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Recent articles by AJ:


More Americans than ever are worried about climate change — which isn't saying much

The bar is on the floor. → Read More


"Ghost flights" are wreaking havoc on the environment for no good reason

The European Union is facing scrutiny over a policy that requires airlines to fly empty planes across the region to keep take off and landing slots. → Read More


Wildfires are causing sinkholes in the Arctic

And those sinkholes are releasing a ton of carbon. → Read More


Trump’s social media company, like most of his other companies, is a disaster

Marred by a hack, missed deadlines, and slow development, Trump Media and Technology Group is struggling to get the former president back online. → Read More


A new law makes French car companies encourage people not to buy cars

It’s time to give gas-guzzlers the tobacco treatment. → Read More


Why are judges going so easy on the insurrectionists?

Over half of the federal sentences handed down have involved no prison time at all. → Read More


The national staff of the Democratic Party is unionizing

It’s a major move toward labor organizing for underpaid political staffers. → Read More


Fox News host thinks the police should drone-strike snow, or something

Dana Perino thinks the I-95 traffic jam, which left hundreds stranded in their car for a full day, wouldn't have happened if the cops had military equipment. → Read More


Of course Cuomo got away with it

Despite saying that accusations against the former New York governor were “credible,” the Albany district attorney said Cuomo won't be prosecuted for allegedly groping an employee. → Read More


People have been stuck on I-95 for damn near a whole day

A crash and snowstorm has left hundreds of motorists stranded in their cars overnight on a major highway outside of Washington, D.C. → Read More


Pittsburghers rang in the new year with a big ol’ meteor explosion

Showoffs. → Read More


The first natural disaster of 2022 is already here

The wildfires ravaging Colorado have forced tens of thousands of people to evacuate. → Read More


2021 broke the economy

This year had everything: fat paychecks for CEOs while workers go on strike, NFTs going crazy, and cryptocurrency at the whims of Elon Musk tweets. → Read More


Rand Paul says using legal voting methods is election theft

“Targeting and convincing potential voters to complete in a legally valid way” is bad, actually, according to Rand. → Read More


Trump adviser reveals exactly how Republicans planned to overturn 2020 election

The plan involved Ted Cruz, of course. → Read More

These Are The Top Reasons Americans Don’t Have 5G Connectivity

The biggest telecommunications companies in the United States have been pushing the promise of their 5G networks for years now, telling consumers to envision high-speed, broadband level downloads while on the go. So why are many Americans lagging behind in actually using 5G networks? → Read More


Joe Manchin is ready to kill Build Back Better because he clearly thinks you don't deserve help

The West Virginia senator is ready to kill Build Back Better, and it’s clear why: It’s good for you, but bad for him. → Read More


Cargo ships are huge polluters. This company wants to solve the problem with giant kites

Congrats to Airseas for inventing sails. → Read More


Facebook reportedly stole the @Metaverse handle from an Australian artist

Thea-Mai Baumann runs Metaverse Makeovers, an augmented reality company. After Facebook changed its name to Meta, her account disappeared. → Read More


Accomplished scientist Tucker Carlson has discovered a new COVID symptom

The virus “does feminize people,” the Fox News host told Nigel Farage, of all people. → Read More