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Past articles by Phil:

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'Firestarter' actor Kurtwood Smith on that time he met Captain Kirk in 'Star Trek VI'

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Of course Spielberg's best shot ever is in his most underrated movie, 'Minority Report'

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Star Wars' 11 greatest lightsaber battles, ranked from 'A New Hope' to 'Rise of Skywalker'

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'Star Trek: Voyager' cast spills all the tea in new documentary trailer

Star Trek: Voyager is getting the documentary treatment and, if the first trailer for To the Journey is any indication, fans will be getting a very candid peek behind the curtain of the classic Trek series. → Read More

Bruce Willis retires from acting due to health issues

The family of Bruce Willis announced Wednesday that he is "stepping away" from his acting career due to health issues. Willis’ family members posted a joint statement to social media announcing the actor’s retirement. → Read More

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Star Trek's Terry Matalas answers all our 'Picard' Season 2 questions (so far)

One of Hollywood's biggest Star Trek fans is helping make a Star Trek show. And, so far, four episodes in, it's some of the most entertaining sci-fi that the franchise has done since the days of Sisko and Janeway. → Read More

A terribly scarred Joker helps catch the Riddler in extended, deleted scene from 'The Batman'

The Batman director Matt Reeves promised fans that we'd see a deleted scene between Batman and the Joker. And he finally delivered it. → Read More

'Star Trek' writer Brannon Braga made TV history with this classic 'Next Gen' Episode

"We were really excited about the idea of blowing up the Enterprise." → Read More

Morena Baccarin reveals why 'Deadpool 2' changed its ending, the latest on 'Deadpool 3'

Deadpool 2 famously incurred some "hey, wait a minute" reactions from fans during its initial theatrical run, when they learned that Vanessa ( → Read More

'Picard' director Lea Thompson on the making of one of Star Trek's scariest scenes

Comedy and horror are, tonally, hard to pull off in any hour of television. And that's especially true if it's on Star Trek. But, with her recent episode of Star Trek: Picard, Lea Thompson makes it look effortless. → Read More

The Batmobile's 15 coolest moments on the big screen

You need a few key ingredients to make a Batman movie work. There's gotta be a committed actor behind the cape and cowl, a compelling villain (or two, or three) to face off against him, an elder statesman of acting to be a formidable Alfred, and of course, plenty of the Caped Crusader's wonderful toys. → Read More