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Recent articles by Alex:

Are Scientists Attempting to 'Reincarnate' the Woolly Mammoth By 2027?

They claim the genetically created creature will "walk like a Woolly Mammoth, look like one, sound like one," and "inhabit the same ecosystem." → Read More

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The band had recently changed its social media logo to include a rainbow. → Read More

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Did Boebert Say Mass Shootings Are 'Small Price To Pay' for 2nd Amendment?

This is not the first time "Captain Obvious" has been fact-checked. → Read More

Is GOP Freedom Caucus Pushing for a 30% Sales Tax in US?

The tax is part of a plan to "eliminate the need for the Internal Revenue Service." → Read More

Was Nearly 25% of the US National Debt Incurred During Trump Administration?

Coronavirus relief added significantly to the national debt. → Read More

Does a Sony Patent Propose Viewers Skip Commercials by Yelling Brand Names at TV?

"System for converting television commercials into interactive networked video games" doesn't quite capture the strangeness of the invention. → Read More

Did Hakeem Jeffries Describe a US Select Committee as a 'Committee On Insurrection Protection'?

At issue is the U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan-chaired "Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government." → Read More

Is Joe Biden Using Taxpayer Money To Build a Wall Around His Beach House?

He wouldn't be the first. → Read More

Why Do Milk Jugs Have Circle Indentations?

"Popping" has nothing to do with it. → Read More

A Viral Tweet on COVID-19 and Vaccination in Africa Misinforms

Claims about COVID-19 death and vaccination rates in Africa were out of date and ignored significant problems with data collection. → Read More

Is This a Real Pic of Kevin McCarthy Losing a Vote for Speaker of the House?

The 2023 election of the U.S. Speaker of the House has been historically indecisive. → Read More

Has a Century Passed Since It Took More Than One Vote to Elect a Speaker of the House?

U.S. Rep. Kevin McCarthy's multiple attempts to secure the House's top leadership position in early January 2023 was historic. → Read More

Does FIFA Plan on Keeping Pele's Feet in Its Museum?

The legendary footballer's death brought both remembrances and rumors. → Read More

Is This A Real Marlboro Cigarette Ad Featuring A Baby?

Claim: An authentic Marlboro cigarette ad from the 1950s used the image of a baby to market cigarettes to women. Several compilations of problematic tobacco ads feature a series of advertisements that use the imagery of a baby to market cigarettes to women: These are authentic ads that appeared in the Saturday Evening Post (and perhaps other outlets) in the 1950s. An anti-marijuana letter to the… → Read More

Did a 1919 Comic Predict Cell Phones?

"We shall certainly be 'rung up' at the most awkward moments in our daily lives!" a caption reads. → Read More

Does Elon Musk Have an Undergraduate Degree in Physics?

The truthfulness of Musk's claim that he received a bachelor's degree in physics from the University of Pennsylvania has been challenged by critics. → Read More

Did CDC Confirm That Thousands 'Died Suddenly' as a Result of COVID Vaccines?

An anti-vaccine article is a case study in specious arguments. → Read More

Do Airplane Toilets Dump Waste While in Flight?

And are we really talking about a constant rain of atmospheric feces? → Read More

Is Trump Selling Digital Trading Cards Featuring Himself in Superhero Garb?

"Very much like a baseball card, but hopefully much more exciting." → Read More