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Past articles by Jules:

Witcover: Trump flunks another foreign leadership test

President Trump has rolled over for yet another corrupt foreign leader, this time Saudi Arabia's, says Jules Witcover. → Read More

Witcover: Trump's fake war on true news

Jules Witcover: Most of today's reporters have developed thick skin, and in the service of the public's right to know they will continue to report on the president's contemptuous serial lying. → Read More

Witcover: Hitting bottom in Trumpland

A Trump underling's dismissal of John McCain brings the administration to a new low in moral depravity, says Jules Witcover. → Read More

Anna Chennault: the woman who helped Nixon sell out peace to win the presidency

On March 30, 94-year-old Anna Chennault died. What history will remember her for is the pivotal role she played in Richard Nixon's 1968 presidential victory — a role that, if it had been widely known at the time, might have deprived Nixon of the White House. → Read More

Witcover: Right fight, wrong time for the Dreamers

It is largely up to Donald Trump whether the Dreamers' dream is deferred, says Jules Witcover. → Read More

Witcover: On edge in the age of Trump

Donald Trump's rhetoric raises the possibility that miscalculation, if not madness, may plunge us into Armageddon, says Jules Witcover. → Read More

Witcover: 2018 will be a critical year in American politics

This new year may offer a clean slate for the nation to address its problems, says Jules Witcover. → Read More

Witcover: The Trump-Bannon explosion rocks the White House

WASHINGTON | The dramatic breakup between Donald Trump and former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon has blown wide open the political direction of the Trump presidency at a particularly inopportune time. → Read More

Witcover: The challenge of the Christmas season

The challenge for 2018 is to wage the political battle without the partisan street brawling of 2017, says Jules Witcover. → Read More

GOP tax bill is a Trojan horse

Eliminating the mandate enables healthy citizens to walk away and leaves the rest holding the bag. → Read More

'The Post' reveals how Katharine Graham stood tall for journalism

The New York Times didn't have Katharine Graham. If they'd had Katharine Graham, we'd be calling it 'The Times.' → Read More

Witcover: ‘The Post’ reveals how Katharine Graham stood tall for journalism

There’s a new film out about The Washington Post and the publication of the Pentagon Papers, the Department of Defense’s classified history of the lead-up to the Vietnam War. Before I saw the film, I was mystified by the title, “The Post,” because the Pentagon Papers were first leaked to and printed in The New York Times, which won a Pulitzer Prize for it in 1972. → Read More

Who can save the GOP?

The political carnage of the Alabama Senate race has left the Grand Old Party badly in need of a credible old-time establishment leader to take him on. But none is in sight. → Read More

Witcover: The gathering clouds over Trump

As President Trump approaches the end of his first year in office, a world of potential woe awaits him, says Jules Witcover. → Read More

Witcover: Does Biden book tour bode another campaign?

At the Warner Theater in downtown Washington the other night, former Vice President Joe Biden kicked off a tour at which he discussed his new book, "Promise Me, Dad: A Year of Hope, Hardship and Purpose." → Read More

Witcover: Senate GOP dissenters may sink tax bill, delivering goose egg to Trump

Proposed tax cuts, as well as the attempt to kill Obamacare, are headed for considerable resistance in the Senate, says Jules Witcover. → Read More

Witcover: Biden leaves the door open for another run at president

Former Vice President Joe Biden is 'uniquely qualified' to become the next president, says Jules Witcover. → Read More

Witcover: Biden leaves the door open for another run at president

WASHINGTON | With a leaderless Democratic Party still trying to pick up the pieces from its shocking defeat at Donald Trump’s hands in 2016, it is looking to next year’s congressional elections for a comeback as a prelude to the next presidential election. → Read More

Witcover: Sex allegations may be knockout punch for Senate candidate Roy Moore

The sexual behavior of American politicians and celebrities has been a staple of news stories from the beginning of the Republic. But it seems to have approached a peak this year with the case of Judge Roy Moore, the Alabama Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate, and other such scandals. → Read More

Witcover: Thank goodness Donna Brazile's crackpot scheme never came to pass

Hillary Clinton's defeat is still still undergoing a bitter internal autopsy among Democrats, says Jules Witcover. → Read More