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Past articles by Laurence:

‘Off the table’ puts our kids on the hook

Official debt depends on what's put on the books. The fiscal gap does not. The US fiscal gap is humungous. Fundamental reform, not political theatre, is the only path to fiscal solvency. → Read More

Social Security COLA Still Fails To Keep Up With Inflation

Social Security is supposed to be inflation-proof. It's anything but. → Read More

Americans Are ‘Wasting Too Much Money on Housing,' Says Top Economist—Here Are 4 Ways to Get ‘House Rich'

With interest rates on home mortgages spiking, it’s getting more expensive to buy a home in the U.S. Whether you rent or own, too many people are wasting money on housing, says a Harvard-trained economist. He shares four ways to lower expenses and become “house rich.” → Read More

A Harvard-Trained Economist Shares the Surprising Money Benefits of Marriage—and Why ‘Marrying for Money' Isn't a Bad Thing

Harvard-trained economist Laurence Kotlikoff shares the money benefits of marrying your long-term partner — and how to make sure you don’t fall victim to an expensive divorce settlement. → Read More

A Harvard-trained economist says 'early retirement is one of the worst money mistakes'—here's why you'll 'regret' it

For most Americans, retiring early is one of the worst financial mistakes that they'll end up regretting, according to a Harvard economist. The reason, he says, is simple: People are bad at saving money. → Read More

'Don't borrow for college,' warns Harvard-trained economist—here's why it's a 'waste of money' and 'far too risky'

Don't borrow money for college, warns Harvard-trained economist Laurence Kotlikoff. He breaks down why "it's a waste of money," as well as how students can get a degree without into excessive debt. → Read More

A Harvard-Trained Economist Shares His Top 21 Money Rules: ‘Own Your Home, Don't Rent—and Try to Buy in Cash'

Making education, career, marriage, housing, investment, retirement or Social Security decisions? A Harvard-trained economist shares the money rules he follows for a richer, happier and safer financial life. → Read More

There's a clear economic solution to climate change: Losers must bribe winners

Why have economists failed for so long to provide a solution to climate change that recognizes the inherent selfishness of successive generations? → Read More

The really scary news in the Social Security Trustees Report

The size of the overall U.S. fiscal gap is unknown to Americans because neither political party wants to officially calculate it. → Read More

It's time to rapid home-test every American every day

Rapid home tests are painless and take only a few minutes to administer. They would also be voluntary, thus depoliticizing COVID → Read More

FDA inaction on child vaccines is harming our kids

The FDA's delay may cost many children their lives, hospitalize thousands more and overwhelm our health care system. → Read More

Deficit Ponzi schemes meet cold fusion

Deficits and other take-go policies endanger the next generation's economic future, pure and simple. → Read More

Are the rich really tax scofflaws?

If we keep using the wrong inequality and progressivity measures, we’ll never choose a tax system that’s actually fair. → Read More

ObamaCare still desperately needs fixing

ObamaCare’s most serious problems can be solved in a bipartisan way, without spending more taxpayer dollars. → Read More

A smarter and fairer student loan fix

A far better, fairer and simpler student-loan reform is available. It lets students as well as their parents borrow at the government's long-term Treasury bond rate. → Read More

Joe Biden's ideal VP is Condoleezza Rice

Most independents are looking for more than someone on the left with a running mate who is even further to the left. → Read More

Masking up is our only answer for now

COVID-19 may someday be called The Red Death if blue states toughen up on masking while red states pretend it’s unnecessary. → Read More

Ask Larry: Can I Take Social Security Spousal Benefits At FRA And Retirement Benefits At 70?

Today's column addresses questions about filing for spousal benefits only while delaying retirement benefits, survivor benefits from a public pension, declining divorced widow's benefits, self-employment and Social Security earnings records and collecting when eligible for more than one benefit. → Read More

Five Financial Secrets To Surviving The Greatest Depression

In the last three months, 33.5 million Americans have lost their jobs and the unemployment rate is 15%. We need a coordinated national policy to control Covid-19. The secret is doing precise, living-standard-based lifetime financial planning. → Read More

Drs. Fauci & Birx: Here’s A Way To Contain Covid-19 And Reopen The Economy In As Little As One Month

Drs. Fauci and Birx, you are working tirelessly and heroically to fight Coronavirus. I and hundreds of millions of other Americans thank you for your efforts. If the President drags his feet on this as he's done on most everything, resign and organize the governors to do this. → Read More