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Recent articles by Helen:

"I stand with Karen." A defence of 2019's biggest victim of online ridicule.

The Karen generation - Generation X - has been mocked online by millennials. But here's why it's wrong and why Karen shouldn't define an entire generation. → Read More

"Clemmie Hooper's husband is far from the biggest victim of her trolling."

The popular Instagrammer is at the centre of a scandal. → Read More

Marlie-Mae, Gracie-Mae, Mila-Mae: Why everyone's naming their babies "Mae" right now.

Popular girls baby names: The Bachelor’s Matty J and Laura Byrne went for Marlie-Mae and MAFS' Davina Rankin chose Mila-Mae. Here's why "Mae" is trending. → Read More

3 women on precisely how much it cost them to have a baby on their own.

IVF and IUI are two methods to have a baby as a single woman. Here are three single ladies to share their experiences using these methods. → Read More

21 kids and counting: The 'addictive' nature of raising a mega-family.

The Radford family, the UK's biggest family, are expecting their 22nd child. In Australia, the Bonells have 16 kids. This is what a mega family is like. → Read More

A model told the whole world she was transgender. Within days, her story unravelled.

Savage x Fenty model Carissa Pinkston got slammed for transphobic comments. So she pretended to be transgender, now she's finally confessed to lying. → Read More

“F*ck the parenting police.” Pink is trolling people who comment on her parenting skills.

Pink Instagram trolls: Mother of two and musician Pink is hilariously trolling her parent-shaming followers after they criticised her parenting. → Read More

'The Letdown is the most accurate depiction of motherhood I've ever seen on screen.'

The Letdown season 2: When I watched the pilot of The Letdown, I didn’t think it would be a hit. I felt like it was written for me. → Read More

'After giving birth, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. My partner left me 3 months later.'

Partner with cancer: “He goes, ‘Well, at least it’s only breast cancer. My back will be effed forever,’” she says she remembers. → Read More

'As a mum watching the drama between Tati Westbrook and James Charles unfold, I feel sick.'

OPINION: What did Tati do to James? Following the friendship breakup, we need to support James Charles as his subscriber count plummets. He is vulnerable. → Read More

Why no one calls their baby Jessica anymore.

Sorry to almost every second girl we went to school with. → Read More

"Is it safe?": A midwife tells us exactly what it's like to have a home birth in Australia.

Thanks to Meghan Markle, at home birth rates are up by 40 per cent. While they aren't as common in Australia, a midwife shares what mums can expect. → Read More

"Tantrums, swearing, physical abuse": The bullying of teachers by parents has got to stop.

Abuse of teachers: "Tantrums, swearing, physical abuse": Why the bullying of teachers and principals by parents has got to stop. → Read More

Lucifer, Panda, Moet and Schapelle: The most unusual Aussie baby names of 2018.

Unique baby names 2018: From Lucifer and Panda to Moet and Schapelle, these are the most unusual baby names to come out of Australia in 2018. → Read More

What we're missing when it comes to Bec Judd's lavish 5th birthday party for her daughter.

When Bec Judd threw her daughter Billie a lavish Lol Doll themed birthday party, parents angrily called the event excessive. Here's what we're missing. → Read More

The small detail that matters deeply when we tell the story of Aya Maasarwe.

Aya Maasarwe Israel: Her family have requested that she be described as a Palestinian Arab, not just as Israeli or an Israeli Arab. → Read More

A bride's been labelled “downright wicked” for two requests she made to her sister-in-law.

A bride has been labelled “downright wicked” for the two requests she demanded of her sister-in-law, like wearing a bridesmaid dress for no reason.. → Read More

The unexpected side-effect of Australia having longer and longer heatwaves.

Heatwave Australia 2019: Australia is already dealing with a heatwave - how do these weather events impact the way children enjoy their summer? → Read More

If you gave your baby a royal name in 2018, we have some awkward news.

Royal baby names 2018: The royal baby names Australian parents have adopted in 2018, and the ones that haven't taken off. → Read More

'Don't baby them.' A teacher's stern warning to parents about 'coddling' behaviour.

Parents coddling children: A teacher, posting on Mumsnet, took a swipe at parents who carried their children’s bags for them. The responses were divided. → Read More