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Recent articles by Helen:

"What I think every time I see a photo of a child sitting on Santa's lap."

Should we really be shoving our kids in a stranger’s lap and telling them to sit there and smile, just for a Santa photo? Let's rethink this tradition. → Read More

'My daughter's substitute teacher told her a Christmas truth that horrified her and me.'

How should you tell your kids about Santa? For a US woman, a substitute teach did the job for her, much to the anger of parents. → Read More

'My friend has given her baby a unique name but I think she's just misspelt it.'

"My friend thought she had given her baby a unique baby name, but I think she just got the spelling of the name wrong. Should I tell her?" → Read More

Why are there so many Australians called Smith, Jones, Lee, Nguyen, Wang and Singh?

Most common surnames: Why are there so many Australians called Smith, Jones, Brown, Nguyen, Wang and Singh? Inside the history of our most common surnames. → Read More

'The thing I finally did for myself, 12 years after having a baby.'

It can be difficult to know how to start running again. This mum says she hadn't run for 12 years after having a baby, until now. Here's how. → Read More

A man messaged a woman after they had sex on a date. When she read it, she was revolted.

Some of the responses to the body shaming message included “I choose cake,” as well as several other hilarious replies. Here were the best ones. → Read More

The simple reason Queensland students are making better progress than the rest of Australia.

Naplan results 2018 Queensland: Queensland has been focusing a lot on building literacy and numeracy in recent years because of NAPLAN. → Read More

The name that can claim the title of Australia's trendiest ever boys' name.

Australian kids born in the 1960s and 70s will remember going to school with multiple boys named Jason, this is why it was such a popular baby name. → Read More

"When a kid attempts suicide over a NAPLAN test, we need to stop and think."

A Year 5 student struggling through a NAPLAN test attempted suicide on the school grounds. One mum asks, "Why are we doing this to our kids?" → Read More

Lillyth's son wasn't even one when he started hurting her. Then things got far, far worse.

She's now created a support group for parents who fear their own children. → Read More

A school's decision to begin charging cash at certain drop-off times is dividing parents.

A QLD school is fighting back against parents the abuse their before school care programs, calling it "ridiculous, disrespectful and dangerous." → Read More

A dad gave his son a name that is a deliberate joke. He’s explained why did it.

NY businessman, Michael Ayer picked the name 'Billion' for his son. He has no regrets and has explained the reason behind unique baby names. → Read More

This Swiss school costs $180,000 a year. Here’s why it’s the most expensive in the world.

Most expensive school in the world: Founded in 1880, Institut Le Rosey in Switzerland is, supposedly, the most expensive boarding school in the world. → Read More

Julie Bishop news: The earrings and shoes everyone is talking about

In Julie Bishop news, the politician turned up to her resignation press conference wearing earrings and shoes that people couldn't help but notice. → Read More

SOS: Baby Shark is the song driving parents everywhere absolutely mental.

Baby Shark song: The extremely popular YouTube video that's simultaneously entertaining kids and infuriating their parents. → Read More

Awesome, Klever, Amiracle and Sirprince: The very best of American baby names in 2017.

Top baby names 2018: Looking for a unique baby name? These are the very best American baby names for baby boys and baby girls. → Read More

The reason why so many women in their late thirties are having abortions.

Abortion in Australia: Abortion is more common among late thirties. Figures come from info collected by family planning organisation Marie Stopes Australia. → Read More

The birth announcement from a husband that was met with backlash from mums everywhere.

Harry Kane was proud of his wife Kate Goodland for having a natural birth, but is a drug-free birth really something to brag about? → Read More

The little-known syndrome causing children in our care to slip into a state of hibernation.

Resignation syndrome occurs when children are so traumatised by their situation that they withdraw, stop talking, stop eating. It's happening to refugees. → Read More

'A message to parents: What I wish you'd teach your kids about dogs.'

You never know what a rescue dog might look like, and this is why parents needs to teach kids about how to respect and act safely around dogs. → Read More