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Recent articles by Georgina:

Does listening to languages in your sleep help you learn them faster?

Can you learn a language by listening to it in your sleep? The science isn't clear-cut, but recent research suggests sleep-listening might indeed be beneficial → Read More

Next-generation batteries could use material derived from trees

Researchers have developed a tree-derived material for use in solid state batteries, which are safer and less environmentally damaging than current batteries. → Read More

Hubble Space Telescope captures a peculiar pair of galaxies

This week's image from the Hubble Space Telescope shows an odd couple: One large spiral galaxy and its diminutive companion. → Read More

Crunchy algae, anyone? NASA shares ideas for food in space

From bugs to algae, and from 3D printing to artificial photosynthesis, NASA has announced a plethora of ideas about the future of food in space. → Read More

Boeing Starliner valve issue may have been caused by humid Florida weather

Boeing's Starliner capsule won't be carrying astronauts to the International Space Station soon, but officials say they are zeroing in on fixing of the issue. → Read More

Hawaiian telescope snaps an image of a recently formed baby planet

Recently, astronomers had the rare treat of observing an exoplanet directly -- and it's one of the youngest planets ever found. → Read More

Hubble had a ringside seat to observe a star going supernova

Recently the Hubble Space Telescope observed something very rare: A star in the process of going supernova. → Read More

NASA’s Lucy spacecraft is in cruise mode, but solar array issue persists

NASA is investigating what is wrong with the solar array of its Lucy spacecraft, but says the craft is healthy and is traveling along the correct trajectory. → Read More

NASA will send its uncrewed Artemis mission to the moon in February 2022

NASA has confirmed that it will be heading back to the moon early next year, announcing that the uncrewed Artemis I mission will launch in February 2022. → Read More

Mars helicopter is back in action and will attempt high rotor speed flight today

Mars helicopter Ingenuity will attempt another test flight this weekend, spinning its rotors faster than before to compensate for changing weather on Mars. → Read More

This Black Friday shopping hack will never leave you empty-handed

Some of the best Black Friday deals are already available, and we have a hack to help you save even more during sales season. → Read More

This 32-inch 4K monitor is so cheap at Walmart today it could be a mistake

If you've been wanting to get your hands on a new gaming monitor, then we have a deal you won't want to miss out on: A 32-inch LG UltraGear monitor for $250. → Read More

This 70-inch 4K TV just got a HUGE PRICE CUT at Walmart for Black Friday

Black Friday might not start until November, but we're already seeing amazing deals like this massive 70-inch LG 4K TV, which is available for under $700 today. → Read More

See the 42 biggest asteroids in our solar system in stunning detail

The European Southern Observatory (ESO) has released images of 42 of the largest asteroids in the asteroid belt, showing their variety of sizes and shapes. → Read More

James Webb Space Telescope arrives in French Guiana ahead of launch

The James Webb Space Telescope, which will allow astronomers to hunt for habitable exoplanets, has arrived at its launch destination in French Guiana. → Read More

Chinese crew launches to new space station — including station’s first woman

Three astronauts blasted off for China's longest-ever stay in space this week, including Wang Yaping who is the first woman to stay on the new space station. → Read More

Russian cosmonaut and film crew returned safely to Earth from space station

A trio of Russian crew members including an actress and film producer have landed safely after departing the International Space Station (ISS). → Read More

Hubble spots persistent water vapor on Europa — but only in one hemisphere

Evidence from the Hubble Space Telescope shows persistent water vapor on Jupiter's moon Europa -- but only in one hemisphere. → Read More

Watch a Russian Film Crew Depart From the ISS Tonight

Having spent 11 days on the International Space Station (ISS), a Russian film crew will be heading back to Earth this evening, Saturday, October 16. → Read More

Perseverance rover captures stunning panoramic image of Mars’s South Séítah

NASA has released a stunning panoramic view of the surface of Mars, composed of pictures taken by the Perseverance rover. → Read More