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Past articles by Alison:

Six Founders Share The Startup Mistakes That Made Them Better Entrepreneurs

Making a mistake, for some people, can feel like a failure. In reality, mistakes are an opportunity to improve your chances of success, especially in business. As these startup founders have discovered, learning from your mistakes can make you better at running a business. → Read More

Are Four-Day Workweeks The Future For Startups?

More and more companies are moving to a four-day workweek. The model won’t work for every business and may only be viable for companies able to adapt to a new way of working. That could be why a growing number of agile, flexible startups see the four-day week as the future. → Read More

Four-Day Workweeks May Be The Future For Startups, One Pilot Program Suggests

More and more companies are moving to a four-day workweek. The model won’t work for every business and may only be viable for companies able to adapt to a new way of working. That could be why a growing number of agile, flexible startups see the four-day week as the future. → Read More

Five Ways To Make Your Startup Stand Out From The Competition

Making your business stand out in a crowded marketplace is key to its success. The basics are high-quality products and services, a smart pricing strategy, and effective marketing. The most successful entrepreneurs have a few extra tricks that separate their business from the rest of the pack. → Read More

The Cable Entrepreneur Driving Change For The World’s Critical Infrastructure

The cable sector is critical to connecting control systems, power systems, equipment and infrastructure, virtually every aspect of modern life as we know it. It’s also a sector badly in need of innovation and an area where Canadian entrepreneur Jean-Sébastien Pelland has made his mark. → Read More

How This Engineer Is Bringing Biodiversity Back Into Our Cities

Nature is disappearing at an alarming rate, with the built environment acknowledged as a major contributor to the decline of biodiversity. Engineer-turned-entrepreneur Alistair Law has devised a solution for returning nature and biodiversity to some of our largest cities. → Read More

Meet The Property Entrepreneurs Solving The Dilemma Of Derelict Homes

An estimated 600,000 properties currently stand empty or derelict in the U.K., adding to the nation's ongoing housing crisis. Entrepreneurs Nick Kalms and Ben Radstone devised a clever way of not only tackling the issue but also getting the public involved. → Read More

How A Passion For Products Created A Filthy Success Story

From its humble beginnings, with products being sold from the trunk of a car, one bar at a time, Filthy is now served by top bars, restaurants and hotels all over the world. → Read More

How This Entrepreneur Is Turning Coworking Space Into A Community

Coworking is not a new concept, but having been dominated by major players like WeWork and Regus, the shared workspace sector is being reshaped by more flexible, service-oriented operators creating a workplace that appeals to the current generation of nomadic entrepreneurs. → Read More

Staying Focused: Six Entrepreneurs Share Their Secrets

Entrepreneurs are familiar with that ‘always on’ way of working that pulls them in all directions yet leaves some of the most crucial business tasks untouched. Here six entrepreneurs share their tips for staying focused in business. → Read More

Why These Four Startup Founders Launched A Podcast

The popularity of podcasts has soared in recent years, with a growing number of startup founders incorporating them into their marketing strategy as a way of connecting with their audience, personalizing their brand, and growing their business. → Read More

How to survive and prosper during a recession

Fears about the return of stagflation to the UK are prompting firms to consider cutbacks. Yet growth is still possible for those bold enough to invest, rather than retrench, during a downturn → Read More

How Three Entrepreneurs Are Transforming Customer Service In The Cybersecurity Sector

It started with a Tweet claiming that most players in the cybersecurity industry were providing customer service equivalent to that of taxi drivers. When David Merkel spotted it, he couldn’t stop thinking about it, and the idea for a business quickly took shape. → Read More

Seven Powerful Quotes That Inspired These Startup Founders

When the going gets tough, people often turn to a motivational quote for inspiration, which is especially true of entrepreneurs. Words of wisdom from successful leaders in business, politics or sport, can be compelling; the assumption is that people in those positions must be exceptional. → Read More

How a forthcoming UK law might boost hybrid working

Some firms are steadfastly resisting employees’ demands for flexibility. Proposed legislation may oblige them to reconsider, but market forces could compel them to do so even before that’s enacted → Read More

How To Run A Successful Pre-Order Sales Strategy

Taking orders from customers for products before they become available for public purchase is a clever tactic used to drum up interest and create a buzz in the build-up to a new product launch. Customers love pre-orders because it means they can get their hands on a product before anyone else. → Read More

The Online Audio Entrepreneur Helping Brands To Leverage Their Broadcasting Power

As a teenager, James Mulvany had plans for a career in radio. He was also a self-confessed computer nerd, and when he was bitten by the online broadcasting bug, his plans took a dramatic turn, and today the Manchester-based serial entrepreneur is blazing a trail in the online audio space. → Read More

Self-set salaries: should employees choose their own pay?

Self-setting salaries could be a valuable strategy to attract talent. But is it a good idea or an administrative nightmare? → Read More

The Young Venture Capital Partner Blazing A Trail For Women In VC

While women are underrepresented in leadership roles in venture capital firms, there are signs that progress is being made. Last December, at the age of just 29, Annalise Dragic was made a Partner at Sapphire Ventures, making her possibly the youngest female VC Partner in Europe. → Read More

Is Flying Set To Become An Everyday Mode Of City Transport?

The number of air vehicles in urban environments is set to grow dramatically. For Corvin Huber, CEO and cofounder of Skyroads AG, the challenge of building digital roads in the sky to facilitate urban air mobility is one he’s been waiting for. → Read More