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Past articles by Lucian:

Is The Battle For Bakhmut A Turning Point In Ukraine War?

For more of my reporting and analysis on the war, please consider becoming a paid subscriber. → Read More

Let’s give thanks to the "Dilbert" guy

In a single YouTube rant, Scott Adams put the lie to reverse racism → Read More

Now We Know Exactly How Kevin McCarthy Sold Out Our National Security

Who gave the enemy the video blueprints for the most important building in the United States government? → Read More

I Can't Bring Myself To Type The Name Of The Subject Of This Column

Dear readers, for the purposes of this disquisition, we’ll call her the Congresswoman from Georgia’s 14th District. She has, of late, distinguished herself by calling for the secession of red states from the Union, or something akin to that. It is unclear what she’s talking about in this instance, a → Read More

A cover-up fit for a coup: Georgia grand jury says witnesses in Trump probe lied

A Special Counsel in Washington D.C. is also comparing the testimony of Trump witnesses for conflicts → Read More

Why Trump Should Be Very, Very Afraid Of Special Counsel Jack Smith

Let’s take a quick look back at the classified documents cases now afoot in the land. Back in early January, Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed a special counsel to look into the classified documents that were found at the Biden Penn Center and the president's Delaware residence. → Read More

Former Giuliani Collaborator Lev Parnas Spills On Trump And Ukraine

Guess who is back in the news? Our old friend, Lev Parnas! You remember Lev, don’t you? He was the moon-faced friend of Rudy Giuliani who was up to his neck in the Ukraine scandal back in 2019. → Read More

UFO Or UAP: Pentagon Officials Aren't Telling Us Everything They Know

It’s a story about UFO’s now. They’re not referring to the last three things they shot out of the sky as balloons, like the Chinese surveillance balloon the Air Force finally shot down off the coast of South Carolina last week. Now the Pentagon is calling them interchangeably UFO’s, or UAP’s – Unide → Read More

Why Racists Fear Black History

You, the readers, support this work I do with your paid subscriptions. If you haven’t yet subscribed, please pitch in and help. It will be much appreciated. → Read More

Durham's dud is worse than it looks — and now Trump suddenly doesn't want to talk witch hunts

Trump’s attempt to bring disrepute to the Mueller report just backfired spectacularly → Read More

Is the war in Ukraine at a major turning point? It sure looks that way

With a series of high-level meetings in Europe, U.S. sends a signal to Putin: We think Ukraine can win this year → Read More

The shutdown caucus really wins: The House power grab was always bigger than Kevin McCarthy

They did it two years ago on Jan. 6. They did it this week on Jan. 3. They succeeded in shutting down the government twice in two years. On Friday evening, it was still shut down after a 13th vote to elect a Speaker of the House and get the government going again. [Note: Early Saturday, Kevin McCart... → Read More

The shutdown caucus really wins: The House power grab was always bigger than Kevin McCarthy

Kevin McCarthy's GOP opponents shut down the House all week, preventing Congress from governing. What's next? → Read More

How I spent Christmas of 1968 — in dirty, snowy, brilliant, thrilling New York City

It's a good thing you're only 21 once — but that was an amazing time in a city on the edge of disaster → Read More

Who missed Thanksgiving dinner this year? Everybody who got shot

We've had more than 600 mass shootings in America this year, including 35 so far this month. We're No. 1! → Read More

The Many Crimes For Which Trump Hasn't Been Indicted

How quickly we forget some of the outrageous acts Donald Trump was accused of committing while president. Let us review:We begin with Trump’s incitement of the January 6 insurrection at the Capitol and his multi-pronged efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 election by illegal means. There was... → Read More

Is this the end of our national Trump bender? Yeah, we've heard that one before

Think back. We've been here before. In 2016, there was the famous "Access Hollywood" tape, when Trump bragged about his tendency to "grab'em by the pussy." Then WikiLeaks moved in to save him with the first of its dumps of hacked Democratic Party emails, these from Hillary Clinton campaign chairman ... → Read More

Is this the end of our national Trump bender? Yeah, we've heard that one before

It's a familiar refrain: Dammit, surely he's finished now! I hate to say it, but he'll probably survive this too → Read More

GOP's Halloween horror show: Marjorie Taylor Greene doesn't need a costume

Once upon a time she was a far-right nutjob — now she's the Republican Party's biggest star. Who needs goblins? → Read More

Beating a dead horse: Jan. 6 committee has proved what we all knew. Does it even matter?

Donald Trump is encircled by multiple investigations. He could end up broke and in jail. His fans do not care → Read More