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Past articles by Brendan:

The Panama Papers: rich-bashing won’t fix the crisis

Moral disgust with the super-wealthy is such lame socialism. → Read More

No, Charlie Hebdo’s editorial is not racist

Turns out the Charlie haters are even dimmer than we thought. → Read More

Trans activists really need to lighten up

Transsexuals’ histrionic response to every slight only confirms how flimsy their identity is. → Read More

The EU battle: they’re all part of Project Fear now

Both Leave and Stay play the fear card, and that’s bad for democracy. → Read More

The EU battle: they’re all part of Project Fear now

Both Leave and Stay play the fear card, and that’s bad for democracy. → Read More

One hundred years on: the dream of the Republic

The Easter Rising remains a moving, inspiring blow for freedom. → Read More

After Brussels: how to hit the terrorists where it hurts

If you’re angry about Brussels, then do what the terrorists hate most: be free. → Read More

The tyranny of censorship: Ireland’s war on ‘evil’ books

The Irish state has just banned an obscene novel. That is outrageous. → Read More

The Twitch-hunting of Joan Bakewell

She said critical things about anorexia? Cast her out! → Read More

It’s pure historical amnesia to say the Boomers had it good

Thirtysomething generational jihadists know nothing of history. → Read More

For Europe, against the EU

The progressive’s case for a Brexit. → Read More

Love democracy? Then leave the EU

Why optimists, radicals and progressives should vote out of the EU. → Read More

We’re all mental patients now

The government wants you to think you’re mentally ill. You aren’t. → Read More

We must have the freedom to hate

Hatred isn’t big or clever, but it should never be a crime. → Read More

In dystopian Britain, the police now hunt down ‘pre-rapists’

Sexual Risk Orders are ripping apart liberty and due process. → Read More

After Cologne: let’s ‘dare to say how things really are’

The furore about those sexual assaults says more about ‘our’ culture than ‘theirs’. → Read More

That thing you’re feeling about Bowie — it isn’t grief

s the grief for David Bowie real? As legions of Bowieologists and pop followers take to Twitter and elsewhere to express their shock and sorrow at his passing, that’s the question some are asking. Julie Burchill wrote a brilliantly scathing piece for the Spectator slamming the ‘sob signalling’ of Bowie fans and taking to task the talking-heads with ‘nothing to say’ yet who won’t shut up about… → Read More

Never mind Rhodes – it’s the cult of the victim that must fall

What the rotten anti-Rhodes movement reveals about 2015. → Read More

The war on rape: the logic of the lynch mob returns

e are in the midst of a war on rape. From American campuses to British courthouses, from newspaper op-ed pages to the weird world of online petitions, ‘zero tolerance’ of rape has been declared. And who could possibly be against it? No one is ‘pro-rape’. So surely everyone will cheer a war on rape. Not so fast. Wars on rape have been declared before, and often for deeply reactionary reasons,… → Read More

War on Corbyn: the Tyranny of the Moderates

Anti-Corbynism speaks to the anti-democratic drabness of our era. → Read More