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Recent articles by Nicole:

Antisemitism is not just an NUS problem

The National Union of Students (NUS) like so many virtue signalling organisations, vows to be a place of tolerance and anti-racism – except if you are Jewish. Amid the antisemitic incidents uncovered in yet another inquiry (there have been eight reports since 2005, such is the scale of the issue and the union’s apparent inability to […] → Read More

Kanye West and the hypocrisy of 'woke capitalism'

Remember those halcyon days before social media when we didn’t know what our favourite ice cream brand thought of immigration? When banks didn’t tell us to get accounts elsewhere if we didn’t agree with them on the use of pronoun badges? When shaving gel companies didn’t wade in on the question of toxic masculinity? Simply […] → Read More

The Lionesses have roared to victory – and their message is loud and clear

As the daughter of a father who wanted boys, I’d often kick about with a football in the garden. I had little idea of what I was doing – he had little idea about how to teach me. I still can’t even kick a ball properly; there was no chance to learn. I was born […] → Read More

Shutting down the Tavistock's GIDS clinic is long overdue

When someone has the word doctor in front of their name, we tend to trust their diagnosis; we know they’ve studied hard to win that title, they are bright, caring and have a modicum of common sense. Or, at least, they should have. But doctors can be as prone to hysteria and delusional group-think as […] → Read More

The reason women don't want gender neutral toilets isn't because of trans people – it's because of perverts

We need to talk about perverts. I know we don’t want to – even uttering the word seems somehow rude, as if thinking about them is somehow making us party to their depraved behaviour. But unless we do, women will never be safe. There are some who would like to pretend these men (they are […] → Read More

Jeremy Corbyn's latest interview shows just what a crank he always was

It sounds groovy in Corbynland doesn’t it? The trains are cheap and run on time because they are publicly owned. Everyone has free WiFi, even if computer screens seem permanently frozen on that marvellous moment at Glastonbury when thousands sang, ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn’. There are no homeless people; they are now living in Buckingham Palace […] → Read More

What did we do to deserve our politicians?

In 2017, shortly after Donald Trump was elected, former President Barack Obama expanded on Thomas Jefferson’s famous edict about ‘deserving’ the government we get. ‘People have a tendency to blame politicians when things don’t work but I always tell people, you get the politicians you deserve,’ he said. ‘And if you don’t vote and you […] → Read More

Beware dodgy Barnet takes – Labour isn't over its antisemitism problem

I know Labour still has an antisemitism problem because I experienced it on my doorstep two weeks ago. An activist from the party tried to convince me that this issue hadn’t actually existed; it must have been all in my head. This denial is, in itself, a form of antisemitism, according to the Equality and […] → Read More

Has extreme trans ideology finally 'peaked'?

No one I’ve asked is quite sure how the word ‘peak’ – a noun usually meaning the top or the highest point of an object like a mountain – came to also denote a verb signalling the time when someone realises that Stonewall-esque extreme trans ideology is a denial of reality. For some the word […] → Read More

Why is it still so difficult for Keir Starmer to say what a woman is?

The Keir Starmer sigh, denoting ‘I-can’t-believe-you-are-asking-this-again-I-thought-better-of-you’, is becoming almost as ubiquitous as the Jeremy Corbyn eye roll. Journalists are annoying when they ask questions you don’t want them to ask. And they are particularly annoying when they keep asking a question you refuse to answer. Today it was the turn of Nick Ferrari on LBC. […] → Read More

How many more outrages will women have to put up with to placate the gender ideologues?

When women said they were concerned about the danger of allowing males into single sex spaces in places like prisons and hospitals, they were demonised by the holier-than-thou crowd as ‘bigots’ and ‘transphobes’. When women said that allowing males into female sport would be unfair, some laughed and said they needed be ‘kinder’. When women […] → Read More

A safe space for women? It's little wonder Rosie Duffield is contemplating leaving Labour

Rosie Duffield is a petite, almost fragile-looking woman. Sometimes her voice quivers when she talks – unusually for an MP, she isn’t brimming with confidence. Yet in 2019 she found the courage to give a vivid and heart-rending account of what it was like being the victim of domestic abuse, which brought Parliament to its […] → Read More

'Never again' rings hollow while antisemitism is still on the rise

In between constant tweets demanding the return of Jeremy Corbyn to the Labour Party, Leeds East MP Richard Burgon found time to mention a Holocaust Memorial Day civic event he’d attended. ‘We must never forget the horrors carried out and do all we can to ensure they never happen again,’ declared the man whose wing […] → Read More

No, Jeremy Corbyn. Why the former leader should never be let back into Labour

It doesn’t take much to get the rump of the Corbynite left tweeting about how much Labour needs the return of their traduced messiah. Within hours of Christian Wakeford’s defection – an actual real-life Tory being embraced by Labour – they were back at it, demanding Jeremy Corbyn be given the whip too. Richard Burgon […] → Read More

JK Rowling and the goblins of ire

There is an irony in the fact that one of the things influencing JK Rowling when she came to write Harry Potter was what the Nazis did to the Jews in the Holocaust. The enduring and incredible popularity of her books isn’t just because of its stories of invisibility cloaks, flying on broomsticks and japes […] → Read More

Swimming in nonsense: where are the grown ups in the transgender debate?

When the winner reached the side of the pool there was silence, almost as if the triumph was being determinedly ignored. A whole 48 seconds later – while the champion waited for their rivals to complete almost another two laps of the pool – the second placed swimmer reached the end to loud applause from […] → Read More

From Wiley to the Oxford St attacks, some people always think Jews deserve it

Yesterday ‘godfather of grime’ Wiley was back spouting off about his favourite hate subject; Jews. In a rambling YouTube video, the British star, who was thrown off of Twitter and YouTube for anti-Semitism, but is back on both, asked, as if he had come to some amazing new realisation: ‘Why did that happen between them […] → Read More

Today's so-called 'anti-racists' remain blind to anti-Semitism

Earlier this year the Royal Court theatre was feeling even more pleased with itself than usual. You could almost sense the glint of the polished halo as it announced that in the light of the conversations brought up by the Black Lives Matter campaign it was going to lead the way in fighting racism in […] → Read More