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Recent articles by Georgina:

Tech News

The latest tech news about hardware, software, games, and more. → Read More

How to watch the Orionid meteor shower this month

Through October you'll have the chance to catch one of the most spectacular meteor showers of the year, the Orionid meteor shower. → Read More

This galaxy helps astronomers measure the size of the universe

Trying to measure the size of the universe is no easy task, but this galaxy imaged by Hubble can help. → Read More

How to watch SpaceX and NASA launch Crew-5 mission this week

This week will see four astronauts blast off in a SpaceX Dragon spacecraft, heading to the International Space Station (ISS). Here's how to watch. → Read More

One galaxy, two views: Webb and Hubble take on the same target

The Hubble and James Webb telescopes are both powerful tools for peering out into the cosmos, but the way they view the universe is quite different. → Read More

Some weird debris just fell off the Mars helicopter Ingenuity

Mars helicopter Ingenuity recently completed its 33rd flight, but it had some strange debris along for part of the ride. → Read More

Hunting for evidence of the first stars that ever existed

Astronomers might have found evidence of the very first stars which existed in the universe. → Read More

SLS rocket undamaged by hurricane, will launch next month

With hurricane Ian having moved past Florida, NASA has confirmed that its SLS rocket was not damaged and has set a new date for the next launch attempt. → Read More

Hubble spots cocoon of gas protecting galaxy for the first time

Research using the Hubble Space Telescope reveals a protective shield which has kept two of our neighboring galaxies safe for billions of years. → Read More

NASA's observatory in an airplane, SOFIA, takes last flight

NASA's observatory on an airplane, SOFIA, has taken its last flight and will be retiring from service. → Read More

One of James Webb's 17 instrument modes isn't working

NASA announced that one of Webb's seventeen observing modes is not functioning due to a hardware issue which is currently under review. → Read More

Bright young star shoots out strange fan of material in Hubble image

Massive stars can go through epic changes when they are in their younger years, as this week's image from the Hubble Space Telescope shows. → Read More

Bubble of gas zips around galaxy's supermassive black hole

Scientists have discovered a bubble of hot gas whipping around our galaxy's supermassive black hole at tremendous speed. → Read More

NASA's Artemis I launch called off due to tropical storm

NASA is cancelling the third attempt at launching its Space Launch System rocket due to tropical storm Ian which threatens the Florida coast. → Read More

Juno to perform close approach of Jupiter's moon Europa

NASA's Juno spacecraft will get to see Jupiter's moon Europa in great detail as it is set to perform a close flyby of the icy moon this week. → Read More

Delightful interactive map of Mars lets you take a wander with Perseverance rover

If you've ever wanted to take a trip to Mars and go on a hike with the Perseverance rover, now is your chance. → Read More

James Webb goes in deep on Mars temperature and atmosphere

Webb will perform a major study of Jupiter and has already imaged Neptune. Now, Webb has been used to get a fascinating look at our planetary neighbor, Mars. → Read More

How to watch SpaceX launch 52 Starlink satellites tonight

Tonight will see another SpaceX launch, with the company launching a batch of 52 Starlink satellites into low-Earth orbit. Here's how to watch. → Read More

Asteroid-bound DART spacecraft snaps Jupiter and moon Europa

With just a few days to go before NASA deliberately crashes it into an asteroid, the DART spacecraft has snapped an image of Jupiter and its moon Europa. → Read More

NASA will smash a spacecraft into an asteroid Monday — what you need to know

The DART mission doesn't have much aboard — and that's kind of the point. → Read More