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Recent articles by Tara:

Gut study reveals why pandas get huge despite their terrible diet

The panda's gut microbiome helps it maintain its robust body mass year-round according to a new study published in the journal ‘Cell Reports.’ → Read More

Which diet is the healthiest? One eating hack can boost more than your body

Scientists reveal people in richer nations can substantially reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve health by following a diet science proves can boosts human health, too. → Read More

The best sci-fi thriller on HBO Max reveals a deadly cosmic threat

Gravity, streaming on HBO Max, portrays the space phenomenon of Kessler Syndrome. But is it realistic? We check in with a space expert to answer your questions. → Read More

Scientists confirm 6 links between race and air pollution

A study confirms Black, Hispanic and Asian Americans face higher exposure to PM2.5 air pollution than white and Native Americans. → Read More

Fossils that "clearly foreshadow" modern humans are 30,000 years older than we thought

Scientists update the age of the Omo I fossils in eastern Africa, pushing the timeline of human history in the region back by some 30,000 years. → Read More

Dolphin study could help us understand the evolution of female pleasure

Scientists suggest the dolphin clitoris plays an important role in sexual pleasure, helping us understand the evolution of this behavior. → Read More

The best space thriller on Netflix reveals a real lunar mystery

Netflix's latest South Korean hit is built on a bizarre sci-fi premise with some real-world connections. Here's the truth behind 'The Silent Sea.' → Read More

Does my cat think I’m just a bigger cat? It’s complicated

Pet experts reveal the science behind cat thinking and behavior, shedding light on human-feline relationships. → Read More

11 vital climate lessons from 2021 to help you through 2022

After a pivotal year of the climate crisis, here are 11 major takeaways for how we can avoid catastrophe going forward into 2022 with climate solutions. → Read More

Modern medicine didn’t cause antibiotic resistance — hedgehogs did

Scientists discover an origin of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in hedgehogs, challenging the idea that MRSA came from the human use of penicillin. → Read More

The best post-apocalypse show on HBO Max reveals a strange societal truth

HBO Max's 'Station Eleven' skips past the wreckage to focus on how we can rebuild together. → Read More

Scientists discover an ancient oceanic reptile that evolved exceedingly fast

Scientists find the newly discovered ichtyosaur, C. youngorum, evolved to a rapid body size much quicker than cetaceans. The findings shed light on ancient ocean life. → Read More

Elephant study could reduce conflict with humans

Younger male elephants' aggression is reduced in the presence of older male elephants, a study finds. The findings could aid in elephant conservation. → Read More

Listen: Ethereal fish songs reveal a vital oceanic resilience to climate change

A new study shows how collected audio recordings can tell a different and much more hopeful story of recovery among the world's coral reeds. → Read More

A bizarre technique reveals new insight into the evolution of ancient humans

Archaeologists reveal new details about the origins of modern humans by using ostrich eggshells to date the timeline of ancient homo sapien fossils in Ethiopia. → Read More

Netflix's scariest sci-fi thriller of 2021 reveals a controversial abuse of science

Netflix's new thriller 'Hypnotic' turns hypnotherapy into sci-fi chills. But the truth is more complicated. → Read More

Which pets are the most low-maintenance? The answer may surprise you

Experts weigh in on low-maintenance pets, including pets that are suitable for busy schedules and apartment-friendly animals. → Read More

Scientists see a strange — and worrying — climate change effect in frogs

Scientists find global warming affects senescence — increased mortality from aging — in frogs, spelling bad news for amphibian extinction. → Read More

The most underrated sci-fi sequel on HBO Max reveals a real controversial technology

'Blade Runner 2049' is streaming now on HBO Max. Here's what this sci-fi sequel reveals about the real-life future of "human enhancement." → Read More

COP26: 11 results that could reverse the climate crisis, really

Many scientists came away from COP26 with disappointment, but here are 11 pledges that will get us closer to curbing global warming to 1.5 degrees. → Read More