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Joan Morris

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Walnut Creek, CA, United States

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Recent articles by Joan:

Have Santa Clarita mourning doves abandoned their nest?

The birds raised a brood and had laid a new egg, but then they disappeared. Plus, a simple way to keep birds safe from your cat. → Read More

Prickly lemon tree provides emergency shelter for Concord birds

When birds sense danger from above, they quickly head for cover. Plus, that nice fluffy stuff inside a hummingbird’s nest, and scaring away the pigeons. → Read More

Carondelet High School’s tiny home ready for migrant worker family

An all-girl team spent the school year designing and building the house, which has been donated to a group that helps migrant workers. → Read More

Fickle finches are snubbing a Danville sock feeder

Bird lovers replaced a worn out finch feeder and now the birds have disappeared. Plus, using YouTube to scare off crows, and it’s squirrel vs. Slinky. → Read More

Raven is monopolizing two birdbaths in Oakland

The bird uses both baths to soak its food, which is driving away other birds. Plus, what caused a nest to fall from its secure spot and dump four eggs onto the concrete. → Read More

Saving a Cupertino garden from a rabbit invasion

Tips on protecting your garden and landscape from ravenous rabbits. Plus, using mothballs in your yard is a bad idea. → Read More

Tips on turning a Palo Cedro stray cat into a house cat

It takes time and patience, but chances are good for an eventual transformation. The key is to make your indoor space just as interesting as the outdoor one by providing lots of interesting things to do and places to play. → Read More

How to evict a family of skunks from under a Los Gatos porch

Baby skunks are as cute as can be, but they still aren’t welcome renters. Plus, what hummingbird is visiting a Benicia feeder? → Read More

Are crows launching a bird world takeover in Watsonville?

If it appears there are more crows in Bay Area skies than there used to be, there are. The crow population seems to increase every year thanks to all the food and shelter we supply them. → Read More

Tale of two San Jose cats — one loves water, the other doesn’t

Most cats are suspicious and wary of water, but there are some that willingly make a splash. What kind of cat do you have? Plus, letter writer opposes ‘wild cow milking’ contest at rode… → Read More

Saratoga bird’s constant tapping is becoming annoying

Dark-eyed junco appears to be following occupant around the house, pecking at windows, but his motive is less threatening. Plus, Palo Alto Humane Society’s annual kindness essay contest kicks… → Read More

Bay Area Gardens: World Naked Gardening Day, garden questions

Safety tips for World Naked Gardening Day — watch out for those roses! — plus answers to those pressing gardening questions. → Read More

Sports Quiz: Bay Area baseball trivia rounds all the bases

There’s baseball, and then there’s Bay Area ball. How much do you know about the quirky history of the teams and the men who played the game? → Read More

What bird flu means for California backyard bird feeders

The disease has been reported in more than a dozen states, mostly among commercial flocks, but has not reached California. Plus, health problems from neighbor's dogs and how to keep swallows from building nests where you don't want them. → Read More

No more Mr. New Guy — UC Berkeley falcon gets a name

Peregrine falcon’s new name reflects history and a connection to real people. The falcon who took Grinnell’s place as Annie’s mate has an official name, Alden. → Read More

Baseball gulls: It’s about the food, obviously, but the 8th inning onslaught is a mystery

Like angels in the outfield, gulls seem to magically appear toward the end of baseball games. Is it the sights, the sounds, the smell of food that attracts them? Only the gulls know for sure. → Read More

How to tell if gophers or moles are digging up a Morgan Hill yard

Both animals leave clues to their identity, from unsightly tunnels to missing plants. → Read More

How to tell if gophers or moles are digging up a Morgan Hill yard

Both animals leave clues to their identity, from unsightly tunnels to missing plants. Most people can live with a mole in their yard, despite their many tunnels, but gophers are plant eaters and ca… → Read More

Crow’s intrusion on a San Jose birdbath disgusts owner

Woman was distraught to find what the crow left behind -- the body of a recently hatched bird. Nature isn't always easy to witness. Plus, reader worried chairs bought at a yard sale might have fleas. → Read More

Oakland Zoo’s Heron Rescue Team on the lookout for fallen birds

The team patrols the streets of Oakland looking for black-crowned night-herons and snowy egrets that have fallen from their urban nests. Dozens fall or are pushed out nests every season, crashing t… → Read More