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Past articles by John:

Hire a writer and a lawyer before releasing a cryptocurrency white paper –

To find out which types of white papers resonate with supporters and investors, I asked crypto creators: What does an effective white paper look like in 2022, and is it still a hard requirement? → Read More

Tap your community and the K factor to drive viral growth –

Going viral is the dream, but most projects need a little push. → Read More

What does a real economist think of cryptocurrencies? –

Tyler Cowen is an economist and writer who co-founded the popular blog, MarginalRevolution. A professor at George Mason University, Cowen was named one of the Economist’s top 36 economists who were most influential over the past decade. He’s a popular thinker and blogger in a world of academics, and his work has appeared in Bloomberg […] → Read More

Create a social media punch list for cryptocurrency marketing –

You can finally pay Facebook for crypto ads, but just because you can advertise on Facebook doesn’t mean you should. → Read More

3 views: What does ‘Line Go Up’ tell us about the state of the NFT art market? –

Alex Wilhelm, John Biggs and Walter Thompson share their thoughts on 'Line Goes Up' as a point of departure for discussing the state of the crypto industry. → Read More

Web3’s early promise for artists tainted by rampant stolen works and likenesses –

Jillian C. York didn’t want to be a non-fungible token. A Berlin-based author and activist, York is also the Director for International Freedom of Expression at the Electronic Frontier Foundation. For some reason – York doesn’t agree with her inclusion there – her name also appears on a list of so-called cypherpunks on Wikipedia. Cypherpunks […] → Read More

Crypto pioneer David Chaum says web3 is ‘computing with a conscience’ –

We spoke with David Chaum about why web3 and blockchain are the future, and why we should be worried about the NSA reading our messages. → Read More

Here’s why CNET co-founder Halsey Minor is bullish on NFTs –

Halsey Minor has lived many lives. One of the founders of CNET, Minor entered tech media at a time when the closest thing most of us had to the web was a spider spinning cobwebs on an old NES. Born in Charlottesville, Virginia, Minor worked for Merrill Lynch during the rise of the internet in […] → Read More

AirTags Are the Perfect Dog-Tracking Device—With the Right Accessory

From Etsy shops to 3D printers, here's how to find the right way to convince your dog to sport an AirTag. → Read More

A New 3D Printer Can Produce On-Demand Batteries

The Sakuu Corporation, a California-based company backed by Musashi Seimitsu, has announced a new 3D printing system that can print large electric vehicle batteries on demand. The system uses new techniques to create solid-state batteries that are lighter and smaller than traditional lithium-ion batteries. → Read More

CAPTCHAs May Soon Go Extinct

Are you a human? It’s an age-old question made more pressing by the ability for millions of computers to shut down websites or snipe auctions out from under regular, non-robotic buyers. What’s more, proving you’re a human reduces spam, abuse, and even theft. → Read More

The Fender Mustang Micro Puts a Tiny Amp In Your Pocket

This affordable device is a solid entry point for guitar effects. → Read More

This Indoor Garden Will Feed You Greens Year-Round

The Click & Grow 25, which is currently available through Kickstarter, costs $399 for early birds and consists of a frame, containers, and lights. → Read More

Arduino's New DIY Kit Makes It Easy to Build Smart Home Gadgets

This board lets you engineer your own IoT hardware. → Read More

NASA’s OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft Is Racing Back to Earth With a Scoop of Asteroid

OSIRIS-REx, a NASA spacecraft tasked with collecting rocks and dust from a nearby asteroid named Bennu, is coming back home after almost five years away. → Read More

A New Printer Uses Sawdust to Print Wooden Objects

A new printer called Forust is using scrap wood to 3D print wooden objects that are as structurally sound as regular carved wood. → Read More

Citizen Releases New Star Wars Watches for the Discerning Jawa

Citizen has hopped aboard the Star Wars spacetrain with a new set of themed Ana-Digi Temp watches. → Read More

Hardware Hacker Breaks the DRM on a Mini Dishwasher

In what amounts to a very clever bit of hardware hacking, developer dekuNukem has detailed a methodology for refilling the DRM-protected detergent cassettes for a $486 portable dishwasher called Bob. Trust me, it’s more interesting than it sounds. → Read More

Print Books Are Still Outselling eBooks, Study Finds

According to a study by Statista’s Advertising & Media Outlook, ebook sales are still trailing physical book sales globally, especially during the dog days of the covid-19 pandemic. → Read More

U.S. Court Says Ghost Gun Blueprints Can Stay Online

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco has ruled that posting plans for so-called “ghost guns”—homemade firearms and firearm parts designed to route around gun regulations—is technically legal, affirming a Trump administration rule. → Read More