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Past articles by Mamamia:

Whatever, Barbie. This doll gets her period.

People sick of Barbie with her impossibly tiny waist, long legs and awful hairdo, will love 'normal' Lammily. Introducing, the doll that gets her period. → Read More

The video that makes fun of people who were gym gear all day and do absolutely no exercise.

The newly released activewear video shows women in their activewear doing every day things like going to the movies and getting coffees. It is hilarious. → Read More

We present: Photos of the "breast" that a woman just had removed from her back. After 10 years.

Back breast tumour: woman has known about the tumour on the right side of her back for over a decade says it has grown increasingly in the last three years. → Read More

Couple get drunk, record the story of how they met to show at their wedding.

Justin and Jill just got married and created this video to show to their guests on the day. Inspired by the show, it's a couple's drunk history. It rules. → Read More

Tinder has a new feature called the 'super like'.

Everything you need to know about the new tinder Super Like button. Also known as the 'swipe up'. How many do you get per day? What happens? Will they know? → Read More

The secret to Connie Britton's healthy, shiny hair? FEMINISM.

After years of being asked about her luscious locks, Connie Britton's hair secrets have finally been made public. What makes it so damn shiny? Feminism. → Read More

Pope will forgive abortions for one year and one year only.

Pope forgives abortion for one year, starting December 8. Um, thanks? → Read More

CONGRATULATIONS! A shop threw an epic party for their 10,000th shoplifter.

But they didn't arrest her, they threw her a really awkward party. → Read More

A Nine News reporter bitten by bull ant reacts in a hilarious way.

A Nine News Reporter bitten by bull ant on TV reacted in the exact same way we all would: with a lot of expletives and an inability to continue talking. → Read More

It's not an optical illusion. But it's driving the internet nuts.

The Dress. The Cat. We love a good optical illusion. This isn't one, but it's still hard. There is a thief in this photo. Plain as day. Can you spot them? → Read More

One woman's epic take down of the Coles' employee who offered her paper towels.

Simply brilliant: The Coles Facebook viva paper towels comment by a woman who was offered the absorbent paper by a Coles' employee. Her take-down is perfect → Read More

This photo of bad acrylic nails is actually an advertisement.

A Sydney woman posted a photo to the Northern Beaches Buy, Swap and Sell local Facebook page, advertising her newly acquired manicurist skills. Big mistake. → Read More

Golden Gaytime ice cream is here. It's finally here.

For years Golden Gaytime ice cream from a tub has been sought after, but Streets did not deliver. Now, the tub exists and everything is right in the world. → Read More

When recreating family portraits gets awkward. REALLY AWKWARD.

There is a good reason why you shouldn't recreate your family photos. Mostly they involve standing too close to your naked adult siblings. Awkward. → Read More

Gisele Bundchen wore a burqa to enter a plastic surgery clinic. Classy.

Oh, Gisele Bundchen. The Victoria's Secret supermodel has been photographed in a burqa in a poor attempt to disguise herself before getting plastic surgery. → Read More

Genius undies absorb any and all odours so you can FART AT WILL.

Shreddies underwear absorb the smell of your farts, so you can spend your days just walking around farting at god damned will. | Mamamia → Read More

The Internet is losing its s**t over the "mutant daisies".

A Twitter user has snapped a patch of "mutant daisies" in Japan, more than 100 kilometers from the site of the Fukushima nuclear disaster in 2011. → Read More

Can you crack the secret code in this photo?

This poem with a secret code changes dramatically when you figure out its actual meaning. But can you do it? | Mamamia → Read More

WATCH: Couples try to describe each other to sketch artist. Fail miserably.

These couples draw each other from memory using a professional police sketch artist. The outcome of these drawings is hilarious and sometimes disturbing. → Read More

There is a time and a place for selfies. It's never when you're delivering someone's child.

A doctor in Venezuela stopped for a selfie during a woman's labour and posted the doctor selfie on Instagram with an awful caption. And he's not the first. → Read More