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Recent articles by Michael Brendan:

Why All Christians Should Care about the Fate of the Latin Mass

The Catholic Church’s liturgy wars are about the most essential truths of the Gospel. → Read More

The College Party

We are witnessing a massive electoral shift, as Democrats become the party of affluent whites. → Read More

Better Call Saul

There are a lot of open loops to close in the final episodes of Better Call Saul. → Read More

Supervillains Gather in Davos

It is actually a crisis for our global elites that every idea they have for solving problems involves subtracting more of our humanity and freedom from human civilization. → Read More

Replacement Theory and Replacement Facts

Americans are not being replaced so much as self-extinguishing. America’s present native population and its way of life are the enemy of America’s posterity. Perhaps it is the immigrants who should fear that joining us is a threat to the generations yet unborn. → Read More

Adventures in Sadness

'Sea Change' was Beck’s post-9/11 vibe shift. The genius for elaborate arrangement and lush instrumentation was still there, but the genre was country and folk. → Read More

Student-Debt Amnesty Is a Grotesque Gift to the Rich

The plan being mulled by the Biden administration to cancel and forgive up to $1.6 trillion of federal student-loan debt is a brazen act of class warfare by the affluent against everyone else. → Read More

Obama’s Crusade against Fake News

In his speech on ‘disinformation,’ the former president was vague, self-serving, and contradictory. → Read More

Behold Thy Mother

We turn to Mary when our faith is strong and when it is weak, when we need a mother's prayers. → Read More

A Final Look at the Popularity of J. D. Vance’s Position on Ukraine

It’s a reasonably safe bet that every time Vance explains his position on Ukraine — prioritizing other pressing American concerns above this conflict — he helps himself. → Read More

Pestiferous Questions

Why isn’t there even one English-language source estimating Ukrainian casualties in this war? → Read More

Horror upon Horror

Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine is a blunderous, murderous act of desperation and foolishness. I believe that every horror upon horror he inflicts on Ukraine is also bringing ruin to Russia and to himself in the long run. → Read More

Wartime’s Macabre Predictions of a Populist Defeat

Liberal-minded commentators are already celebrating the renewal and forthcoming triumph of all their ideas over all their enemies globally. Moral clarity is back! Populism and nationalism are totally finished! → Read More

Little Big Fella

In Ukraine, a national hero faces excruciating decisions in the weeks and months to come. → Read More

Why Catholicism Needs the Latin Mass

Twenty years ago, a German Catholic author made the case for a Mass that was not just an obligation, but a work of art. → Read More

Did NATO Matter?

Some are now arguing that NATO expansion has nothing to do with Russia’s war against Ukraine. This is unpersuasive. → Read More

Purging the Public Square

Freedom doesn’t win the battle with authoritarianism by demanding that people grovel. → Read More

The End of Neutrality

Even Switzerland has now moved against Russia. → Read More

Our Stupid State Department

Our State Department seems to have completely abandoned any traditional concepts of statecraft and geopolitical power. → Read More

The Most Dangerous Speech of the Post–Cold War Era

If Putin's grandiose, aggrieved wreck of a speech was delivered sincerely, then he has addled himself with his own propaganda and will likely drive his nation and others to a disaster. → Read More