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Recent articles by Letters:

Reps. Schiff and Porter: Letters

Re: “Adam Schiff for Senate? Nope.” The only thing missing in Sal Rodriguez’s column headline is an exclamation point after “Nope.” The “awfulness of Schiff” would be multiplied by Porter w… → Read More

What can Congress get done this year?: Letters

Compromise is key The opportunity is great for legislation on some of the most persistent problems. True, the temptation exists to do nothing but obstruct and raise funds, but this is a chan… → Read More

Our gas bills and green energy and the truth: Letters

Re “Here’s why your gas bills are so much higher now” (Jan. 22): My God. Is there an editor in the house? Reporter Teri Sforza goes on a rant accusing capitalism, the advocates of capitalism… → Read More

Public employee unions: Letters

Re “The tyranny of government unions” (Jan. 22): Members of public employee unions have too much power. They have several times more power than a member of a capitalist union, and therefore … → Read More

Are Biden, Trump secret papers equal?: Letters

They are similar President Biden and many members of his administration hate Trump and everything that Trump accomplished during his administration. They saw the dispute over classified docu… → Read More

Are Biden, Trump secret papers equal?: Letters

Yes, they are equal Most assuredly their secret papers are equal, irrespective of their president/former president statuses. As president, reams of classified material pass through th… → Read More

Teri Sforza’s anti-capitalist rant: Letter to the Editor – San Gabriel Valley Tribune

I couldn’t care less what her opinion is in a news story. → Read More

Speaker fight: good or bad for America?: Letters

Neither good nor bad by itself, this House process Having to vote 15 times to confirm a speaker is neither good or bad by itself, but having to fight and battle for victory is always … → Read More

Biden’s classified papers: Letters

While I don’t care for President Biden, who took the greatest economy in the world that Trump’s policies created and drove it into a ditch, I’ll give him a pass on the reportedly classified … → Read More

Clemency probe confirms Kevin Cooper’s guilt, again: Letters to the Editor – San Gabriel Valley Tribune

Kevin Cooper merits the death penalty … he earned it. → Read More

Water storage a must for California in these storms: Letters

Re “Flooding shows the need for storage” (Jan. 4): I agree with your editorial. California still hasn’t built a new reservoir that was approved in 1979. It took 22 years of arguments to fina… → Read More

What resolutions do you have for 2023?: Letters

My resolution for all Take care of yourself mentally, physically and financially. Help others if you can. Do no harm. — Leonard C. Duncan, Harbor City To keep a personal journa… → Read More

EV charging stations: Letters

Re “Public electric vehicle chargers coming to a highway near you” (Jan. 1): 90,000 electric charging stations will be constructed throughout the state at a cost of billions to make life eas… → Read More

How will economy go in the new year?: Letters

From what I’ve seen, that’s a hard one to answer Hard to tell about the state of our economy as Orange County is entirely in a different ball game. I sure see no signs of recession he… → Read More

School vouchers are needed: Letters

Re “Quality Education must be a Civil Right” (Dec. 25): Of course we must provide quality education for all of our children. But this proposed proposition doesn’t suggest any means to that e… → Read More

Congress is not looking after your interests: Letters

Re “Congress must get national debt under control” (Dec. 25): As usual, at the end of the year, our allegedly elected representatives are bragging about all the ways they are looking after o… → Read More

Expanding voting access: Letters

Re “Now, Democrats plan to go on the offense to expand access” (Dec. 26): At least you put it on Page 9 this time. Once again, The New York Times is carrying water for the Dems pretending t… → Read More

Ending homelessness price tag: Letters

Re “Cost to end homelessness: $8.1 billion a year” (Dec. 20): The article states “the legislators who set state homeless policy don’t have a clear understanding of where that money is going … → Read More

Section 8 vs reality: Letters

The writer of an op-ed you published laments that lawmakers continue not to prioritize the nearly 50-year-old Section 8 program. Former Register publisher Mr. Hoiles must be spinning in his … → Read More

All tariffs should not be eliminated worldwide: Letters

Re “White House continues bad Trump tariffs” (Dec. 16): While it is true business schools teach goods should be produced where it is most efficient, this theory falters in practice. Let’s no… → Read More