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Recent articles by Georgina:

Peer inside the bar of a barred spiral galaxy in new James Webb image

The newest image from the James Webb Space Telescope shows a stunning display of dust and stars that form the bar of the barred spiral galaxy NCG 5068. → Read More

James Webb spots huge plumes of water from Enceladus

The entire moon of Enceladus is just over 300 miles across. And yet the plume Webb observed spanned more than 6,000 miles. → Read More

NASA lost contact with Mars Ingenuity helicopter for a week

NASA recently lost contact with the Ingenuity helicopter on Mars for a week, and the team had to work fast to avoid a collision with the rover. → Read More

Juice spacecraft has overcome its stuck antenna issue and is ready for Jupiter

The European Space Agency's Juice spacecraft is now fully deployed and on its way to study the icy moons of Jupiter. → Read More

Astronomers discover three exoplanets in final data from Kepler Space Telescope

The Kepler Space Telescope was retired in 2018, after discovering 2,600 confirmed exoplanets. But now there are three more to add to the mission's total, → Read More

UAE to send its first mission to the asteroid belt

Following its mission to Mars, the United Arab Emirates plans to send spacecraft to the asteroid belt to investigate the history of the solar system. → Read More

How to watch the Axiom-2 mission depart the ISS on Tuesday

This Tuesday, the crew of the second ever all-private mission to the International Space Station will be returning to Earth. Here's how to watch the departure. → Read More

Horrifying up-close images of a sunspot captured by the Inouye Solar Telescope

A new set of images from the Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope shows the surface of the sun -- including frankly disturbing images of sunspots seen up close. → Read More

See stunning images combining James Webb and Chandra X-ray data

NASA has shared a new view of some famous space images, by combining infrared data from Webb with X-ray data from the Chandra X-Ray Observatory. → Read More

Astronomers spot cyclones at Uranus' pole for first time

Uranus is usually portrayed as a generally featureless blue ball, but when seen using radio telescopes, the pole reveals a swirling cyclone. → Read More

Hubble goes hunting for elusive medium-sized black holes

There's something odd about the black holes discovered to date. We've found hardly any black holes in the intermediate mass range, and it's not clear why. → Read More

See a 3D view of a martian crater captured by the Perseverance rover

The Perseverance rover recently used its Mastcam-Z instrument to collect over 150 images of Mars' Belva Crater, which have been stitched into a mosaic. → Read More

Image of darkness and light shows new stars being born in Lupus 3 nebula

A gorgeous new image of a nebular 500 light-years away gives a peek into the process of star formation. → Read More

James Webb investigates where Earth's water comes from

The first water may have been brought to our planet by a comet. Now, James Webb is investigating comets to see if they could carry water vapor. → Read More

Saturn takes the crown for planet with the most moons

Previously, Jupiter was the champion with its 95 known moons, but Saturn has pulled into the lead thanks to the recent discovery of 62 new moons there. → Read More

Astronomers discover Earth-sized exoplanet covered in volcanoes

Astronomers have discovered an Earth-sized planet that is highly volcanically active, which means it could possibly support life. → Read More

Perseverance rover finds evidence of an ancient river on Mars

The Perseverance rover has identified evidence of what was once one of the deepest and fast-flowing rivers yet discovered on the planet. → Read More

Astronomers just spotted the largest cosmic explosion ever seen

Astronomers recently observed the largest cosmic explosion ever seen, believed to be caused by supermassive black hole devouring a large cloud of gas. → Read More

1 million images get stitched together to form an atlas of star birth

Stars are born in dense clouds of dust and gas called, adorably enough, stellar nurseries. Now, researchers have created an atlas of five of these regions. → Read More

James Webb views the white whale of exoplanet research

Located 50 light-years away, the planet GJ 1214 b has defied 15 years of attempted observations due to its hazy nature. → Read More