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Recent articles by Georgina:

Uber To Acquire Postmates for $2.65 Billion

Between the company's own service Uber Eats and the new acquisition of delivery company Postmates, Uber is now a dominant player in the food delivery industry. → Read More

Hubble captures a galaxy zooming away from us at 1,000 miles a second

A new image from the Hubble Space Telescope released today shows the beautiful galaxy NGC 7513, a galaxy that is moving away from us at a tremendous speed. → Read More

Amateur Astronomer Discovers a Brand New Spot on Jupiter

Jupiter may be famous for its Great Red Spot, but now the eye has been joined by a new surface feature called Clyde's Spot, discovered by an amateur astronomer. → Read More

Massive Blue Star Disappears in Unprecedented Cosmic Mystery

It's hard to lose track of something 2.5 million times brighter than the sun. But one such massive star in the Kinman Dwarf galaxy seems to have disappeared. → Read More

NASA wants your help to design a space toilet for the moon

Even in space, you have to go, and NASA is looking for help from the public to design a new toilet for its astronauts to use in space and on the moon. → Read More

Hubble sees a cosmic bat flapping its wings deep in the Serpens Nebula

The Bat Shadow star is famous for it shadowy wings, and now scientists using Hubble have spotted something curious: These wings appear to be flapping. → Read More

This exoplanet whizzes around its star once a week and is bombarded by flares

Astronomers recently discovered a Nepune-sized planet orbiting the baby star AU Mic, which could teach us more about how planetary systems form and develop. → Read More

Colliding black holes could explode in epic light flares

New research suggests when two black holes collide, not only do these epic collisions give off gravitational waves, but they may also explode with light. → Read More

Microsoft Is Closing All of Its Physical Microsoft Stores

Technology giant Microsoft has announced it is closing all of its physical Microsoft Stores and will be selling its products online only in the future. → Read More

How to Build a Base on Mars

How exactly do you build a base on Mars? To get the scoop, we spoke with engineers and scientists from NASA and MIT who are building a plan to make it happen. → Read More

Watch NASA destroy part of its newest rocket in structural test

NASA is making progress in the development of its troubled Space Launch System (SLS), completing its structural testing with a liquid oxygen tank test. → Read More

Virgin Galactic completes second suborbital test flight from Spaceport America

Virgin Galactic has performed a second test flight of its SpaceShipTwo spacecraft from Spaceport America, from where it will offer suborbital tourist trips. → Read More

Galaxy May Be Full of Ocean Worlds That Could Support Life

Planets with liquid oceans may be common in our galaxy, according to new research, enlarging the pool of potentially habitable exoplanets for us to explore. → Read More

Virgin Galactic Will Carry Private Astronauts to the ISS

Space tourism company Virgin Galactic could soon be offering private flights to the International Space Station (ISS) as part of a partnership with NASA. → Read More

CERN Wants to Build a Super-Collider Even Larger than LHC

CERN wants to build an enormous new super collider to smash atoms together at tremendous speeds to learn more about the mysteries of particle physics. → Read More

Hubble Captures Two Planetary Nebulae With Unusual Features

New images from the Hubble Space Telescope show two beautiful and unusually dusty planetary nebulae, known as the Butterfly Nebula and the Jewel Bug Nebula. → Read More

Amazon CEO Bezos Agrees to Testify to House Committee

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is willing to testify to the House Judiciary Committee on the subject of Amazon's competitive practices, the company confirmed Monday. → Read More

Europe's Solar Orbiter Makes First Close Approach to the Sun

The European Space Agency's Solar Orbiter spacecraft has made its first close approach to the sun, coming within 77 million kilometers of its surface. → Read More

Robotics Company Astrobotic to Deliver NASA's Rover to Moon

NASA has announced that space robotics company Astrobotic has been awarded a $199.5 million contract to transport the agency's newest lunar rover to the moon. → Read More

Spacex's First Starlink Satellite Rideshare Launch A Success

SpaceX has successfully launched its latest batch of satellites for its Starlink program, as well as three satellites from Earth imaging company Planet Labs. → Read More