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Kingston, ON, Canada

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Past articles by Harvey:

Is it time to set aside the notion of the manager as parent?

You are not responsible for the morale and productivity of your subordinates → Read More

Layoffs must be done strategically and transparently, but not necessarily fairly to all involved

Prospective employees can be reluctant to work for organizations with a history of layoffs, concluding that leadership doesn’t care about its employees → Read More

When asked the dreaded failure question in an interview, here’s what to say

Look for moments of revelation, realization and improvement in your career – then back up to before those points of insight to find a way of presenting a story of failure → Read More

To mentor women effectively, replace old tropes with new truths

Some workplace mentoring advice for women perpetuates the gender gap and is based on workplace truisms born out of the 1970s when women were new to leadership, executive coach Dana Theus says → Read More

Stop playing it safe. Move out of your comfort zone by betting on yourself

Your odds of succeeding improve if you dream better. That means having a clear understanding of what you want to achieve → Read More

Your leadership instincts can lead you astray. Ditch these four false beliefs

Rose Patten, a long-time senior executive at BMO, likens leadership to a pendulum, shifting and settling as conditions change → Read More

‘Work cannot love you back’: Determine your key vitality indicators for success

Vitality can be monitored through a set of benchmarks that represent what it feels like to be firing on all cylinders → Read More

Organizations come in four types. Which do you work for?

Organizations will be more effective when they understand whether they are an autocracy, bureaucracy, meritocracy or adhocracy → Read More

If you are too busy, your personal strategy is lousy. How to free up time for important tasks

You need to be deliberate about choosing where to deploy your limited available time in tasks that, given your particular set of capabilities, will lead to the greatest win for your organization → Read More

Bonuses can backfire on the company, especially when they are tied to competition

When you’re thinking about incentives, begin with how to encourage teamwork rather than individual competition → Read More

Mavericks are crucial to success, if they can avoid being irritating

It can be difficult to be an effective maverick because going against the grain has consequences → Read More

Want to write more clearly for business? Borrow these techniques from legendary CEOs

Carmine Gallo, who has chronicled the communications habits of top leaders, recommends focusing on short words and avoiding jargon to get your point across → Read More

The decision-making swirl: Why flipping a coin reveals the right course

Decision-making is about the head but also the gut → Read More

Counterintuitive advice for managing in an economic downturn

Compounding crises make people more vulnerable, meaning you may need to change your approach to get ahead of the competition → Read More

Are you selfish enough to be productive?

How to figure out whether your life has an acceptable want-should-need balance → Read More

Improve your management meetings by taking debate and decisions out of them

Consultant Kim Scott argues that debating separately from deciding reduces tension at meetings → Read More

Why seemingly unproductive activities help our productivity

Short distractions, from puzzles and games to social media, can replenish your think tank during the work day → Read More

It’s easy to shy away from difficult conversations about race. But there’s one crucial reason to have them

In any relationship, people need to know you care about them. And the best way to do that is to talk to them about things that are important to them → Read More

Many people overrate their listening skills. Tune your attention before a discussion

Communication involves both speaking and listening. We assume we will get ahead by the strength of our arguments and speech. But we also get ahead by listening → Read More

Subtract? Autonomy? Choose a one-word mantra as a beacon for the year ahead

It has become increasingly popular to substitute a one-word mantra for New Year’s resolutions, setting an operating motif for the year → Read More