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Recent articles by Georgina:

Faster super-resolution microscope can see virus particles moving through a cell

Super-resolution microscopes can look at resolutions of a millionth of a millimeter, but they work slowly due to the volume of image data they need to record. Now, researchers have developed a way to speed up the process by creating a method which can record data at this microscopic scale in real-time. → Read More

Researchers develop flexible brain-machine interface for controlling wheelchairs

Brain-machine interfaces could potentially allow people with physical disabilities to control a wheelchair. But, current BMI systems require the use of a large, bulky system. Now, researchers have found a way to miniaturize the technology and make it more discreet and usable in everyday situations. → Read More

Smartphone battery capacity could be increased using nanochain material

If you're frustrated by the fact electronic gadgets get more sophisticated but your smartphone battery still can't last a full day, then research from Purdue University could offer some relief. Chemists have developed a new method for designing lithium-ion batteries which could make them last longer. → Read More

Two New Images Show Mars's Icy Poles and Pockmarked Surface

The European Space Agency has captured a stunning image of Mars from top to bottom with its Mars Express craft which is currently in orbit around the planet. The slice shows Mars from its north to its south pole, with frozen ice caps on top and bottom and a boundary of rock formations between them. → Read More

Model based on fusion energy research explains why sunspots peak every 11 years

Of all the mysteries about our sun, one of the most perplexing is the cycle of sunspots. These dark patches on the sun's surface appear for a few weeks at a time before fading and increase in frequency to a peak every 11 years. A new study aims to explain this cycle by modeling the movement of plasma. → Read More

Was hellish hothouse Venus once a temperate planet covered in water?

It sounds outlandish, but according to new research, the scorching planet of Venus could once have been habitable. The average surface temperature on Venus today is 863°F, but a new study claims that millions of years ago, the planet could have been a temperate place with liquid water on its surface. → Read More

French court case against Valve may have serious implications for games sales

In 2015, the French group UFC Que Choisir took Valve to court over the way that the store sells digital games. The case focused on the fact that consumers cannot resell a game once they have purchased a digital copy. Now, a court has ruled that Valve will have to change their policies or face a fine. → Read More

Night School Studio's boozy buddy adventure 'Afterparty' gets a release date

Just in time for Halloween, the developer of dark supernatural thriller Oxenfree, Night School Studio, will be releasing its new game Afterparty. The game was a... → Read More

iOS 13's Audio Sharing feature is coming to more Beats headphones

If you fondly remember the days of plugging in a headphone splitter and listening to music together with a friend, iOS 13 offers a similar option for Bluetooth... → Read More

Google Chrome now offers better theme customization and tab grouping

Google rolled out Chrome 77 across different platforms earlier this month, introducing a better way to send web pages from one device to another. Now, the compa... → Read More

Bugatti revives its toy Baby car with a grown-up carbon fiber version

In 1922, automobile designer Ettore Bugatti wanted to create a present for his four-year-old son Roland. In a move putting him into 'best dad ever' territory, B... → Read More

Turns out smartphones aren't making millennials grow horns after all

Demonizing smartphones and millennials is a favorite past time among certain segments of the population, and earlier this year there was an excellent opportunit... → Read More

Google makes Assistant available via a free phone call in India

The service offers answers to queries in English and Hindi. → Read More

Google's Family Link parental controls now include per-app time limits

Google introduced Family Link in 2017 to give children their own Google account and to provide an app through which parents could manage their child's screen ti... → Read More

Google Fi now offers an unlimited plan

Google's mobile virtual network operator service Fi works by piggybacking on wireless networks to provide cellphone coverage. Last year it opened up to work wit... → Read More

Google brings its Data Saver feature to Android TVs

Android TV might have struggled against Roku, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV in the US, but it's a popular option in India. As data is expensive in the country, Go... → Read More

Google Home speakers can now make mobile calls, starting in Australia

For two years, Google Home users have been able to place calls from their smart speakers using the built-in VoIP functionality. From today that function is avai... → Read More

Photos of Huawei's Mate 30 range leak online

Get a look at the Mate 30 lineup ahead of the official announcement. → Read More

The supermassive black hole at the heart of the Milky Way is getting hungrier

Last month, we learned that the supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy was flaring, although no one was sure why. Now, astronomers from the University of California, Los Angeles have revealed more about what they think may be driving this unprecedented event. → Read More

Astronomers Puzzled by a Flashing X-Ray Mystery in the Fireworks Galaxy

Astronomers were looking at the Fireworks galaxy when they noticed something odd. There was an X-ray source that wasn't there in their first observations but was seen clearly in a second observation only ten days later. And then in the next set of observations, it was gone again. → Read More