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Chicago, IL, United States

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Past articles by Caitlin:

Suzanne Geary’s webcomic Brainchild is monstrously compelling

Sharp humor and dynamic art are the stars in a webcomic involving stunning monsters and conspiracy-theory thrills → Read More

Squire is a fantastical feast for the eyes with bold historical roots

Yes, the book is an epic of girls with swords, but it’s also about how identity is shaped by stories—and who gets to tell them → Read More

Step By Bloody Step makes art the star of a new fantasy epic

The team behind Coda and John Constantine: Hellblazer returns with a stunning story of adventure and fear → Read More

Wonder Woman Black & Gold closes with strong stories and even stronger art

One misplaced contribution can’t derail incredible entries from the artists of Far Sector and DC’s Bombshells → Read More

Graveneye’s stunning atmospheric horror offers a perfect close to spooky season

Sloane Leong, creator of A Map To The Sun, builds on a powerful legacy of queerness and women in horror → Read More

Grass Of Parnassus is a must-read work from one of comics' best teams

The space comedy from Kathryn and Stuart Immonen is another beautiful work by the authors of Russian Olive To Red King → Read More

Red Lines’ clumsy attempt to decry cartoon censorship ends up defending bigotry

Lack of historical context, unexplained exclusions, and blind belief in cartoonists result in Red Lines’ abject failure → Read More

I Am Not Starfire gives a beloved character new life via her daughter

Familiar tropes are approached with fresh eyes in this fun YA read about the offspring of the Teen Titans hero → Read More

Graphic novel Bubble is an ideal summer read

Full of humor and monster-hunting action, the adaptation of the hit podcast makes for a wonderful book → Read More

Not even teen Constantine can save The Mystery Of The Meanest Teacher from itself

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl team fumbles important moments in a rare miss from the DC middle grade line → Read More

Home Sick Pilots combines gothic horror, punk, and teens for an incredible ride

Home Sick Pilots adds comedic beats from the likes of The Goonies or early seasons of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, pitting a group of mid-’90s teen punks against a haunted house and shaking the whole thing up until the pressure is set to pop. → Read More

Ultramega is too busy sidelining its female characters to deliver on kaiju promises

Calling James Harren's Ultramega a kaiju story feels like a fundamental misunderstanding of the genre and its roots. → Read More

Tell No Tales gives the audience what Pirates Of The Caribbean should have

Tell No Tales gives audiences a kid-friendly, queer, feminist pirate story devoted to providing historically oppressed characters with agency and depth. Sam Maggs and Kendra Wells have created a vision of pirates both as they were and as they could have been. → Read More

Hellblazer #12 is a master class in high-stakes storytelling

The conclusion of Hellblazer features stunningly adventurous art and a magnificently crafted story—both of which rely on the other to be fully complete. → Read More

The Department Of Truth is a timely story about the power of belief on reality

Image Comics' The Department Of Truth This isn’t the right book for people looking for escapist adventure or a brighter worldview. It’s a better fit for fans of true-crime podcasts and explorations of big questions like Who We Are and How We Got Here. → Read More

Solutions And Other Problems offers a sympathetic, funny follow up to Hyperbole And A Half

Solutions and Other Problems is a follow up to Allie Brosh’s earlier work, but it is also a departure; in 2020, the whole world is different, and this new volume respects and embraces that change. → Read More

The Impending Blindness of Billie Scott tells a poignant story of youth, art, and purpose

Zoe Thorogood's Impending Blindness Of Billie Scott is a poignant look at art, friendship, and finding your purpose. → Read More

The Harrowing of Hell is the rare Christian-themed comic deserving of universal attention

Christian comics have been mostly met with a lot of mockery. But Evan Dahm’s The Harrowing of Hell offers something new. → Read More

A poorly conceived Catwoman offers a disappointingly backwards story

Catwoman #23 thinks it's far more clever than it is, with writer Blake Northcott aiming for satire and hitting clumsy parody instead. → Read More

Banned Book Club gives deeply personal context to government censorship and violence

It’s hard to imagine a world where Banned Book Club could be more relevant than it is right now. → Read More