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Past articles by Becky:

Eating Disorder Recovery Is Not Always Picture-Perfect

Living with an eating disorder has complicated almost every aspect of my life. → Read More

The Way Love Looked With You

The way you looked at me was unlike anything I had ever experienced before. → Read More

Making Sense Of Love And Time

Sometimes the time we are given with the people we love is less than what we had hoped for. → Read More

Read This When Your Future Feels Uncertain

I know it’s hard when everything around you is falling apart, but one day everything will be whole again. Life might not go back together the way it used to be or the way you had hoped it would, bu… → Read More

You Are More Than Just A Temporary Fix For Someone Else’s Loneliness

Someone who only shows up when they feel like it is not someone you need in your life. → Read More

Maybe The Fate We Hoped For Is Not The Fate We Were Given

Sometimes the ones we love never come back. Sometimes the love was never even there to begin with. → Read More

Moving Forward Does Not Mean The Same Thing For Everyone

Some of the best advice I have ever received was that just because you choose to go one way for a little while doesn’t mean you can never pursue anything else. A path is just a stepping stone, not … → Read More

Read This When They Tell You That You Should Have Moved On By Now

This is why we cannot run from the horrible things that have happened to us and expect them to just disappear. → Read More

Love Doesn’t Have To Last Forever To Change You

I did everything I could do to erase you from me the way that you erased me from you so easily. → Read More

This Is How I Will Finally Learn To Let You Go

The days since you left me will turn into months, and those months into years. I will have destroyed every tangible memory between us, and I will finally learn to live a life without you in it. → Read More

5 Struggles Only People With Anticipatory Anxiety Will Understand

What seems like a normal trip to the grocery store or just a walk around the block to you can bring up debilitating anxiety, panic, PTSD, and trauma responses for us. → Read More

You’re Allowed To Miss Someone You Never Actually Dated

No one has the right to tell you that your feelings are illegitimate because you weren’t in the type of relationship our society deems as “the right one.” → Read More

All The Things I Wish I Could Tell You

It’s midnight again, and you are the only thing on my mind. → Read More

We Both Know That We Aren’t ‘Just Friends’

This isn’t fair to either of us anymore. → Read More

To Anyone Who Feels Like They Have Fallen Behind In Life: You Are Not Alone

I have absolutely no idea what I am doing with my life. → Read More

I’m Finally Giving Myself Permission To Hate You

I don’t know why I ever thought I had to be “over it.” → Read More

It’s Okay To Remember The Bad Times Too

You are more than just a person with happy memories to reminisce about. You are a complex creature composed of both beauty and pain who deserves to take the time they need to process the things the… → Read More

Is It Better To Have You As Just A Friend Than To Not Have You At All?

I wish I could tell you how the day you walked into my life was one of the best days I have ever had. → Read More

As Your Life Grows Busier, Please Don’t Forget To Hold Space For Your Friends

I miss the days when I used to be able to hang out with my friends without feeling guilty for doing so. I miss understanding the importance of a work-life balance and knowing when a break was not j… → Read More

There Is So Much More Out There For You On The Other Side Of Your Anxiety

There are moments to be cautious, but then there are also those critical moments where we are faced with the choice to finally step outside of our comfort zone. → Read More