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Past articles by Caitlin:

A Guide to Salt, the World’s Most Popular Food

Everything you need to know about the vast and varied world of edible salt, including the differences between all the types of salt you'll see on the market. → Read More

Will we still watch The Handmaid’s Tale?

Is its timeliness reason enough to keep up with the series, especially after the second season capped its unrelenting bleakness with a disappointing finale? → Read More

We’re all Mad Queens after the penultimate episode of Game Of Thrones

“Let it be fear.” Daenerys Targaryen’s transition from benevolent breaker of chains to burner of King’s Landing was abrupt, to put it mildly. In this episode of Winter Is Here, Senior Writer Katie Rife and Managing Editor Caity PenzeyMoog discuss the hasty character moves that will probably work a whole lot better over 500 pages of George R.R. Martin’s books than it does in the course of two… → Read More

Is J.R.R. Tolkien drunkenly shouting in Elvish in that scene from Tolkien? Yes and no

In Tolkien, the new biopic of the early life of fantasy writer J.R.R. Tolkien, the author (Nicholas Hoult) is attending Exeter College in Oxford when he receives a letter from Edith, his childhood sweetheart, announcing she’s engaged to someone else. Distraught, Tolkien gets drunk and winds up stumbling through the quad’s grass, which students aren’t supposed to be on, shouting in a made-up… → Read More

Relationships fracture as the last war begins in Game Of Thrones (experts)

Welcome to the “Experts” reviews of Game Of Thrones here at The A.V. Club, which are written from the perspective of someone who has read George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire. Originally, these reviews were a necessity, creating a space where those who had read the books could freely discuss upcoming story developments from the books, but we are duly aware that this is no longer necessary… → Read More

Winterfell throws an emotional house party as Game Of Thrones prepares for battle

Despite its brief compressed episode run—the final season of Game Of Thrones is only six episodes—the show is taking its time. Season eight’s second episode let us bask in the presence of most of the show’s remaining characters, gathered at Winterfell and passing a long existential night of the soul before taking their stand against the dead. Senior Writer Katie Rife and Managing Editor Caitlin… → Read More

With Doctor Strange, Marvel finally served up some spectacular FX eye candy

As has been noted in previous installments of this feature, the special effects of the Marvel Cinematic Universe were a fly in the ointment for much of the franchise’s early run. Effects work was a mandate to bring the Hulk to life, send Iron Man whizzing through space, and shrink Chris Evans into a pre-Captain America shrimp. But for a franchise ripped from the pages of comic books, Marvel… → Read More

How season 8’s premiere mirrors Game Of Thrones’ very first episode

There were a lot of parallels between season eight’s premiere and the very first episode of Game Of Thrones. Royalty arrives in Winterfell. Someone asks where Arya is. Jaime and Bran meet. The White Walkers arrange body parts into designs. We even get a throwback sexposition scene (sex + exposition, a hallmark of early Game Of Thrones seasons). Managing Editor Caitlin PenzeyMoog and Senior… → Read More

“R + L = J,” the little fan theory that could, gained credence outside the Tower Of Joy

Month Of Thrones We’re counting down to Game Of Thrones’ final season by distilling the fantasy epic to 30 essential moments. This is Month Of Thrones. The moment Bran travels back in time, teasing “R + L = J” The episode “Oathbreaker” (season six, episode three) Bran’s plodding arc with the Three-Eyed Raven finally began to pay dividends in “Oathbreaker.” Learning how to move through time, Bran… → Read More

Cersei’s walk of shame (shame, shame) sealed the fates of many in King’s Landing

Month Of Thrones We’re counting down to Game Of Thrones’ final season by distilling the fantasy epic to 30 essential moments. This is Month Of Thrones. The moment Cersei’s walk of shame, shame, shame The episode “Mother’s Mercy” (season five, episode 10) There have been plenty of distressing moments on Game Of Thrones, but Cersei’s long, harrowing walk from the Sept Of Baelor to the Red Keep is… → Read More

Tyrion catches Tywin with his pants down, and severs family ties forever

Tyrion kills Tywin with a crossbow. → Read More

Game Of Thrones made something out of Jon Snow knowing nothing

Ygritte tells it like it is: “You know nothing, Jon Snow.” → Read More

A Guide to Pepper: The World’s Most Popular Spice

A guide to the different kinds of pepper out there, from the more common black and white peppers to the rarer long pepper, and a few spices that aren't even pepper at all. → Read More

In a single breath, Cersei gave Game Of Thrones its titular line and its stakes

Cersei tells Ned Stark, “When you play the game of thrones you win or you die.” → Read More

From coast to coast: 5 new transportive books to read in March

Every month, a deluge of new books comes flooding out from big publishers, indie houses, and self-publishing platforms. So every month, The A.V. Club narrows down the endless options to five of the books we’re most excited about. → Read More

Why a NY Times recipe for chickpea stew went viral, and how we’d change it

No recipe gets made this many times without modifications from home cooks, and this one has a number worth doing. → Read More

The Good Place, annotated: “The Book Of Dougs”

In addition to being one of the best shows on TV, The Good Place is a dense knot of running jokes, visual humor, references to dense philosophy tomes, and breadcrumbs for later episodes. In order to help you keep it all straight, The A.V. Club will be annotating the show’s third season. Catch something that we didn’t? Email us at → Read More

The most important ingredient in your kitchen is salt, no matter what kind

Editor’s Note: In April 2017, our colleague Caitlin PenzeyMoog wrote “Salt grinders are bullshit, and other lessons from growing up in the spice trade” for our sister site, The A.V. Club. That story yielded a book deal, and two years later, that book has arrived. On Spice: Advice, Wisdom, And History With A Grain Of Saltiness will be out January 15 from Skyhorse Press. This is an excerpt from… → Read More

What are you reading in December?

In our monthly book club, we discuss whatever we happen to be reading and ask everyone in the comments to do the same. What Are You Reading This Month? → Read More

A comprehensive list of all the songs played in Homecoming

Homecoming presents a captivating mystery, aided by an unnerving, sometimes jarring score. Across its 10 extremely bingeable episodes, Homecoming’s music is borrowed from some 45 film scores, lending their own historical and emotional resonance to a show that traffics in forgetting and remembering the past. And while some songs are instantly recognizable, more are just tantalizingly familiar,… → Read More