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Joan Morris

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Walnut Creek, CA, United States

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Recent articles by Joan:

Are birds spreading the word about a Union City feeding station?

Birds have their standards when it comes to food and dispensers, and they aren’t shy about spreading the news. But do they actually take notes and share their experiences on bird equivalent Y… → Read More

Hungry hawks making Orinda chicken owner nervous

Chickens might enjoy stretching their wings and practicing their strutting in the backyard, but they can become easy targets for hungry hawks. → Read More

Bay Area gardening: What went wrong with my tomatoes?

Do your tomatoes have black, mushy ends? Maybe your plants are showing signs of disease. Tomatoes are a favorite in any vegetable garden, but they can sometimes break your heart. Here are tips to h… → Read More

Skunk is an unwelcome frequent visitor to Union City backyard

Discouraging skunks from entering yards can be challenging, but not impossible. Plus, scruffy looking California scrub-jays has Orinda bird lover worried. → Read More

Predicted pandemic pet crisis seems to have sidestepped Bay Area

Rescue groups feared an influx of pets, adopted during the pandemic, would be returned when restrictions eased, but most are reporting lower than average pet returns as people work to hold onto the… → Read More

Is a fox family trapped under a Livermore house?

Neighbor is concerned that efforts to screen out one fox might have caused others to be imprisoned beneath a home. → Read More

Palo Alto cat has an obsession with licking her owner

Is the cat trying to tell her owner something, or does she just like the taste? Licking and grooming are natural cat behaviors, but it also could be a sign of stress. → Read More

You’re not seeing things — that’s a real white peahen wandering around San Jose

The bird, most likely an escaped pet, is delighting residents with its beauty. Plus, is it wrong to feed hummingbirds? And what to do about the bees and wasps hogging the feeders. → Read More

Skunks, raccoons and foxes using San Jose yard as thoroughfare

For three decades, the animals have squirmed beneath a fence as they travel through the neighborhood. → Read More

Skunks, raccoons and foxes using San Jose yard as thoroughfare

For three decades, the animals have squirmed beneath a fence as they travel through the neighborhood. → Read More

Has San Jose cowbird turned into a peeping Tom?

The bird appears fascinated by the comings and goings of residents. Plus, do hummingbirds remember the people who feed them? → Read More

Bay Area Gardening Q&A: Pomegranate won’t produce fruit

Plus, the importance of rotating your crops, even in a small garden space. → Read More

Creepy, scary-looking spider found in Walnut Creek mailbox

The spider has what looks like a skull or death head on its abdomen, but is it really a menace? Plus, more information on hummingbirds and how to attract them. → Read More

Saving the donkeys — a sanctuary takes root in Mendocino County

Donkeys throughout the world are being slaughtered to support a cosmetics and Chinese medicine industry. A new adoption center is finding new homes for those rescued. → Read More

Why are mama hummingbird, two fledglings hanging around Fremont yard?

Young hummers can stay close to their mothers for a short while after leaving the nest, but then they're gone. Plus, if hummers aren't visiting feeders, should it be taken down? → Read More

What happens to 3 stray San Jose cats when the caretaker moves?

For the past six years, the cats have lived in the backyard and been fed by the homeowner. Should she try to turn them into indoor cats when she moves or leave them for someone else to care for? Plus, recipe given for anti-rodent hot pepper spray. → Read More

Squirrels are ravaging Livermore backyard fruit trees

Ways to stop the little bandits from making off with all the apricots and oranges. Plus, prepare in advance for the 4th of July fireworks that terrify our pets. → Read More

Did mask keep Alameda cat from recognizing friendly neighbor?

Cats don’t rely on faces to identify their human friends or foes. Plus, what’s happened to OR-93, the wolf that found his way deep into California from Oregon? → Read More

Hubert the hummingbird is a serial feeder bully in Hayward

The bird, recognizable by a bump on his beak, has been visiting — and guarding — a feeder for three seasons. Plus, witnessing a battle of territory between two red-tailed hawks. → Read More

Kitten rescued from lofty and dangerous perch near SFO

Gwyneth, a kitten, was stranded high atop a concrete ledge over a busy freeway intersection in San Bruno near the airport. → Read More