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Past articles by Steven:

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20 years later, the director of the lost Kingdom Hearts TV show is "out of fucks to give"

Seth Kearsley was pulling out of the parking lot of a recording studio when a brush with death changed his outlook on life. → Read More

23 years ago, Sega’s biggest flop changed video games forever

The Sega Dreamcast was the first console to feature any sort of online functionality. → Read More

21 years ago, a Nintendo flop changed the video games industry forever

First released in 2001, Nintendo's GameCube console was a rare miss for the venerable video game company. But it also paved the way for enormous successes in the years ahead. → Read More

Animators say they're "clueless" and "confused" about HBO Max cancellations

Inverse spoke to the animators behind 'Infinity Train,' 'Mighty Magiswords,' and 'OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes,' who all had their shows removed from HBO Max without any notice. → Read More

A TikTok and OnlyFans star was arrested after a neighbor said he found her 4-year-old child alone outside

Marrissa Cloutier, known as @digitalprincxss on TikTok, was charged with one count of neglect of a child. → Read More

A day in the life of a YouTube couple who make wacky do-it-yourself projects for their 1 million fans

Evan and Katelyn Heling are constantly busy creating content for YouTube or Twitch, but they managed to find some time to describe their day. → Read More

Austin McBroom's lawyer said there's no way they'll see profits from the influencer boxing match that some fighters said left them unpaid

Some internet stars who took part in the event say they were not paid. Now, the companies who produced it are in a legal battle over who's to blame. → Read More

Dink Doink: A 'sh--coin' cryptocurrency backed by Logan Paul wants to change the world with memes and cartoons, says the CEO

Dink Doink, a cryptocurrency backed by Logan Paul, wants to create a media empire with their springy mascot. → Read More

QAnon followers are already spreading Epstein-like conspiracy theories about John McAfee's reported suicide

The antivirus software mogul's own social media accounts are joining in, with his Instagram account sharing an image of a "Q" after his death. → Read More

Twitch is divided over spandex-wearing creators licking microphones and doing ASMR

The latest fad to hit Twitch is the "ASMR meta" which has streamers licking microphones for content. → Read More

A bodybuilding YouTube star famous for taking his shirt off says hallucinogenic drugs changed his life. Now an ex-girlfriend is accusing him of rape.

Connor Murphy was once one of the most followed bodybuilding YouTubers. His personality appears to have shifted after an ayahuasca ceremony. → Read More