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Recent articles by Andrew:

Hitting the Books: An analog computer ushered in the video game era

Long disparaged by the Baby Boomer generation as either a childish distraction or a leading cause for the downfall of civilization, video games have weathered that criticism and grown into the dominant storytelling medium of the modern world — not to mention a $136 billion industry. In his latest book, Becoming a Video Game Designer, journalist Daniel Noah Halpern examines the career of gaming… → Read More

All Warner Bros. films in 2021 will debut on HBO Max

On Thursday, Warner Bros. announced a radical and drastic adaption to our new socially-distanced reality. → Read More

China's lunar sampling robot beams back its first full-color moon shots

Yesterday, China’s Chang’e-5 robotic lunar lander successfully set down on the lunar surface marking, for the first time in four decades, that humans have travelled to the moon to collect soil samples. Today, the Chang’e-5 reported back to Earth, transmitting a full-color recording of its descent. → Read More

Hyundai reveals the EV platform for its future vehicles

The Hyundai Motor Group unveiled its "E-GMP" battery electric vehicle platform -- the basis for nearly two dozen upcoming Kia, Genesis and Hyundai EV models. → Read More

After Math: Deals on deals on deals

As we collectively recover from a day of too much turkey and another of too much (hopefully online) shopping, with our eyes ahead towards what is sure to be an unprecedented holiday season, let’s take a look at some of the top headlines from this past Thanksgiving week. You could argue that Amazon’s warehouse workers have been greasing the wheels of the nation during the pandemic (or at least… → Read More

Hitting the Books: How autonomous EVs could help solve climate change

Climate change is far and away the greatest threat of the modern human era — a crisis that will only get worse the longer we dither — with American car culture as a major contributor to the nation’s greenhouse emissions. In his latest book, Our Livable World, science and technology analyst Marc Shaus, takes readers on a fascinating tour of the emerging tools — from “smart highways” to jet fuel… → Read More

The Cuphead DLC is delayed yet again by the COVID pandemic

In what has become a regular trend throughout 2020, Studio MDHR, makers of the jaw-grindingly difficult platformer, Cuphead, took to Twitter on Wednesday to announce that its already-delayed DLC, The Delicious Last Course, has been pushed back even further into 2021. In the wake of the ongoing global pandemic affecting so many, we have made the difficult decision to push back the release of The… → Read More

After Math: Microsoft turns the big 3-5

The company announced that it had labeled nearly 200 million posts with content warnings ahead of the recent presidential election. 'Wonder Woman 1984' comes to HBO Max for a month starting Christmas Day Finally, some good news for this year. → Read More

Hitting the Books: The spectacular financial failures of Fisker Automobiles

The Fisker failure is a perfect example of how government-funded innovation can go terribly wrong. The suit was settled in Fisker’s favor. Company CEO Henrik Fisker’s explanation? In March 2012, Consumer Reports published a scathing review of the Fisker Karma. → Read More

Without the Arecibo telescope, our search for intelligent life is hamstrung

Structural engineers and repair crews have done all that they can but the end result is as we feared: the Arecibo radio telescope has to come down. The venerable space observatory has been out of commission since August when a cable atop Tower 4, which supports the platform, snapped and gutted a 100-foot long section from the telescope’s reflecting dish. At the time, the University of Florida,… → Read More

Rocket Lab tested its parachute system on a live booster for the first time

New Zealand’s Rocket Lab is preparing for its sixth mission of the year, with the two-week launch window opening at 8:44pm ET Thursday. The company’s proprietary Electron rocket is poised to ferry its cargo of 30 cube satellites into a 500 km wide arc in low Earth orbit. More importantly, this launch will serve as the first live test of the first stage recovery parachute system -- a crucial step… → Read More

Facebook hopes its new AI moderation tools can further counter hate speech

Facebook has waged a long-fought and sometimes seemingly losing battle against hate speech and misinformation spreading across its platform. On Thursday, the company rolled out the latest implements of its automated anti-trolling arsenal in an effort to further curb bigots and bad actors on the site. The company’s CTO, Mike Schroepher, noted that Facebook has taken a number proactive steps in… → Read More

Apple gets $113 million slap on the wrist for 'Batterygate'

Apple has agree to settle the multi-state “Baterygate” lawsuit filed against it for $113 million, according to the Washington Post. A total of 34 states, as well as the District of Columbia, participated in the suit, which alleged that the company had throttled down the performance of legacy iPhone models as their batteries health declined. “Big Tech must stop manipulating consumers and tell… → Read More

Pokemon Go raises the level cap and adds seasons in its biggest update yet

Pokemon GO gets its biggest update ever! New level caps, better progression, SEASONS! → Read More

What we're buying: Our new home and garden essentials

Engadget’s editors have been utilizing our added indoor time to pursue hobbies, learn new skills, and even reconnect with nature. Here are the gadgets that helped us thrive throughout quarantine. → Read More

After Math: Apple debuts devices running on its own silicon

The world tuned in on Tuesday to watch Apple CEO Tim Cook unveil the company’s latest technological advancement, the M1 chipset, as well as the brand new devices that will be running on it. Looks like Twitter is finally getting serious about the spread of political misinformation on its platform... well, serious by Twitter’s standards at least. → Read More

Hitting the Books: How NYC's iconic subway system shaped the city

New York’s subway system is an intrinsic aspect of the city’s identity, as much so as the Brooklyn Bridge or Empire State Building. New York simply wouldn’t be New York without its trains, a critical connective infrastructure that moved approximately 5.5 million people every single day in 2019. In his new book, Subway: The Curiosities, Secrets, and Unofficial History of the New York City Transit… → Read More

The drones that announced Joe Biden as the 46th president-elect

You’ve seen them over sporting events, music festivals and political rallies; aerial drone displays have lit up night skies since the technology’s 2012 debut at Ars Electronica Futurelab. No longer a niche entertainment spectacle, these light shows can feature massive swarms that are often presented right alongside traditional fireworks displays. Drone swarm technology, in varying applications,… → Read More

Alexa is getting better at guessing your intentions

Alexa can now infer a user's “latent goals” based on what the person is asking it. → Read More

Rosetta 2 will keep old Intel apps running on Apple's new silicon

The new M1 silicon chip that Apple unveiled at its One More Thing event on Tuesday is the first of company’s new line of custom Arm-based silicon processors. While this change will enable Macs to run iOS and iPadOS apps in addition to MacOS ones, it does prevent the new devices from running apps designed for the old Intel chips. “Rosetta is a translation process that allows users to run apps… → Read More