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Recent articles by Steve:

Steve Hilton: Coronavirus crisis shows members of the left are the kings and queens of catastrophe

Facts and the science don't matter to the left. They need catastrophe for their twin obsessions - growing the government and hating Trump. → Read More

Steve Hilton: Don't believe the pundits

The superficial cliche trotted out by nearly every pundit about Sanders is completely wrong. Here's why. → Read More

Steve Hilton: The Biden family has been grifting taxpayers for decades

The impeachment of President Trump shouldn't end with just his acquittal. → Read More

Steve Hilton: Why is Trump hounded while Biden's alleged corruption gets a pass? The 'Swamp' knows

As Trump's impeachment comes to an end, let the investigation of Joe Biden begin. → Read More

Steve Hilton: Democrats' case for Trump's impeachment is so thin, it can be rebutted in under 4 minutes

Trump's say they won't need the full 24 hours they've been given to counter Democrats' arguments. Damn right. → Read More

Steve Hilton: The impeachment is a joke and shows the difference between Trump's results and Democrats' stunts

President Trump signing a historic trade deal and Nancy Pelosi yucking it up with her impeachment pens represented one of the most stunning political contrasts of all time. → Read More

Steve Hilton: The GOP establishment is dead, thanks to the Trump Revolution. And that's fantastic news

The Trump Revolution doesn't fit into the GOP establishment's traditional ideological boxes, and that's why our time is wasted with pointless political games like impeachment. → Read More

Steve Hilton: Democrats know Trump impeachment is a bust – But they should pay a price for what they've done

Make Democrats pay for what they've done to this president and this country. Make it hurt by making it last. → Read More

Steve Hilton: Trump faces impeachment because Democrats know he's a success

It's obvious Democrats hate Trump and have been dying to impeach him for years. → Read More

Steve Hilton: How Trump will be remembered in history (and what the 2020 election will be really about)

People who care about substance, about results -- about the real world -- should support Trump. His enemies couldn’t care less about substance. → Read More

Steve Hilton: Trump impeachment inquiry and the truth – 3 important takeaways from Planet Pelosi

What kind of Alice in Wonderland world are we in where actual corruption is not just ignored but defended and investigating corruption is grounds for impeachment? → Read More

Steve Hilton: Trump impeachment inquiry, 'bribery' and the laughable hypocrisy of Democrats' desperate gambit

Democrats' hypocrisy in their Trump impeachment inquiry is desperate and laughable. → Read More

Steve Hilton: Trump impeachment is not about bombshell revelations. It's about telling a highly partisan story

The Trump impeachment inquiry has nothing to do with national security. It's all just an illusion. → Read More

Steve Hilton: The truth about impeachment – Hint: It's really about THIS

Yes, I'd say this impeachment is about abuse of power. It's about the DEMOCRATS' abuse of power. → Read More

Steve Hilton: On Trump impeachment Democrats thought they found their 'smoking gun'

Amb. Bill Taylor was not the smoking gun or anything close. He is a bust. → Read More

Steve Hilton: Democrats' impeachment push on Trump is about undoing a populist revolution, not principle

The idea that career civil servants are high-minded, politically neutral oracles of wisdom is a joke. They think Trump is deplorable. → Read More

Steve Hilton: The real Ukraine scandal is US cash for gas

The real Ukraine scandal involves quid pro quo, foreign meddling and many prominent Democrats in addition to the Bidens → Read More

Steve Hilton: What no one has been reporting about the Trump-Ukraine impeachment saga

The Democrats' obsession with scandal is out of touch and decadent. People want substance, not scandal. → Read More

Steve Hilton: Trump-haters hype up a recession while the real economy is booming

The biggest threat to our economy comes from the loony left economic policies of the Democrats, which would scare off investment and bring back stagnation. → Read More

Steve Hilton: Keep 'purging,' Mr. President

Steve Hilton: Trump's latest shakeup in his administration is not chaos, but progress → Read More