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Recent articles by Georgina:

Largest comet ever discovered is 1,000 times the typical mass

Comets are typically are 6 miles across, but scientists have recently discovered a mega comet that is 10 times that diameter. → Read More

Researchers use satellites to track ocean microplastics from space

Environmentalists have been raising awareness about microplastics in the oceans. Now, researchers are using a NASA satellite to track the problem. → Read More

How NASA Engineers Do Tech Support on Another Planet

Ever wondered how NASA fixes software glitches on its explorers? Here's how engineers are fixing problems with the Ingenuity helicopter on Mars. → Read More

See and Hear Zhurong Rover Exploring the Surface of Mars

The China National Space Administration has shared video and audio footage of the Zhurong rover in action on the surface of Mars. → Read More

Could There Be Underground Lakes on Mars's Southern Pole?

A new study suggests that there could be large subsurface lakes on Mars, though it seems to be too cold for liquid water to exist in the area. → Read More

Hubble Has a Computer Problem and It's Difficult to Fix

The Hubble Space Telescope is experiencing a computer problem and is not collecting scientific data. Engineers are working on a fix, but it's proving difficult. → Read More

Virgin Galactic cleared to fly space tourists on SpaceShipTwo

The age of space tourism is almost here. Virgin Galactic has been cleared to fly paying customers on its suborbital spaceplane, the SpaceShipTwo. → Read More

Astronauts deploy a second new solar array for the International Space Station

Astronauts are making progress on upgrading the power system for the International Space Station, completing a spacewalk to install a second new solar array. → Read More

How NASA's Perseverance Rover Captured Its Iconic Selfie

Earlier this year, NASA released a now-iconic image of the Perseverance rover on the surface of Mars. Ever wondered how that shot was taken? → Read More

How to watch the SpaceX launch its SXM-8 mission tomorrow

SpaceX will launch a SiriusXM satellite tomorrow, Sunday, June 6. SpaceX will livestream the event and we've got all the details on how you can watch from home. → Read More

Astronomers want your help to find cosmic jellyfish galaxies

A new project is inviting the public to help research so-called jellyfish galaxies by going through imagines to identify targets for further study. → Read More

Why the Mars InSight lander is covering itself in dirt

The InSight team has come up with a counterintuitive fix for the problem of dust-covered solar panels: They got the lander to dump more dirt onto itself. → Read More

SpaceX Cargo Dragon arrives at space station carrying tiny squid

A SpaceX cargo ship that launched on Thursday, June 3 has arrived safely at the International Space Station (ISS) early this morning, Saturday, June 5. → Read More

Mars helicopter Ingenuity gearing up for 7th flight tomorrow

Following a wobbly sixth flight, the plucky helicopter will take to the Martian skies once again tomorrow, Sunday, June 6. → Read More

A cosmological commute: The tricky logistics of putting people on Mars

Putting people on Mars isn't as easy as loading up a rocket and blasting it off into space. Here's why it's trickier than it might seem. → Read More

Hubble peered across 150 million light-years to image this galaxy

This week's treat from the Hubble Space Telescope is an image of the spiral galaxy NGC 5037, located around 150 million light-years away. → Read More

Japan wants to send a transforming spherical robot to the moon

The moon could soon be visited by a jolly round robotic friend. The Japanese Space Agency has announced plans to build a transforming lunar rover. → Read More

Hunting for Alien Life by Examining Molecular Complexity

A team from Arizona State University has come up with a new approach to the search for alien life using biosignatures, which can look for life more broadly. → Read More

NASA shares a spectacular image of the heart of the Milky Way

A stunning image shows the heart of the Milky Way, a chaotic region of threads of gas captured in both the X-ray and radio wavelengths. → Read More

Curiosity Captures Shimmering, Iridescent Clouds on Mars

Mars rover Curiosity has been cloud hunting, and it had captured some stunning and intriguing images of clouds in a usually cloudless sky. → Read More