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Recent articles by Georgina:

Scientists discover monster 17-pound meteorite in Antarctica

A team of researchers working in Antarctica have discovered a massive meteorite, weighing in at a hefty 17 lbs. → Read More

How to watch SpaceX's Starlink launch tomorrow

Tomorrow, Sunday January 29, SpaceX will launch a further batch of Starlink satellites. Here's how to watch. → Read More

30-year-old mission to study the magnetosphere comes to a close

A 30-year-old NASA-JAXA mission has come to an end with the closing of operations on the Geotail satellite. → Read More

These supermassive black holes are cozying up close together

Two supermassive black holes have been spotted nestled close together in the heart of merging galaxy UGC4211. → Read More

Peering into clouds of dust to understand star formation

A new image from the European Southern Observatory shows a stunning starscape around the nebula Sh2-54. → Read More

How to watch the Quadrantids meteor shower this week

As the new year arrives, there's a great chance to catch the Quadrantids meteor shower. → Read More

Juno spacecraft to investigate Jupiter's volcanic moon Io

Juno will begin an investigation of the intriguing volcanic moon Io, performing a series of nine flybys. → Read More

See Hubble's take on the famous and beautiful Carina Nebula

The Hubble Space Telescope recently captured a scene made famous by its sibling, the James Webb Space Telescope. → Read More

NASA launches fresh water observation satellite

NASA has launched its first mission to survey fresh water systems from a global perspective. → Read More

Our galactic companion, the Small Magellanic Cloud, sparkles in Hubble image

This week's Hubble image shows the Small Magellanic Cloud, or SMC, which is a satellite galaxy to our Milky Way. → Read More

Hubble captures an open star cluster in a nearby satellite galaxy

The Hubble Space Telescope recently captured an image of a beautiful star cluster called NGC 1858, located in an area full of star-forming regions. → Read More

How to watch Orion's return flyby of the moon on Monday

Before NASA's Orion spacecraft returns to Earth, it has to make a return flyby of the moon, scheduled for Monday, December 5. → Read More

James Webb and Keck see clouds on Saturn's moon Titan

Researchers using James Webb the Keck Observatory have teamed up to study Saturn's largest moon, Titan, and observe the way that clouds move around it. → Read More

Two spacewalkers are installing a new solar array on the ISS

Two NASA astronauts are currently on a spacewalk, working outside the International Space Station to install a new solar array. → Read More

See the entire observable universe represented in this interactive map

A new interactive map will show you the entire observable universe using data from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. → Read More

See a new star being born in stunning James Webb image

The James Webb Space Telescope has captured a stunning image of the birth of a new star. → Read More

Super-sensitive exoplanet hunting instrument captures its first light data

Astronomers will soon have a new tool for hunting exoplanets, as the Keck Observatory's Keck Planet Finder instrument recently took its first observations. → Read More

Hubble captures rare image of a supernova as it happens

The Hubble Space Telescope recently managed to capture three different moments of a supernova in a single image. → Read More

James Webb's MIRI instrument is back to full operations

This summer there was a problem with one mode on James Webb's Mid-Infrared Instrument or MIRI. Now, engineers have found a way to deal with the issue. → Read More

Mars Express orbiter has relayed data from seven different Mars missions

Recently the European Space Agency's Mars Express set a new record for relaying data from seven different Mars surface missions. → Read More