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Recent articles by Georgina:

Netflix explains why its apps won't work on older TVs and set-top boxes

Netflix recently announced it service would stop working on older Roku players and older Samsung smart TVs, with only a brief error message saying that "Netflix... → Read More

Goldman will re-check Apple Card credit scores after sexism claims

The Apple Card has been under fire this week after accusations that the bank behind the program, Goldman Sachs, has been discriminatory against women in its pro... → Read More

Instagram cribs TikTok with new music-heavy Stories features

Facebook may be for boomers, but the company has had more success keeping younger users on Instagram. The evolving requirements of social media demand constant... → Read More

Scientists look to the skies to estimate how fast the universe is expanding

The Hubble Constant is one of the most important concepts in astronomy. It describes how fast the universe is expanding, which has implications for the age and future development of the universe. Now, a new paper describes a novel technique using gamma rays to estimate the constant. → Read More

Panoramic image of the southern sky shows our galaxy and others beyond

A satellite has captured a stunning image of the vast sea of stars in the southern sky. The data was collected by NASA's planet-hunter, the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite, in its first year of operations. It shows not only the Milky Way but also the Orion Nebula and the Large Magellanic Cloud. → Read More

NASA shows off its experimental electric airplane, the Maxwell X-57

Cars aren't the only type of transportation which are going electric in the name of the environment. NASA has been working on an experimental electric plane, the Maxwell X-57, which the agency received last month. NASA showed off an early version of the plane on Friday, in addition to a new simulator. → Read More

Curiosity captures eerie images of lonely Martian landscape

The Curiosity rover is continuing its lonely exploration of Mars, and it has captured a series of beautiful but haunting views of the deserted Martian landscape. The images were snapped this week and show the desolate outlook across the Gale Crater. → Read More

An infinite loop: New research suggests the universe may be a closed sphere

Most people think of space as a flat sheet: You travel in one direction, and you end up far from your starting point. But a new paper suggests that the universe may in fact be spherical: If you travel far enough in the same direction, you'd end up back where you started. → Read More

Charge-Dissipating Paint Provides a Potential Solution to a Dusty Problem

The fine dust which covers the moon's surface causes a range of technical problems from gumming up electronics to sticking to absolutely everything. It's even potentially harmful to the health of astronauts. Now, NASA has come up with a solution which could help alleviate the dust problem. → Read More

How to watch Mercury transit the face of the Sun on Monday

A rare event is occurring on Monday: The planet Mercury is passing directly between the Earth and the Sun. This is called a transit, and it occurs only 13 times every 100 years. The last transit of Mercury was in 2016, and the next one won't be until 2023, so you should take the chance to view this event. → Read More

Instagram will begin hiding like counts as part of a U.S. test next week

Instagram continues to tweak its user experience, recently making changes such as removing the following tab and promoting the new version of the explore tab in its place. Now, the company has begun testing out one of its most controversial changes in the United States: Hiding like counts. → Read More

Loose pin responsible for Boeing Starliner failing to deploy parachute in test

Boeing has identified the part which lead to a parachute failing to deploy during the testing earlier this week of its Starliner capsule, which is intended to eventually ferry astronauts to the International Space Station. The company has announced that a misplaced pin was the cause of the issue. → Read More

See the Mars 2020 rover winched into the air and moved into a test chamber

NASA's Mars 2020 rover is roving ever nearer to completion. Having recently stood on its own six wheels for the first time and practiced its descent separation from the craft that will transport it to the red planet, the rover has now undergone vacuum testing at a facility in Pasadena, California. → Read More

Fable's 'Wolves in the Walls' concludes with third and final VR chapter

The Neil Gaiman adaptation has you playing the imaginary friend of a young girl, Lucy. → Read More

Apple Arcade now has more than 100 games

In the weeks since it launched, Apple Arcade has won over many with its affordable price and wide variety of games. Despite some initial skepticism, the service... → Read More

Berkeley scientists develop better batteries for storing renewable energy

Switching to renewable energy sources is key for lessening our dependence on fossil fuels and protecting the environment, but there's a catch with deploying gre... → Read More

China to curb gaming addiction by imposing time limits on younger players

The rules restrict how long under-18s can play for and how much money they can spend. → Read More

Google launches App Defense Alliance to help catch bad Android apps

Google wants to prevent malware-containing apps from being published. → Read More

BBC and ITV's BritBox streaming service launches in the UK

With the popularity of British TV shows in the US, the launch of the BritBox streaming service in 2017 was an attempt by UK broadcasters to cash in on the strea... → Read More

SpaceX to launch another 60 Starlink satellites, reuse nose cone for first time

SpaceX is continuing its ambitious mission to bring internet to the world through its Starlink program, and it's furthering its aims of reusable rocket parts as well. Next week, the company will launch a further 60 satellites into orbit aboard a rocket with a number of reusable parts. → Read More