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Past articles by Elizabeth:

Nuclear Fusion Lab Achieves ‘Ignition’: What Does It Mean?

Fusion researchers at the U.S. National Ignition Facility created a reaction that made more energy than they put in → Read More

How Many Yottabytes in a Quettabyte? Extreme Numbers Get New Names

Prolific generation of data drove the need for prefixes that denote 10 27 and 10 30 → Read More

The leap second’s time is up: world votes to stop pausing clocks

How, and whether, to keep atomic time in sync with Earth's rotation is still up for debate. → Read More

The Middle East is going green — while supplying oil to others

Arab governments are ramping up their green ambitions ahead of the COP27 climate summit, but show few signs of reining in fossil-fuel exports. → Read More

World’s largest fusion experiment ITER appoints new chief

Pietro Barabaschi, who will take over as director-general of ITER in October, plans to improve integration between collaborating agencies. → Read More

Upgraded LHC begins epic run to search for new physics

After a three-year shutdown, the Large Hadron Collider will smash particles together at the highest energies yet. → Read More

Happy birthday, Higgs boson! What we do and don’t know about the particle

Physicists are celebrating ten years since the Higgs boson’s discovery. But many of its properties remain mysterious. → Read More

Galaxies without dark matter perplex astronomers

Researchers say a cosmic collision could have created two galaxies that don’t contain the mysterious substance — but others cast doubt on the claim. → Read More

Particle’s surprise mass threatens to upend the standard model

Data from an old experiment finds that the mass of the W boson is higher than theory predicts, hinting at future breakthroughs. → Read More

Ukraine conflict jeopardizes launch of Europe’s first Mars rover

Sanctions mean joint Russian–European ExoMars mission is likely to be postponed for a third time. → Read More

Massive strikes at UK universities over ‘unsustainable’ working conditions

A dispute prompted by pensions cuts now encompasses pay, job security and workloads exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. → Read More

Asteroids, Hubble rival, and Moon base: China sets out space agenda

In the next five years, the nation hopes to launch a robotic craft to an asteroid and two lunar missions. → Read More

Nuclear-fusion reactor smashes energy record

The experimental Joint European Torus has doubled the record for the amount of energy made from fusing atoms — the process that powers the Sun. → Read More

First glimpse of lone black hole delights astronomers

The invisible cosmic tourist could carry clues about supernova explosions. → Read More

Last Chance for WIMPs: Physicists Launch All-Out Hunt for Dark Matter Candidate

Researchers have spent decades searching for the elusive particles. A final generation of detectors should leave them no place to hide → Read More

How a Small Arab Nation Built a Mars Mission from Scratch in Six Years

The United Arab Emirates’ Hope orbiter is the Arab world’s first interplanetary spacecraft — and has jump-started science in the country. Will the momentum last? → Read More

China Reveals Scientific Experiments for Next Space Station

Projects will probe topics including DNA mutation, fire behaviour and the birth of stars → Read More

Inside the Plans for Chinese Mega-Collider that Will Dwarf the LHC

Physicist Wang Yifang, the mastermind behind the project, gives Nature an update on the ambitious project → Read More

What the Nobels Are--and Aren't--Doing to Encourage Diversity

The prize-awarding academies are making changes to their secretive nomination processes to tackle bias, but some say the measures don’t go far enough → Read More

Japanese Mission Becomes First to Land Rovers on Asteroid

Twin probes from Hayabusa2 mission have sent back their first pictures from Ryugu’s surface → Read More