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Recent articles by Michael Brendan:

Hong Kongers Continue the Fight for Freedom . . . in the U.K.

It’s a bitter pill, but the free world ain’t what it once was. → Read More

Quelling the Banshees

What I loved and loathed about The Banshees of Inisherin. → Read More

The Adverse Effects of Lying during a Pandemic

But what public-health experts needed to do during the pandemic was to be more honest about the limits of their knowledge in an evolving crisis, and be more liberal with the public and with its own critics. → Read More

What Have We Bargained for in Ukraine?

The dangers of the conflict are much greater than hawks would have us believe. → Read More

The Sympathy of Dogs

Dogs perform a feat of sympathy no human companion could possibly manage. → Read More

So, What Did You Get?

Our house is lucky to have three children that are all within that magical age range for Christmas, so seeing them react to gifts was gift enough for me. → Read More

Too Much Zelensky Talk, Not Enough about American Interests

Focusing on how Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky dresses and brands himself is a pitiful distraction from the conversation that needs to happen. → Read More

Trump's NFT Sale and His Political Future

If Trump starts making an effort to identify the issues that matter, he might ditch the grievances about 2020. → Read More

America’s Prisons Aren’t Fit for Purpose

Many prison guards and prisoners have internalized the view — common in our culture — that prisons are supposed to be madhouses of criminality, neglect, and disorder. → Read More

New Phase of the War; Danger Still Lurks

Talk of nuclear warfare in Ukraine started to fade as Russia consolidated its positions and shifted to a new phase of the war, in which it is destroying Ukraine's civic infrastructure. → Read More

Being a Conservative or Republican Has Always Been Cringey

But you can’t get away from it just by joining the other side. → Read More

Vindicated Years Later

Brexit throws the economic regulation of Northern Ireland to the EU — in which Northern Ireland has no part at all. → Read More

Late Hit Tracker

The New York Times publishes a hit piece on J. D. Vance. → Read More

All Quiet on the Western Front

The Netflix film version of the classic WWI novel is brilliantly shot and conceived. → Read More

The Coming Fight over Trumpism: Charisma or Policy?

Is Arizona's Kari Lake the proof that political charisma is more important than the right policy agenda? → Read More

‘There is nothing beyond our capacity’

I predict our leaders will continue their general drift toward rewriting America's strategy as a globalized culture war against conservative-coded autocracies. → Read More

Vladimir Putin & Russia: Western Policy Goals Misguided

Realism means admitting that our leadership is unworthy, deluded, and stupid. → Read More

The Myth of a Light Footprint

American casualties in Afghanistan were low and “sustainable” in our last years there because the casualties suffered by the Afghan National Army were high and unsustainable. → Read More

More on the Vatican’s Authority

Pope Francis's reversal of Pope Benedict's permissions for the Traditional Latin Mass is likely to still the hand of his successor, however conservative or traditionalist he is. → Read More

An Unsustainable Energy-Price Surge

If these giant energy-price increases continue as the weather changes in even a handful of European countries, we are going to see governments fall like dominoes throughout the winter. → Read More