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Past articles by E. Ce:

Jennifer Pastiloff On How Radical Listening Can Improve Your Relationship With Yourself — And Everyone Around You

Jennifer Pastiloff really listens to people. That alone is clear even in the way she replies to emails, how she engages with social media. For whatever brief moments it might take to read a few questions or comments and type a reply, she’s with… → Read More

What It's Like To Ghostwrite Books When I Can't Seem To Finish My Own Novel

I started my ghostwriting career as a favor to a family friend — the kind of favor that someone does for you, by pretending they need a favor from you. I was months out of graduate school and desperate for a writing gig; he was well-known in our… → Read More

Only 14 Women Have Won The Nobel Prize In Literature — But This Year, There Could Be 2 More

The Nobel Prize in Literature will be awarded twice this year, following a sexual assault scandal within the Swedish Academy that resulted the postponement of last year's award. Now, myself and many other readers are wondering: Will either (or… → Read More

'Pride & Prejudice' Retellings Prove That Jane Austen's Themes Translate Across Cultures

Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice is a story that’s been told, and retold, over and over again. The plot is a classic: girl meets boy, boy meets girl, strong personalities reveal themselves as opposites attract and reject (and attract and reject)… → Read More

How To Start Reading Poetry If You Have No Idea Where To Begin

So, you’ve heard that poetry is making a comeback (I mean, isn’t it always?) and you’re thinking it might be time for you to hop aboard that well-versed bandwagon. After all, everyone’s reading life could use a little shake-up now and again, and… → Read More

15 Poetry Collections From 2018 You Won’t Want To Miss

With 2018 coming to a close, I know the very LAST thing you probably need is MORE books in your TBR pile. If it’s anything like mine, 2018’s must-reads are definitely going to overflow into 2019. (And don’t even get me started on all the books I… → Read More

20 Bookish Holiday Decorations You’ll Want To Deck Your Halls With All Year ‘Round

I don’t know about you, but I’m a little bit, shall we say… Grinch-y about holiday decorations. I know, I KNOW — nobody likes a Grinch. (Even though his heart did grow three sizes in the end.) I mean, sure, putting decorations up is all well and… → Read More

23 Holiday Gifts For Writers Who Seriously, Really, Honestly Don't Want Any More Books

The season of giving is definitely upon us — and if you are someone whose got a writer or two (or more!) in your life, that means it’s time to start shopping for the kinds of gifts that writers will totally love. Whether you know it or not, writers… → Read More

9 Literary Themes For Your Holiday Party That Aren't 'The Great Gatsby'

If there’s one thing that book-lovers are especially not-so-great at (everybody’s got something) it’s throwing parties — seconded only by, if you must know, attending parties. After all, I’d guess that most of us spent a chunk of our prime partying… → Read More

‘Marilla Of Green Gables’ Answers Questions About L.M. Montgomery's Most Elusive Character

If you happened to be a book lover during the last century, or so, you know Anne of Green Gables. You’ve walked the great White Way of Delight with her, rowed across the Lake of Shining Waters, traipsed the Haunted Wood, considered the name… → Read More

2 Books Explore How The Justice System Supports Rape Culture & Why So Many Sexual Assaults Go Unreported

If the “uproarious laughter” of now-confirmed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh is indelibly imprinted in Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s mind, her reporting of that laughter — and the alleged assault that went with it — is now indelibly imprinted… → Read More

20 Feminist Book Quotes That Will Reenergize You Right Now

I don’t know about you, but I am SPENT right now. Everyday, there's a new fury-igniting headline (come to think of it, every hour, sometimes) to remind us of the regular injustices being committed, the lies we are being told, the immense work that… → Read More

21 Quotes From Rebecca Traister's 'Good And Mad' That'll Inspire You To Keep Fighting

New York Times bestselling author Rebecca Traister is good and mad — at least, that is, according to her latest book, Good and Mad: The Revolutionary Power of Women's Anger. Out just days before the divisive (and, as far as Traister was concerned,… → Read More

Rebecca Traister's New Book 'Good And Mad' Celebrates The Political Power Of Women's Anger

When I speak to New York Times bestselling author Rebecca Traister, we’re just over 24 hours away from hearing Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee. I’m mad. Traister is mad. It seems, at times, like the entire… → Read More

25 Women Whose Biographies I Want To Be Written Immediately

I was in my twenties before I learned that Rosa Parks wasn’t tired when she sat down, that women wrote the code to put men on the moon, that “Roe” was actually her name, that there were countries around the world who had already elected female… → Read More

Julissa Arce Wants Latinx Immigrant Children To See Themselves Reflected In Her New Memoir 'Someone Like Me'

Julissa Arce doesn’t remember reading a single book in middle school with a protagonist who was someone like her: a Latina immigrant living in the United States. That’s one of the reasons Arce — social justice advocate, cofounder and chairman of the… → Read More

10 Quotes About The Death Of Pets To Help You Grieve And Heal

Anybody who loves books knows that loving books and loving cats go hand-in-hand (hand-in-paw?) At least, that has always been the case for me. So in 2003, when I adopted my very first, and much longed-for kitten, I knew I had found my reading buddy… → Read More

The Motherhood Books I Needed To Read Were The Ones I Avoided Or Ignored — Until After I Became A Mom

The books that escorted me into new motherhood were, shall we say, not all that’s currently trending. Sure, I took in all the typical fare: a shelf full of What to Expect When You’re Expecting books and anything that told me what size fruit my fetus… → Read More

U.S. Presidents Should Be Avid Readers — And Here's 5 Reasons Why It's Important

Much has been made of the fact that one of the most literary presidents in U.S. history (by some accounts, Barack Obama recommended 97 books during his time in office) was immediately succeeded by a man who might not recognize a book if he tripped ov… → Read More

Joan Didion Is The 'Ultimate Literary Celebrity' — But What Is It About Her Work That Speaks To So Many People?

She’s a writer who’s been called the ‘ultimate literary celebrity’ and ‘fashion’s favorite icon’; she’s one of the most influential essayists of her generation; she's a literary legend; she's woman who embodies that classic, old school definition of … → Read More