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Lucian K. Truscott IV

Sag Harbor, NY, United States

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Recent articles by Lucian:

Who loves America? Inciting a riot to sack the Capitol gives us the answer

Donald Trump hates democracy — and America — and has turned his party into a howling mob that only wants to destroy → Read More

Another scandal at West Point: Where secrecy comes before honor

I went to West Point, and I can assure you of one thing: The visible scandal is just the tip of the iceberg → Read More

My Christmas among the spies. In the Holy Land. In 1974

Spending the holidays in Beirut didn’t make much sense. Unless you were 27 — and you had lost your mind → Read More

Trump and the Republicans want to turn losing into winning — and it might work

Apparently it's not Trump's fault he lost. It was all those damn voters! Republicans are looking to fix that → Read More

Psycho secession: Texas' lost-cause lawsuit was the first shot in a new Civil War

Even the right-wing Supreme Court blanched at outright sedition by 126 members of Congress. We must not forget → Read More

We are in the greatest cataclysm of our history: It's not an SNL skit

Not since the Great Depression, or maybe the Civil War, have we faced a crisis on this scale. How will we respond? → Read More

Cleaning up Trump's mess: The job begins Day One. Biden is ready

That bad taste is already starting to fade, isn't it? Biden can deal with some of the worst stuff right away → Read More

When I was in the Fugs — for one night. At the Mudd Club

Norman Mailer, George Plimpton and some naked performance artists are in this story too, in a distant New York era → Read More

Trump is going out the way he came in: A loser, a liar and a cheat

As the virus heads into a winter surge, our defeated president tweets, plays golf and runs a money-raising scam → Read More

Joe Biden won, but we lost: There's no doubt who we are now, and it ain't pretty

I thought our country had come a long way since re-electing a shameless crook in 1972. Maybe I was wrong → Read More

Donald Trump's insatiable hunger for more: More power. More money. More golf. More women

Consider the $3 glass of water. Trump will never give up grasping for more — we simply have to stop him → Read More

The year of constant sorrow: Defeating Donald Trump won't heal the damage of 2020

In a year of worsening pandemic and avoidable tragedy, we must find the strength to rebuild and go on → Read More

Undoing the damage done: What will it take to rebuild what's left of our government?

Trump's reign of corruption has left the federal government in ruins. Necessary repair work may take many years → Read More

The week that Donald Trump lost the election

He might recover from catching the coronavirus. He can't recover from being himself → Read More

When did Trump get the virus — and when did he know it?

As Trump enters the hospital, his depraved indifference to human life comes around to bite him in the ass → Read More

The Supreme Court is finished: Republicans have killed it. Now it's time to fight back

Trump and McConnell have corrupted the Supreme Court and th judicial branch for a generation. Time to fight dirty → Read More

Consider, if you will, Donald Trump’s hair: 200,000 are dead — but it's perfect

Everything else about him — as a president, as a human being — is a total disaster. But the hair is amazing → Read More

Donald Trump’s fatal flaw: Of his many defects, Bob Woodward may have identified the worst

Trump's failures come from a deep, dark well of fear and cowardice. He doesn't believe in anything, even himself → Read More

Cadet Bone-Spurs reports for duty: He thinks America's war dead are "losers"

Trailing in the polls and sneering at fallen warriors, Donald Trump dreams of a new civil war, fought by buffoons → Read More

A dictator on downers: Slow-motion mass hysteria at the Republican convention

Donald Trump's speech was depressing and soulless, even for him. He can taste doom coming, and he doesn't like it → Read More