

Warren Buffett had to defend the 3G approach at the annual Berkshire Hathaway meeting → Read More

Why the Republicans Can’t Win on Health Care

Those who lose from the new bill will scream louder than the winners → Read More

Fortune's Brainstorm Health Is Miles Away From Deadlocked Reform Bill

And business is pushing back the frontiers faster than government can appreciate → Read More

Fortune and TIME Launch the CEO Initiative for Business Leaders Making a Social Impact

The first meeting will be in New York on September 25. → Read More

TIME and Fortune Create The CEO Initiative to Bring Business Leaders Together

The initiative will convene business leaders to exchange best practices and leadership techniques → Read More

The Supply Side Redux

Do tax cuts pay for themselves? I’ve spent countless hours of a long career reporting on that question—tracking the story back to its origins on Arthur Laffer’s napkin in a Washington hotel in 1974; spending hours interviewing the colorful collection of characters who first peddled the idea, including the late Jude Wanniski, the late Robert Bartley, and the indefatigable Jack Kemp; following the… → Read More

Trump's Tax Tease Hints at His Narrowing Options

The President needs to break the constraints of partisanship → Read More

What’s Making China Inc. Go Global

Good morning. Until recently, most of China’s corporate giants have tended to operate in a world of their own—serving a rapidly growing domestic market but not venturing out much beyond their borders. Aside from the natural resource companies, only a handful of big Chinese corporations—like Lenovo and Huawei—operate as truly global businesses. But that’s changing, and ChemChina’s $43 billion… → Read More

The Digital Health Revolution

It's coming faster than health care reform on the Hill → Read More

Tesla Investors Party Like It’s 1999

Good morning, Tesla Motors (tsla) nudged past GM in market value yesterday, reaching $51 billion, even though the company sold just 76,230 cars last year - compared to GM’s 10 million. To do the math for you, that means Tesla has less than one percent of GM's market share. And by the way, Tesla lost three quarters of a billion dollars last year. But never mind. Investors seem to believe Elon… → Read More

Tax Reform: Bipartisan or Bust

Broad coalitions are needed, in Congress and among the public → Read More

Give Mnuchin a Break

The Treasury Secretary's comments on AI were taken out of context → Read More

A Modest Proposal

Good morning. Feeling burned by the House Freedom Caucus, which brought down his health care plan, President Trump now wants to work with Democrats. In principle, that’s a good thing. One of Trump’s advantages as President is that he doesn’t have deep ties to either party. History shows major legislative changes are more stable if they have bipartisan support. And politics is like golf: things… → Read More

The Art of Technology

Good morning. President Trump submits his budget plan to Congress today, but details are in the press this morning. The plan, which just covers so-called “discretionary” spending—not the big entitlement programs—calls for deep cuts in most domestic programs and foreign aid in order to pay for big increases in defense spending and homeland security. You can read more details here. Meanwhile,… → Read More

FedEx’s Fred Smith Says Free Trade Is Under Assault

FedEx founder Fred Smith: Nativism’s surging global popularity could have severe consequences. → Read More