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Past articles by David:

Ukraine Is Winning The Artillery War—By Destroying Four Russian Howitzers for Every Howitzer It Loses

Seventeen months into Russia’s wider war on Ukraine, Ukrainian forces are winning a key battle—the counterbattery battle. → Read More

Sweden Finally Gets The NATO Nod, And A Naval Noose Tightens Around Russia

After more than a year of dithering, Turkey finally has lifted its objection to Sweden joining NATO, continuing the alliance’s biggest expansion in a generation. → Read More

Ukraine’s Newest Deep-Strike Missile Is An Ex-Soviet Antique—With a Few Tweaks

It’s possible the Ukrainian air force is using obsolete S-200 surface-to-air missile systems as ground-attack weapons. → Read More

The Ukrainian Battalion That Lost Half Its Leopard 2R Mineclearing Vehicles In A Russian Minefield? It’s Still In The Fight.

Ukraine’s force of six Finnish-made Leopard 2R mineclearing vehicles has suffered one of the highest loss-rates of any single vehicle community in the current war. → Read More

Ukraine’s CV90 Fighting Vehicles Creep Toward The Front, Forcing Russia to Make A Hard Choice

What happens next could shape the next phase of Ukraine’s month-old counteroffensive. → Read More

Ukraine’s Leopard 2A4V Tank Has Add-On Explosive Armor

The Ukrainian army has begun adding blocks of explosive reactive armor to its German-made Leopard 2A4 tanks, in the process creating a uniquely Ukrainian version. → Read More

With American-Made Cluster Shells, Ukrainian Artillery Will Be More Destructive, Faster Moving And More Survivable

The United States for the first time has pledged to Ukraine cluster munitions: 155-millimeter artillery shells that break open in mid-air and scatter 88 bomblets. → Read More

‘Mammoth’s Crap.’ More Obsolete T-54 Tanks Arrive In Southern Ukraine As Russian Forces Grow Desperate.

The tanks probably are destined to function as mobile, minimally-manned pillboxes—or, packed with explosives, as unmanned vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices. → Read More

The Ukrainian Army Apparently Downgraded Its New 32nd Brigade, And Deployed It Somewhere Quiet

It’s not clear exactly how mechanized the 32nd Mechanized Brigade really is—and how well-equipped it is for intensive counteroffensive operations. → Read More

What, And Where, Is Ukraine’s High-Tech Swedish Brigade?

Broadly speaking, planners in Kyiv have two options: to form a combined-arms battalion around the Swedish-made equipment; or to supplement the ex-Swedish hardware. → Read More

The Ukrainian Army Can Finally Recover Those Three Leopard 2R Breaching Vehicles It Lost

Breaching vehicles are a precious asset for any army that’s attempting to fight its way through enemy fortifications the way the Ukrainian army is doing right now. → Read More

A Ukrainian Patriot Missile Crew Shot Down Five Russian Aircraft In Two Minutes—And Possibly Forced The Kremlin To Rethink Its Tactics

Eleven aviators died over Bryansk Oblast in what was one of the worst single-day losses for the Russian air force in the nearly 17 months of its wider war on Ukraine. → Read More

Ukraine’s Combat Engineers Are Riding Special Mineclearing Tanks Into Battle

The small force of BMR-64s has had a hard war. The Russians so far have knocked out or captured at least two of them, including one last week. → Read More

Did the Ukrainian Army Kill 1,100 Russians In A Single Day? It’s Certainly Possible.

While it’s always wise to be skeptical of any claim that an army makes about its enemy’s losses, there are good reasons to believe the Russians really could bury a thousand troops in a day. → Read More

Russia’s Best Tank Army Might Have No Choice But To Reequip With 60-Year-old T-62s

Russia’s tank shortage has gotten so dire that the United Kingdom for one believes the Russian army’s best tank formation, the 1st Guards Tank Army, might have to reequip with T-62s from the 1960s or ’70s. → Read More

Ukraine’s New Stryker Recon Vehicles Can See Six Miles Away, And Call In Mortars And Missiles

The M1127s could prove critical as the Ukrainian army deploys its new Stryker brigade. The high-tech recon vehicles are a Stryker brigade’s cavalry—its fast-moving, far-seeing, hard-hitting scouts. They help to solve an ages-old military problem: spotting your enemy before they spot you. → Read More

Some Of Ukraine’s Heavy Brigades Don’t Have Real Tanks Yet. Here’s How They Might Fight.

The Ukrainian army doesn’t say no to armored vehicles. Whatever surplus tanks, fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers and reconnaissance vehicles some ally offers, the army happily accepts. That has resulted in some weird imbalances. → Read More

More Ex-British Challenger 2 Tanks Are Bound For Ukraine As London Doubles Its Pledge

The tank plus-up, which Ukrainian ambassador to the United Kingdom Vadym Prystaiko announced on Saturday, should come as no surprise. And it might be only the beginning of an even bigger U.K. commitment to Ukraine’s rearmament. → Read More

For the Overextended Russian Army, Winning In Bakhmut Could Mean Losing Later

There are just two roads out of Bakhmut for Ukrainian troops. Russian forces are within rocket range of both of them. And that means that, after nine months of brutal fighting, the battle for Bakhmut is entering what could be its decisive phase. → Read More

Russian Tanks Have Crude Mine-Defenses. They Don’t Work Against The Latest American Mines.

It’s not enough for the Ukrainians to mine the roads and fields where they expect the Russians to advance. For mines to work, Russian mine-countermeasures have to not work. → Read More