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Past articles by Charlie:

Could You Sink a U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier with a Russian Anti-Tank Missile?

Aircraft carriers face a litany of threats in the modern age, but the U.S. Navy has spent the last half-century thinking of ways to defeat threats to them. Kornets mounted on dhows is the least of a carrier’s worries. → Read More

Stealth Showdown: Could the F-35 Start a Deadly Arms Race in Asia?

Singapore announced that it planned to buy a limited number of F-35 fighters for evaluation purposes. What happens next? The author would like to thank Timothy Soh of Defense Politics Asia for assistance. → Read More

Russia's Old Flanker Fighters vs. New Su-35s: Who Wins?

The Su-35 gets all the headlines. Is it worth the extra $$$? → Read More

Why France's Own 'Tomahawk' Missile Is In Serious Trouble

A bad performance in Syria was just the start. → Read More

Russia's Tanks Might Have One Serious Flaw

One of the U.S. military’s biggest advantages is the navigation system used by its mechanized forces. Generically, this capability is known as “blue force tracking.” Moscow has, shall we say, a different approach. → Read More

F-35 Could Become a 'Navy' Killer (Courtesy of Norway)

The NSM is being considered for the Over-the-Horizon Weapon System (OTH-WS) competition, to replace the aging Harpoon—which is being phased out. It’s uncertain whether NSM will be mounted on a deck mount like Harpoon, or packed inside a vertical launching system. Current visualizations of the NSM on U.S. Navy ships show deck mounts. (This first appeared several months ago.) In the mid 2000s, the… → Read More

This Is the War That Made China's Military What It Is Today

Overall, while the Sino-Vietnamese border wars might have seemed insignificant, they proved to be an effective testing ground for the PLA’s reforms. → Read More

One Thing That Makes the M1 Abrams Tank and Russia's Armata T-14 Very Different

If one looks at the most popular tank designs in the world, then two clear design philosophies emerge. → Read More

Russia's Top Guns: How Dangerous are the Su-27SM and Su-30SM Fighters?

Let's find out. → Read More

Air War: China's J-15 Fighter vs. Russia's Su-33 (Which Is Better?)

We take a look. → Read More

China's Answer to the F-16 and MiG-29: Why the World Still Fears the J-10 Fighter

Aging like fine wine? → Read More

SOLVED: Why Russia's Aircraft Carrier Pumps Out So Much Black Smoke

Is it a problem? → Read More

Is America's M1 Abrams Tank Obsolete?

While the M1 Abrams was outgunned when it first entered production, since the M1A1 entered service in 1985 it has become one of the most lethal tanks in the world with its 120mm gun. Has it kept up? → Read More

NATO Shouldn't Forget About Russia's T-80 Tank

Moscow certainly hasn't. → Read More

M230: Could This Gun Be the U.S. Military's Ultimate Weapon?

As the military considers ways to enhance the firepower of ground vehicles, the M230 is attracting attention again as a lightweight solution to add heavy firepower to a ground vehicle. But can it be easily adapted to the ground role? → Read More

Missiles vs. 'Guns': What Is the Best Way to Kill an Enemy in the Air?

We explain all the options. → Read More

This Is How to Kill a Tank

The Carl Gustav and the AT4 are some of the most popular anti-tank systems in the world. → Read More

This Is How to Kill a Tank

The Carl Gustav and the AT4 are some of the most popular anti-tank systems in the world. → Read More

Why Russia's Only Aircraft Carrier Pumps Out So Much Black Smoke

Its all about the fuel. → Read More

This Jet Proves Why No Nation Would Want to Fight Sweeden in the Sky

The J37 Viggen was a true cold warrior—and unmatched for years during the Cold War. → Read More