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Recent articles by Letters:

Mass shooting in Buffalo: Letters

The shooting in Buffalo is a racially motivated crime, an example of violent extremism. The shooter called his victims “replacers.” He believed in the Great Replacement Theory, the perceptio… → Read More

Should President Joe Biden visit Ukraine?: Letters

Unequivocally yes The president’s presence will demonstrate his confidence as commander-in-chief of the free world’s most competent armed forces and build esprit de corps of our force… → Read More

Should President Joe Biden visit Ukraine?: Letters

Biden should not go to Ukraine during wartime While the situation in the Ukraine is heart-rending, President Joe Biden should not go there. Such a visit could infuriate Preside… → Read More

The Anthony Avalos settlement from county: Letters

Re “County to pay $32M in boys death” (May 12): The immediate perpetrators of the torture and murder of Anthony Avalos are prime examples of why the death penalty should be applied in select… → Read More

California’s electricity shortage warning: Letters

Re “California prepares for energy shortfalls” (May 8): It’s good to know California’s leaders are warning the public that the state doesn’t produce enough reliable electricity, and so at so… → Read More

Who do you like for California governor?: Letters

California doesn’t need a Republican or Democrat to lead the state this time Newsom had his opportunity, more so after his recall. His track record shows letting prisoners out to onl… → Read More

‘1984’ redux: Letters

Re “Disinformation and the control of information” (May 1): Sometime in the early 1960s, while in college, I read the novel “1984,” the well-known cautionary tale of a dystopian world where … → Read More

Californians need water and electricity, not a train: Letters

Our state officials have long been warned of impending shortages of water and electrical power, but they have done nothing to avert the shortages. Rather than spending our taxes on projects … → Read More

Is Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s age a plus, or a minus?: Letters

Let Sen. Feinstein serve out her term in office I voted against Dianne Feinstein when she sought reelection to another six-year term in 2018. I thought at 84 it was time for her to retire af… → Read More

FEMA and pandemic funeral expenses: Letters

Re “Once dead, twice billed: GAO questions COVID-19 funeral” (April 28): No surprise at a finding of fraud of $4.8 million in government. Surprised that it is reported from “COVID-19 Funeral… → Read More

Gov. DeSantis isn’t grandstanding: Letters

In his Sunday (April 24) column, Steven Greenhut cynically assumes that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was virtue-signaling when he signed the contentious HB-1557 bill that targeted Disney World’… → Read More

Poseidon’s water and Huntington Beach: Letters

Re “Coastal Commission staff urges no vote on desalination plant” (April 26): I am just devastated to hear that the California Coastal Commission is about to cancel this project. The most co… → Read More

Ukraine: Letters – San Gabriel Valley Tribune

Re “War’s atrocities hit home in Ukraine, elsewhere.” (April 24): What a powerful story to start Sunday morning. The picture of the four men transporting an injured woman on a makeshift gurn… → Read More

Free speech and Disney Florida: Letters

Re “Disney not special with Florida” (April 22): Free speech has long been an American right, and lately it has been especially championed by Republicans. Yet when representatives of Disney … → Read More

Criminal-justice reform has failed Californians: Letters

Re “Crime data is more complex than rhetoric” (April 12): No doubt some elements of justice reform have merit, but the editorial board’s persistent defense of so much failed progressive refo… → Read More

Disney culture: Letters

Re “Disney stumbles into the culture wars” (April 17): I’ll start by stating I worked for Disney Studios nearly 15 years, Disney for 30 years and have a teaching degree from CSF. Disney move… → Read More

Are you for requiring a four day workweek?: Letters

Yes, this is the way to go, as some in Europe do I believe they already have it in some countries in Europe. What they could also do to help the traffic problem is to have some companies tak… → Read More

The clever woke: Letters

The clever woke Re “Wokeness poisons everything” (April 10: I share Sal Rodriguez’s assessment of wokeness, but I disagree that “wokeism is stupid.” In terms of ultimate ends, the woke have been v… → Read More

Golf courses for housing: Letters

Re “City-owned golf courses need to go” (April 10): I take issue with getting rid of them and possibly throwing on housing. Especially with the bogus idea of a percentage being for low incom… → Read More

Is gun control right for spate of violence?: Letters

Gun laws will not make changes in society Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg framed it best when he stated, “In what sane society do we allow the proliferation of assault weapons?” I … → Read More