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Recent articles by Andrew:

After Math: Love is in the AR

While most of us are still recovering from the frenzied orgy of capitalist affection that is Valentine's Day, companies from all over the industry continue to f... → Read More

How AI made Facebook’s Portal your ‘personal cameraman’

After releasing its Portal video-calling tool to largely positive reviews (especially from its employees) last November, Facebook is finally cracking open the d... → Read More

Take a peek at Honda's Urban EV dashboard

Honda's upcoming Urban EV is one of the most highly anticipated vehicles being shown off at the Geneva Motor Show next month. As the spiritual (and technologica... → Read More

After Math: Get outta my dreams, get into my rocket ship

Jeff Bezos has been trying to get biz-ay. And failing spectacularly at it. The Amazon CEO is accusing the National Enquirer of "extortion and blackmail" after p... → Read More

The first Angry Birds VR game puts the slingshot in your hand

In the ten years since the game's original release in 2009, Angry Birds has become both a pop icon and marketing juggernaut, spawning countless sequels, spinoff... → Read More

How Harvard's human computers helped invent modern astronomy

The Harvard College Observatory (now the Center for Astrophysics) in Cambridge, Massachusetts has long been a bastion of astronomical research, its history stre... → Read More

ESPN+ tops 2 million subscribers following first UFC Fight Night

Disney's first UFC fight night helped propel ESPN+ past the 2 million subscriber mark. → Read More

Facebook bans 22 more pages linked to Alex Jones

Facebook on Tuesday began enforcing the new rules of its recently updated recidivism policy, which is why 22 pages linked to right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex... → Read More

How McCormick and IBM will use AI to create the next big spice

It's not easy crafting the next taste sensation. Nobody hops out of bed in the morning, thinks to themselves, "Today, I'm going to invent the next Oreo," and ac... → Read More

After Math: The Big Game who shall not be named

It's that time of year again -- in which the two best teams in a certain professional sport compete to determine the season's overall champion in one of the big... → Read More

Netflix cancels 'Fuller House' after five seasons

Nostalgia is a hell of a drug and the world's leading cause of midlife crises. It makes otherwise rational entities do things like blow their retirement savings... → Read More

Kia's 2019 Niro EV is an electric crossover for the people

It was bound to happen to EVs eventually. No matter how mind-blowingly, world-changingly incredible an idea starts out, it will invariably reach the realm of th... → Read More

The Levo II oil infuser does so much more than just make weed butter

The will infuse whatever you want into just about any oil you have. Yes, even cannabis and butter. → Read More

Amazon's Scout is cute but it won't bring humans and robots closer

With the introduction of its latest delivery drone iteration, the Scout, Amazon is once again reassuring the shopping public that automated package delivery ser... → Read More

After Math: Gamer, set, match

Gaming enthusiasts had a lot to cheer for this week. Google revealed the results of a competition between its Starcraft II AI and a pair of pro players, though... → Read More

The Polestar 2's infotainment system is powered by Google

Volvo's all-electric performance car brand, Polestar, tweeted out a teaser link for Google's new HMI (human machine interface) system which is expected to debut... → Read More

After Math: Watch out now!

You'd think that the week after CES would bring at least a brief lull in the firehose that is tech news, but you'd be wrong. Google's paying $40 million for Fos... → Read More

AI is better at bluffing than professional gamblers

AI and machine learning systems are beating professional gamblers at their own games. → Read More

LSU's bendable concrete could fix America's crumbling infrastructure

America's infrastructure is crumbling around us. The American Society of Civil Engineers' latest Infrastructure Report Card, from 2017, rated the nation's roads... → Read More

After Math: How we survived CES 2019

As cleanup crews descend on the Las Vegas Convention Center and the events attendees reluctantly make their ways home, it's hard to believe that the weeklong te... → Read More