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Recent articles by Steve:

Steve Hilton: Trump-haters hype up a recession while the real economy is booming

The biggest threat to our economy comes from the loony left economic policies of the Democrats, which would scare off investment and bring back stagnation. → Read More

Steve Hilton: Keep 'purging,' Mr. President

Steve Hilton: Trump's latest shakeup in his administration is not chaos, but progress → Read More

Steve Hilton: The real consequence of the Russia lie

Steve Hilton: America may never recover from the Russia collusion lie. → Read More

Steve Hilton: Why Beto O'Rourke is a real danger to America and must not be allowed near the White House

Steve Hilton: Beto is not a serious presidential candidate. → Read More

Steve Hilton: Democrats want to protect the Swamp, not drain it. They don't want to change anything

Steve Hilton: Democrats love the status quo, don't be fooled. → Read More

Dems and their media allies are only focused on scandal, obstruction – They are the definition of decadence

Democrats took the House last year promising action on real issues.That's all gone. → Read More

Steve Hilton: Republicans must not sit back and wait for the loony left to self-destruct

Steve Hilton: Why the loony left is dangerous for Republicans. → Read More

Steve Hilton: Never Trumpers just hate that Trump is actually succeeding where they failed

A New York Times op-ed by Jonathan Rauch and Peter Wehner caught my eye last week because it perfectly captured the prejudice and hate of the Never Trump Republicans... → Read More

Steve Hilton: Original intent of Brexit

Yesterday’s historic rejection of Theresa May’s Brexit agreement, the worst parliamentary defeat for a UK government in a century, is just the latest humiliation for a feckless British ruling class that appears to have suffered some kind of collective nervous breakdown since the country voted to leave the EU in June 2016. → Read More

Steve Hilton: Mr. Trump, Elizabeth Warren, Democrats want to steal your winning message

To stop the Democrats from turning populism into their winning message in 2020, President Trump needs to reclaim the mantle - and he's got a perfect opportunity in just a couple of weeks' time. → Read More

Steve Hilton: Mattis, Kelly marched to the establishment beat. Trump was right to fire them

Gens. Mattis and Kelly may have been heroes in combat - I don't know, I'm not a military man and can't judge. But I do know something about civilian government, and the way they behaved was not just disgraceful, but frightening. → Read More

Steve Hilton: Hey, Trump haters (on both sides) could you just admit that this is a successful presidency?

Can Trump haters on the left and the right just focus on the facts? → Read More

Steve Hilton: Here's the real takeaway from the chaos in France

What's going on in France is part of a worldwide populist uprising. But there's something else going on, too -- the elitist fightback. → Read More

Steve Hilton: Trump is fighting the elitist enemy within his own White House

Over the Thanksgiving break, I read Bob Woodward’s “Fear: Trump in the White House.” Far from describing an unfit and clueless idiot in the Oval Office, the Woodward book portrays a clear-eyed and resolute president fighting exactly the elitist enemy he was elected to fight. → Read More

Steve Hilton: Trump is right, French President Macron completely wrong about nationalism

As President Trump attended the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the end of the first World War, his host, French President Macron launched an extraordinarily direct political attack. → Read More

Steve Hilton: Trump and his supporters are being blamed for a climate of rage and hate – but here’s the truth

Predictably, the establishment is blaming President Trump and his supporters for a climate of rage and hate. But let's be honest, a lot of Americans have had a lot to be angry about for an awfully long time. → Read More

Steve Hilton: Mr. Trump, you've promised 'severe punishment' over Jamal Khashoggi's death. How about this?

There's a way for President Trump to deliver the 'severe punishment' he's promised for Saudi Arabia without risking our economy or our security. In fact, it could make us all safer… → Read More

Steve Hilton: Trump’s triumphs explain the left’s over-the-top rants over Kanye

Kanye West is being unfairly attacked for supporting Trump because black people are supposed to support Democrats and because the left is in a panic over Trump's success. → Read More

Steve Hilton: After the Kavanaugh confirmation, look for the next Democratic president to ‘Pack the Court’

The Supreme Court has swung away from the judicial activism that Democrats have relied on for decades to deliver key elements of their political agenda, and they’re not going to accept this defeat gracefully. → Read More

Steve Hilton: Kavanaugh hearing shows divisive Democrats must be defeated before they destroy America

This is not about women's rights, “social justice,” the “arc of history” or overturning the “patriarchy.” This is all about overturning the 2016 election. → Read More