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Recent articles by Christopher:

Student debt has kept home ownership out of reach for 400,000 young families, Fed reports

A new Federal Reserve report blames student debt for blocking many young families from owning homes. Avocado toast expenditures were not mentioned. → Read More

Massive new study traces how corporations use charitable donations to tilt regulations in their favor

How corporate contributions turn nonprofit groups into lobbyists for big business. → Read More

No, asset forfeiture will not pay for the wall

Even if you zeroed out both federal asset forfeiture funds you'd be well short of President Trump's $5.7 billion demand. → Read More

People are happier in states that spend more money on public places like parks and libraries

Tax, spend and "create and sustain communities that are more enjoyable to live in." → Read More

How tax brackets actually work: A simple visual guide

Half of Americans don't know this, apparently. Don't be one of them. → Read More

Elizabeth Warren says ‘government has been bought and paid for’ by big business. Political scientists say she’s got a point.

Recent research shows how moneyed interests have skewed democracy in their own favor. → Read More

Companies' pursuit of high profits is making the rich richer at everyone else’s expense, according to new research

The line between consumers and shareholders has blurred in recent decades. But the profits still tend to flow upward. → Read More

I ordered a box of crickets from the Internet and it went about as well as you’d expect

Mistakes were made. → Read More

Here’s how much the federal minimum wage fell this year

2019 marks a decade since the last federal minimum wage increase. → Read More

Stock market and Steve Mnuchin: Google searches for 'recession' are the highest they’ve been since November 2009

Americans have recession on the mind. → Read More

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez received 62 percent of her funding from small-dollar donors. The average House member received less than 8 percent.

Research shows that Congress listens to the people who give them money. Most of it's not coming from regular voters. → Read More

Merger of Sprint and T-Mobile would take a bite out of wireless workers' paychecks, researchers say

Fewer employers competing for talent means lower wages, according to researchers from the Roosevelt Institute. → Read More

Americans say there’s not much appeal to big-city living. Why do so many of us live there?

Most Americans live in urban areas. But rural life would be their No. 1 preference, given the choice. → Read More

Politicians have caused a pay ‘collapse’ for the bottom 90 percent of workers, researchers say

Wage stagnation is not the result of inevitable market forces, but rather decisions to undermine worker power, according to a new paper. → Read More

Half of academic scientists leave the field within 5 years, according to a new study

It's a dramatic shift from 40 years ago, and has serious implications for the way scientific knowledge is produced. → Read More

Why Michigan Republicans are working to undermine the minimum wage bill they passed

Republican lawmakers in Michigan passed a minimum wage bill for the sole purpose of undoing it. → Read More

In every state, the minimum wage is lower than what residents want, study says

Minimum wages are about two dollars an hour less, on average, than what state residents say they'd prefer. → Read More

After a record number of U.S. deaths in 2017, the opioid epidemic may be receding

Provisional overdose data from the CDC suggest that the drug overdose epidemic has plateaued and may even be on the wane. → Read More

How white racism destroys black wealth

A new study from the Brookings Institution and Gallup aims to put a price tag on racism. → Read More

GM layoffs are another victory for capital over labor

“Never have corporate profits outgrown employee compensation so clearly and for so long,” as the St. Louis Federal Reserve wrote earlier this year. → Read More