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Past articles by David Suzuki:

Suzuki: Ocean study criticism shows benefits of scientific method

Errors in a recent ocean warming study illustrate global warming’s complexity. They also show the depths to which climate science deniers will stoop to dismiss or downplay evidence for human-caused climate change. → Read More

This storm warning was meant to help North Carolina prepare

The warning was meant to help North Carolina prepare its long, wide, low-lying coast for the kinds of severe occurrences that are becoming increasingly common as climate change ramps up. But developers and others complained the forecasts could hurt property values and increase insurance costs. → Read More

Assessing seafood retailers’ progress helps consumers and industry

A warm summer day, a cold drink and fish on the grill. It doesn’t get much better. But how do you know if your fish is sustainable? → Read More

Caribou science denial cripples conservation efforts

Scientist David Suzuki writes that the Forest Products Association of Canada appears to have "an ulterior motive" in recognizing climate change is a serious threat to forests and habitat, and vowing the sector is doing its part to fight climate change through work in forests, mills and through the products that it makes. → Read More

Carbon pricing is an important tool to tackle climate change

Scientist David Suzuki asks "how do we ensure the price of fossil fuels includes the costs of pollution, environmental degradation and climate disruption?" The simplest and proven way, he writes, is to put a price on carbon emissions. → Read More

Short-Term Gain Isn't Worth The Looming Disaster That Is Kinder Morgan

Something's wrong when a small number of jobs and the interests of foreign companies are more important to our national interest than the environment. → Read More

Recent oil spill disasters show why B.C. should be cautious

On March 31, an underwater pipeline carrying oil to a refinery in Balikpapan, Indonesia, broke, spreading crude over 20,000 hectares of Balikpapan Bay. → Read More

The Future of Nature

The future of nature is the future of everything. To understand where we’re headed, let’s recognize where we are. Scientists are calling this period the Anthropocene—a time when humans are altering the planet’s physical, chemical, and biological properties. Many of the results aren’t pretty. Over the past hundred years, while the human population has more than doubled and the global economy has… → Read More

Lessons Canadians Can Learn From Cape Town’s Water Crisis

Canada has more freshwater per capita than most countries, but not as much as we might think, and that's a problem. → Read More

Lessons Canadians Can Learn From Cape Town’s Water Crisis

Canada has more freshwater per capita than most countries, but not as much as we might think, and that's a problem. → Read More

Save the planet, eat an insect

David Suzuki asks whether many-legged, cold-blooded critters are the key to minimizing humanity's environmental footprint. → Read More

Save The Planet; Eat An Insect

Could the same six-legged creatures that form the backbone of ecosystem services also help minimize humanity's environmental footprint? → Read More

Suzuki urges governments to press emergency button for West Coast killer whales

Threatened and endangered species continue to disappear despite federal legislation designed to protect them and help their populations recover. What’s going wrong? → Read More

Behind budget, behind schedule: time to rethink our strategy on hydro dams

In Canada, large-scale projects such as Site C in B.C. and Muskrat Falls in Labrador run counter to our commitments to combat climate change and respect Indigenous Peoples’ rights. Both projects are over budget and years behind schedule. → Read More

Consumer Society No Longer Serves Our Needs

How did "throw-away," "disposable" and "planned obsolescence" become part of product design and marketing? It was deliberate. → Read More

Cracking down on consumerism: Would your kids accept a hand-me-down?

It’s been a long time since I’ve heard durability as a positive attribute of a product. In today’s fashion-obsessed world, how many children would accept hand-me-downs from siblings? → Read More

Suzuki's list of climate actions to protect our 'imperilled biosphere' in 2018

Despite progress in stabilizing the stratospheric ozone layer, all the other problems scientists looked at in 1992 have worsened. → Read More

Renewable Energy Isn’t Perfect, But It’s Far Better Than Fossil Fuels

Any real comparison between oilsands and lithium batteries shows that oilsands products are by far the most destructive. → Read More

Flooding Farmland For B.C.'s Site C Dam Is Economic Folly

Continuing construction is bad public policy, and it's not too late to halt it. → Read More

U.S. Climate Report A Glimmer Of Sanity In Anti-Science White House

It's hard to imagine anyone could read this report, or read about it, and not be convinced we have an urgent problem. → Read More