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Sophie Aubrey

Brisbane Times

Melbourne, VIC, Australia

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Past articles by Sophie:

How anti-vaxxers are weaponising pregnant women’s fears

Anti-vaccination activists are launching co-ordinated social media attacks to plant seeds of doubt that risk leading some mums-to-be and new mothers to refuse a COVID-19 vaccine. → Read More

Nail your technique, go the distance: Your complete guide to running

From technique, injury prevention and diet, your guide to training for 5km and 10km distances. → Read More

The wellness industry is coming for your teeth

Toothpaste is the latest item in the bathroom cabinet to get a high-end, beauty industry makeover. But leading dentists are sounding a clear warning. → Read More

What is ‘cheugy’? Only the latest Gen Z v Millennial tiff

The term is being used to describe people who are still following a trend long after it was cool. But we all have a little bit of cheug in us. → Read More

‘So many are unethical’: Influencers forced to face up to the rules of advertising

Two Instagram posts targeted by the advertising watchdog expose the problem that has pervaded influencer advertising for years, duping many fed-up social media users. → Read More

Behind the loathing of the Duchess of Sussex

Ever since Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, and Prince Harry sat down with Oprah Winfrey, the visceral hatred has been difficult to miss. More specifically, the visceral hatred of Meghan. → Read More

Silk pillowcases claim to improve sleep, skin, hair. But do they work?

Silk pillowcases are now stocked in just about any store that sells bedding and beauty products, often costing close to $100. We examine the claims – plus a nifty trick for ensuring that you're buying real silk. → Read More

What happens to your body and mind when you reduce your drinking

You don't need to quit the booze altogether to reap some of the same health benefits. Here's what you can expect to happen when you cut down. → Read More

Why does back cracking feel so good? The 'pop' explained

And no, the cracking has nothing to do with joints being put back into place. Rather, there is a far more simple physiological process at play. → Read More

'Fitspo' is co-opting wellness – but new players are rewriting the rules

With fitness influencers not wanting to be seen as contributing to poor mental wellbeing, many have now morphed into 'healthspo', but experts say this is just as harmful. → Read More

How exercise changes your body after a day, a week, a month

Getting back into an exercise regime is rarely pleasant. But from the moment you start, your body begins complex processes to rebuild its fitness. → Read More

What happens to a woman's body as she gives birth?

Every labour is different – but there are certain, sometimes surprising, experiences a woman can expect when giving birth. What are they? → Read More

'Playing with fire': The curious marriage of QAnon and wellness

A far-right conspiracy movement has found a seemingly unlikely home in a space normally known for its gratitude mantras, downward dogs and green smoothies. → Read More

Mindfulness changed Brad's life, but the movement has been 'hijacked'

The "Gwyneth Paltrow version" of mindfulness is a problem for the real thing, which is increasingly backed by science. → Read More

We trialled seven cloth masks. Here's our verdict

Plus, what are the dos and don'ts of wearing a fabric mask? For starters, stop touching the darn thing. → Read More

What is anaphylaxis – and what should you do if someone has an attack?

Allergies are on the rise and so are potentially fatal anaphylactic attacks. Here's why a shot of adrenalin from you could make the difference between life and ... → Read More

Australian parents are being warned to stop putting their infants in baby walkers.

Are baby walkers safe? SA Health and Kidsafe authorities issue warning about baby walkers and exercise jumpers to Australian parents. → Read More

Tilly noticed a small lump on her ring finger. She had no idea it could have killed her.

In early 2013, Tilly Gorce had just started Year 12 when she first noticed a lump on her left ring finger. It was only little; a small smudge of raised skin. And it didn’t ache. So she pushed it to the back of her mind while she focused on finishing school. The Perth student could not have predicted that almost two years later, her finger would need to be amputated after being diagnosed with a… → Read More

A woman took her 'emotional support squirrel' onto a flight. Things went... pear-shaped.

There are two things America has that Australia desperately needs. 1) Emotional support animals on planes 2) Squirrels Usually, these two things don’t go hand-in-hand. But one woman achieved the extraordinary. Almost. However let’s go back a step before we delve into this dramatic tale. In case you weren’t aware, in the US, emotional support animals (also known as ‘comfort animals’) are… → Read More

Osher Gunsberg was called by the wrong name on radio. His response was bloody brilliant.

Excuse us, it has just come to our attention that as the country got lost in the frenzy of The Bachelor finale last week, we missed a terribly unimportant but highly entertaining radio moment. But don’t worry. We’re here to rectify that. As the reality TV show was reaching its astonishing ending, The Bachelor presenter Osher Gunsberg appeared on Sydney radio channel The Edge 96.1FM to chat to… → Read More