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Past articles by T.:

Nancy Pelosi and the Party of 'Science, Science, Science'

It should come as no surprise that "ardent Catholic" Nancy Pelosi is once again at odds with a bishop. This time, the disagreement is with her local shepherd, archbishop of San Francisco Salvatore Joseph Cordileone. The archbishop has started to complain publicly at the way California's lockdown rules are specifically aimed at keeping houses of worship shuttered, and he wants his churches… → Read More

What Real Religious Hypocrisy Looks Like

It’s easy enough to cry “hypocrisy” when you’re not shouldering the standards of those you’re accusing. → Read More

Fake News About Jewish Support for Rashida Tlaib

She’s also said this this trip may have been her last opportunity to see her grandmother, which highlights how childish and unreasonable she’s been not to accept Israel’s offer, and simply abide by the condition to not engage in anti-Israel activities for a few days. → Read More

Fake News About Jewish Support for Rashida Tlaib

Rashida and the Jews really do get along very well. Honest. → Read More

Making LGBT a Protected Class Will Kill Religious Liberty

The push to redefine LGBT status as a protected class is about taking away the freedoms of religious believers who refuse to deny what we all know about the facts of life. → Read More

Children Have to Listen to Fake News, Too, and It's Not Good for Them

Is it OK to teach your children that their future will be one long, bitter struggle to find food and the last high ground? → Read More

What's all this about 'Jesus the Palestinian'?

It's funny how an outlandish idea, just out of the blue, is suddenly everywhere. Take this one. On April 15, Representative Rashida Tlaib was giving an address to the Arab-American Law Student Association at the University of Detroit Mercy School of Law, when she made reference to a novel concept. As reported in the Dearborn Press & Guide: > She said her immigrant mother keeps her… → Read More

Adoption Agencies Can't Be Christian Anymore in Michigan

Refusing to place children in households with two men or two women saying they're married to each other is a no-go in the Wolverine State. → Read More

Michigan AG's Stasi-Like Speech-Monitoring Scheme Earns a Federal Lawsuit

It's gratifying to see that the American Freedom Law Center lost no time challenging, in a federal lawsuit, Michigan attorney general Dana Nessel's unconstitutional "hate crimes unit." As discussed last month, Nessel and Michigan Department of Civil Rights director Agustin Arbulu have teamed up to target "hate and bias" actions that don't "rise to the level of a crime or a civil infraction"; in… → Read More

Michigan's Big Brother Attorney General Will Crack Down Hard on Free Speech

"Know this: we are watching." Who makes this kind of threat? Reinhard Heydrich, the notorious SS general and chief of the Gestapo? KGB head Vladimir Alexandrovich Kryuchkov? Big Brother? They all talked that way. Last Friday, it was Michigan Department of Civil Rights director Agustin Arbulu's turn to say it. He and Dana Nessel, the new state attorney general, announced plans "to increase the… → Read More

Democrat stand on anti-Semitism guarantees there'll be more of it

Like most progressive initiatives, last week's House of Representatives resolution aimed at curbing anti-Semitism is having the opposite effect. Instead of curbing the misdeeds of the loose-talking Islamist House members who created the need for a response in the first place, the resolution newly defines as "Islamophobic" anyone who criticizes a Muslim for saying anti-Semitic things. Oh, the… → Read More

Dearborn Beats Its Breast over Henry Ford's Anti-Semitism, Ignores Islam

The anti-Semitism of Islamists (and progressives) is the dog that doesn’t bark. → Read More

The War on Michigan's Christian Adoption Agencies Enters a New Phase

Michigan's Christian adoption agencies have been deliberately targeted by the ACLU for declining to place children with same-sex couples. → Read More

Don't Pretend Drag Queens at Libraries Aren't Promoting Anything to Kids

Just when you think the left can't behave worse, we find the inspiring story of public library officials in a Detroit suburb heroically defending their "children's story hour hosted by drag queens." Since 2017, the Huntington Woods library has been hosting "Drag Queen Story Time," where little kids are read to by characters like former Miss Motor City Pride, "Miss Raven Divine Cassadine."… → Read More

The Detroit Free Press's alternative facts about Nathan Phillips

Shame on this paper for its coverage of the American Indian → Read More

Has Trump finally met his match?

Democrats who condemn Trump for his coarseness cut off their own legs by adulating the colorfully cursing Rashida Tlaib. → Read More

Has Trump finally met his match?

Democrats who condemn Trump for his coarseness cut off their own legs by adulating the colorfully cursing Rashida Tlaib. → Read More

The Gospel According to Nancy: No Borders, Kill Babies

Pope Nancy pontificates. → Read More

Let's Allow Jihadis to Speak for Themselves

If we'd just listen to what they tell us, jihadis who fail to achieve martyrdom and get arrested tell us clearly what their reasons are. → Read More

Trump Speaks Truth to Transgenders...Hopefully

In a press release dated November 1, 56 major companies, including Amazon, IBM, Deutsche Bank, and Dow Chemical, issued a statement of solidarity "with the millions of people in America who identify as transgender, gender non-binary, or intersex," opposing "any administrative and legislative efforts to erase transgender protections through reinterpretation of existing laws and regulations." This… → Read More