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Recent articles by Matthew:

‘Like a sleep-deprived hostage’: Internet mocks low-energy Trump’s ‘utterly bizarre’ UN address – A

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump took the podium to deliver a deeply ideological address at the United Nations General Assembly. → Read More

Americans recoil in disgust as Trump rages about Hillary on the 18th anniversary of 9/11

On Wednesday, as the nation remembered the 18th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks, President Donald Trump followed up his tweet marking the occasion with a disjointed, angry rant about “Crooked Hillary,” “Sleepy Joe,” “Pocahontas,” and the “fake news” media cooking up “suppression po → Read More

White teen from powerful political family gets banned from school over insanely racist gun video

On Monday, WOLO reported that a 16-year-old South Carolina student has been expelled from the Cardinal Newman School, banned from the property, and faces criminal charges following a violent, racial-slur-laden social media post. → Read More

Fox’s Chris Wallace shocked that Mueller is doing nothing to defend his reputation as Republicans hammer him

Fox News reporter Chris Wallace expressed his disbelief that former special counsel Robert Mueller did so little in his testimony to back up his report or defend against Republican attacks on his integrity. → Read More

Republican accidentally reveals why impeachment is necessary while delivering prepared attack on Mueller

Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner tried to ambush Mueller into admitting that he shouldn’t have been investigating President Donald Trump in the first place — but accidentally highlighted a key reason why Congress needs to open impeachment proceedings against him. → Read More

Trump’s Senate allies are begging him to accept budget compromise to prevent economic collapse: ‘Chaos is not good’

On Thursday, Politico reported that Senate Republicans are desperate for President Donald Trump to approve the compromise budget agreement that also brokers an increase to the debt ceiling. → Read More

Eric Trump: My father has the support of ’95 percent of this country’

On Wednesday, Eric Trump confidently told the hosts of “Fox & Friends” that the American people are overwhelmingly on his father’s side — in fact, to the tune of 95 percent of them! → Read More

Mitch McConnell is hated even more than Trump. Here’s how Democrats can use that to sweep the 2020 elections – A

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell arguably was everything President Donald Trump stood for politically long before Trump was even taken seriously as a presidential candidate. → Read More

Former Trump staffer commits ‘career suicide’ — and publicly calls for ‘unfit’ president to be impeached – A

Conservative Republican and Antonin Scalia Law School professor J.W. Verret, a former member of President Donald Trump’s transition team, tweeted that special counsel Robert Mueller’s report was sufficient grounds to impeach the president. → Read More

Experts horrified as Trump launches unhinged rant against ‘treasonous’ Mueller and FBI

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump did a complete 180 from celebrating special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia report to attacking the rule of law for even letting it happen. → Read More

William Barr is going to hide the full Mueller report — but House Democrats have a plan to stop him

Attorney General William Barr's four-page summary of the 300+-page report by special counsel Robert Mueller on Russian election interference is clearly not going to satisfy anyone. The summary — stating that Mueller did not "establish" conspiracy between President Donald Trump's campaign and the Rus → Read More

Wealthy San Francisco residents actually started a GoFundMe to kill a homeless shelter in their neighborhood

California has long held a reputation for NIMBYism — constant zoning fights and deadlock as people mobilize to stop projects in the public good from being built "in my backyard." The latest such case involves residents of an affluent part of San Francisco, who are determined to kill a proposed ho → Read More

Barr Hiding Full Mueller Report As Democrats Fight For Disclosure

As Attorney General Barr continues to "redact" the Mueller report's hidden pages, Congressional Democrats fight for full disclosure. → Read More

The Republican National Committee has a game plan to attack and intimidate journalists who criticize Trump: report

The Republican Party has had a hostile relationship with the press for years. They have sought to stave off criticism of their scandals and policy flaws by tarring journalists with a broad brush as the "liberal media" (which, at least as far as mainstream outlets go, is a complete myth). President D → Read More

This law professor’s proposal to stamp out robocalls is brilliant — here’s why – A

Americans are being bombarded with robocalls. It's an epidemic, and it's getting worse. By a recent estimate, 71 million of these scam calls are being placed per hour, often completely illegally. In fact, I was robocalled while writing this article. Robocalls make up the top source of complaints to → Read More

Susan Collins says she opposes the DOJ’s Obamacare lawsuit. Her votes are the reason it’s happening – A

The multi-state lawsuit against the Affordable Care Act threatens to overturn the law in its entirety — protections for pre-existing conditions, subsidies, marketplace exchanges, Medicaid expansion in 37 states and D.C., the right for kids to stay on their parents' plans until age 26, reforms to Med → Read More

Before she died, Barbara Bush had this to say about Trump’s Republican Party – A

In April of last year, former First Lady Barbara Bush passed away. A towering figure, she was mourned by the nation and was joined by her husband seven months later. Bush was the quintessential Republican matriarch. She was the wife of one president, the mother of another, and her children and gr → Read More

Trump’s judicial confirmations aren’t changing the balance of the courts as much as he hoped — here’s why – A

President Donald Trump is not very productive on policy, but one note of solace for conservatives — and horror for liberals — is that he has been very good at getting judicial nominees through the Senate. With the help of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), who left numerous seats vaca → Read More

Young Parkland voters had mail-in ballots tossed at 12 times the statewide average: study

According to the Washington Post, new research from University of Florida political scientist Daniel Smith indicates that 18-21 year old voters in Parkland, Florida — a city that has become synonymous both with school shooting violence and civic youth engagement — saw an unusually high number of mai → Read More

Republicans are claiming that poverty no longer exists — here’s why that’s ridiculous – A

For the longest time, one of the big talking points from Republicans was that government anti-poverty programs failed at their primary goal, merely trapping people in dependence on the government. "The federal government declared a war on poverty, and poverty won," said President Ronald Reagan in an → Read More