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Past articles by Leonid:

Putin’s suicidal gamble

The Kremlin has decided to take the risk of a social backlash to ensure its own survival. → Read More

Nothing could slow inDriver’s rise from Siberian startup to global Uber competitor. Then Russia invaded Ukraine

InDriver's unique haggling feature has seen it expand from its roots in Yakutia to markets around the world. → Read More

Why the prevailing doom and gloom view of Russia is wrong

Russia is more modernised and westernised today than it has ever been in the past 100 years. → Read More

What is Alexey Navalny’s endgame?

And can his political project succeed while the West continues to be openly hostile to Russia? → Read More

Victory Day and Russia's war cult

Why is the Kremlin so obsessed with World War II? → Read More

Putin risks losing Moscow

Russia's revitalised pro-democracy movement is increasingly gaining ground in the Russian capital. → Read More

Is political change in Russia possible?

Putin is losing popularity, but why isn't the opposition gaining ground? → Read More

Why ethnopolitics doesn't work in Ukraine

Petro Poroshenko's electoral failure shows the limits of using ethnonationalism as a political strategy in Ukraine. → Read More

Can Petro Poroshenko win Ukraine's presidential race?

Ukraine's incumbent is lagging behind in polls, but he still has time to manipulate political events to his advantage. → Read More

Why the Russia hysteria in the US is dangerous

The US exaggerating and obsessing about foreign threats seems quite similar to what is happening in Russia. → Read More

How Navalny changed the rules of the game in Russia

Alexei Navalny won't run in the presidential elections, but he managed to dramatically alter Russia's political scene. → Read More

Is Vladimir Putin tired?

Almost four months before the presidential elections, the Russian president still hasn't announced if he will run. → Read More

The Kremlin enjoys watching Ukraine harm itself

Ukraine's decision to restrict the use of minority languages in schools benefits the Kremlin immensely. → Read More

Trump: Putin's best frenemy, part 2

Why were the Russian anti-missile systems silent during the US strikes on al-Shayrat airfield in Syria? → Read More

Russia: The ghost of a terrorised past

The latest bombing in St Petersburg comes after two decades of terrorist attacks in Russia. → Read More

Russia's new European friend

Russia has been financing Europe's far right, which has returned the favour with support for Putin's foreign policies. → Read More

Who is responsible for the MH17 tragedy?

Responsibility for the MH17 tragedy lies with those who fuelled the conflict in Ukraine. → Read More

Ukraine vs Russia: A mafia state's cover-up?

The false ethno-linguistic discourse distracts from the real essence of the Ukrainian conflict. → Read More

Left Behind: Russian prisoners who didn't make the headlines

Despite the recent amnesty, many political prisoners in Russia remain behind bars, waiting for justice. → Read More

Sochi Olympics: One man show?

If Vladimir Putin hoped that hosting the 2014 Olympic Games would invite the world's admiration, he was wrong. → Read More