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Recent articles by Helen:

Three teenage sisters who were 'one grand experiment': The real-life Queen’s Gambit.

The Queen's Gambit true story: Netflix's The Queen's Gambit follows a chess prodigy from the 1960s. But the 1980s birthed three famous chess sisters. → Read More

In 1974, Carla Walker was brutally murdered. 46 years on, her killer may have been found.

Carla Walker murder: 46 years after a high-school cheerleader Carla Walker was raped and murdered in her small home town, a man has been arrested. → Read More

The most popular baby names for 2020 speaks volumes about the year we've all had.

COVID baby names: It’s starting to look like COVID-19 could really be starting to influence the names being chosen by parents right now. → Read More

From nose jobs to liposuction: Four women on the reality of cosmetic surgery.

From nose jobs to liposuction and boob jobs: Four women share the reality of cosmetic surgery including its cost, recovery and results. → Read More

When 14-year-old Sheila came home from a sleepover, she found 3 dead bodies in her home.

When 14-year-old Sheila came home from a sleepover, she found 3 dead bodies in her living room. This is the stories of the Keddie murders. → Read More

The Pyjama Girl was on public display in Sydney for almost a decade. Her murder remains a mystery.

From 1934 to 1942, the body of a woman found dressed in yellow silk pyjamas was kept preserved. She was named the Pyjama Girl. This is her story. → Read More

While Michelle McNamara was hunting the Golden State Killer, her own life was falling apart.

Michelle McNamara death: How Michelle McNamara's life fell apart as she was hunting the Golden State Killer and writing her book I’ll Be Gone In The Dark. → Read More

Traci Lords was one of the biggest adult movie stars of the 80s. She was underage her entire career.

In the 1980s, Traci Lords was one of the biggest adult film actresses in the industry. After her having starred in many roles, her real age was revealed. → Read More

The mum who named her twins Callum and Ari, and 11 other stories of baby name regret.

Baby name regret stories: We asked 12 parents to share their stories of baby name regret, including names that were too common or had interesting initials. → Read More

"I use the skills every day." 10 women share where their arts degree led them.

What jobs can I get from arts degree? 10 Australian women share what they learn from their arts degree and what jobs it got them. → Read More

14 years ago, 'Farmer Dave' came out on Big Brother. This is his life as a dad now.

Fourteen years ago, David Graham came out on Big Brother. This is his life as a dad now. → Read More

Two adopted kids and an unexpected pregnancy: Inside Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley’s family life.

katherine heigl kids: As the mother of a black daughter, Katherine Heigl is feeling anguish over the death of George Floyd. → Read More

Leo, Theo, Arlo, Hugo: Why all the cool kids are being given names ending in O.

Top baby names Australia 2019: The top Aussie baby names have been released and there's one noticeable trend. Baby names ending in O are all the rave. → Read More

'We've... lied about what's closed': 17 parents share their lockdown confessions.

We gathered some of our favourite COVID-19 parenting confessions to help you navigate the world of parenting with no breaks from your kids. → Read More

Abandoned by her dad and a tell-all book by her mum: Jen Aniston's complicated family life.

jennifer aniston parents: Friends actor, Jen Aniston has had a complicated relationship with her family. Here's what's happened since their rekindling. → Read More

"I still feel like it's wrong." The childcare dilemma bringing parents to breaking point.

Coronavirus childcare: Parents are unsure whether to send the kids to childcare if state government guidelines allow, or work from home and look after them. → Read More

10 years ago, Lisa won The Biggest Loser. Now she just wants her daughter back home.

In 2010, Lisa Hose won the Biggest Loser Australia. Now Hose is turning to the media because her daughter, Chelsea, is trapped overseas due to coronavirus. → Read More

EXPLAINER: Exactly what you can and can't do in a public park right now.

Can I go to the park? As more coronavirus restrictions come into place, here's what you can and can't do in Australian parks and open spaces right now. → Read More

OPINION: We need to stop saying coronavirus is "only" killing old people.

Coronavirus death rate: "Don't worry, only old people are at risk." When did we decide that elderly people’s lives don’t matter? → Read More

Dr. Amie Harwick was once Drew Carey's fiancée. 2 weeks ago, she was murdered.

Dr Amie Harwick was engaged to comedian Drew Carrey in 2018. She was found dead in LA 10 days ago. There is so much more to her than just the headlines. → Read More