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Recent articles by Andrew:

Hunt the high seas as a hyper-evolved super shark in 'Maneater'

Sharks have had a bad rap for years. Between Jaws, Deep Blue Sea (RIP Samuel L Jackson), and Shark Week, these apex oceanic predators have long been maligned as... → Read More

America is falling in love with electric SUVs

Established automakers and startups alike are hoping to cash in on the American public's paradigm shift towards electric transportation. For a long time,... → Read More

After Math: Stunning figures

The news just wouldn't stop dropping this week. First, Parasite absolutely dominated the Oscars, everyone was convinced Bill Gates bought a hydrogen-powered meg... → Read More

How AI is stopping the next great flu before it starts

Immune systems across the globe have been working overtime this winter as a devastating flu season has taken hold. More than 180,000 Americans have been hospita... → Read More

Why Clearview AI is a threat to us all

Can we really trust the police with a surveillance system this expansive? → Read More

After Math: Let's take a drive

Though Tesla reported its Q4 earnings last Tuesday, the auto industry has sent this week making moves and announcing news. GM is bringing its semi-autonomous Su... → Read More

Hitting the Books: The Y2K bug could come back sooner than you think

Welcome to Hitting the Books. With less than one in five Americans reading just for fun these days, we've done the hard work for you by scouring the internet fo... → Read More

'Nioh 2' killed me 14 times in 90 minutes

Over the course of 90 minutes, I died 14 times. I was drowned, beaten, burned, cut down, crushed by a stone mallet the size of a small Volkswagen and repeatedly... → Read More

How AI helped upscale an antique 1896 film to 4K

When the 50-second silent short film L'Arrivée d'un train en gare de La Ciotat premiered in 1896, some theatergoers reportedly ran for safety at the sigh... → Read More

After Math: That's something at least

This week has been a real kick in the teeth. The UK actually stepped off the Brexit precipice while the US Congress barely went through the motions of Trump's i... → Read More

Can we keep facial recognition from enabling a surveillance state?

Since the start of the 21st century, computer vision research has advanced at a breakneck pace. Today we can board flights, rent cars, and unlock our phones... → Read More

Tesla moves the Model Y release date up to 'spring 2020'

Tesla was on quite the roll in Q4 last year. The company unveiled its controversially popular electric Cybertruck at the Los Angeles Auto Show, Elon Musk won hi... → Read More

Mini's 2020 Cooper SE zips around town powered by electrons

When the first Minis rolled off the assembly line in 1959, the diminutive front wheel drive cars practically sipped fuel through equally miniscule 850 - 1275 cc... → Read More

Get ready to eat bugs if you want to live beyond 2050

By 2050 there will be an estimated 10 billion humans living on this planet. That's not just a lot of mouths to feed, those folks will be, on average, wealthier... → Read More

After Math: Risky businesses

Joel Goodsen would blush seeing the sorts of shenanigans some of these these corporations have been getting into. And occasionally even succeeding at. Netflix g... → Read More

After Math: All the shows (and games) fit to stream this season

It was a big week for broadcasters and their associated streaming services, with studios announcing which shows would be returning and which would be relegated... → Read More

Hitting the Books: Hackers can convince your IoT devices to betray you

Welcome to Hitting the Books. With less than one in five Americans reading just for fun these days, we've done the hard work for you by scouring the internet fo... → Read More

Facebook taught its AI to speak math

I speak two languages, English and Bad English. My understanding of math is significantly worse. In fact, I had to redo Calculus 2A four different times in coll... → Read More

Translation gadgets in 2020 are nearly as good as Babel fish

Speaking in tongues has never been easier or more understandable. → Read More

After Math: All the stuff that happened while we were at CES

Oh man, what a week it's been. Over the course of seven days (and nearly 80,000 steps by this reporter alone), the Engadget staff descended upon CES 2020 to bri... → Read More