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Recent articles by Andrew:

After Math: Life on the inside

Congrats on surviving week three of the coronavirus quarantine... or, first if you happen to live in the American south. With so many people spending their days indoors, it should come as little surprise that headlines over the past few weeks have come to reflect our new normal. Here are five highlights. → Read More

After Math: Can't stop, won't stop talking coronavirus coverage

It's the new sensation that's sweeping the nation: the coronavirus! Maybe you've heard of it. This week's headlines sure have. → Read More

The psychological impact of COVID-19 isolation, as explained by scientists

America was already in the depths of a public health crisis when the coronavirus outbreak hit: one of social isolation and loneliness. Cigna's 2020 Loneliness Index notes that three in five Americans report a persistent sense of loneliness, a seven point jump from the previous 2018 study. Young people, ages 18 - 22 and men were most likely to report feelings of isolation with heavy social media… → Read More

After Math: We're not ready for the new normal

NASCAR is replacing canceled races with esports featuring pro drivers Not even NASCAR is taking chances with the health of its athletes and fans. The racing league announced last week that it will replace its marathon-length live events with 90-minute competitions with its marquee racers competing in "simulation-style" esports contests. This is the Rugby 7s of motorsports and we're here for it.… → Read More

Entertainers pivot to video as coronavirus shutters clubs

The Dropkick Murphys are a Boston institution and have played live shows every St. Patrick's Day for the past 24 years, though, for obvious reasons, this year's set was canceled. Luckily, the band was having none of that mess and decided to stream their set live and free over the internet so that St Patrick's Day revelers could rock out in solitude. I've followed the band since the late '90s and… → Read More

Lasers and smart pills could eventually replace injections

While getting shots or blood work done isn't anyone's idea of fun, roughly 10 to 20 percent of American adults suffer from trypanophobia, the extreme fear of hypodermic needles and injections. This phobia can prevent people from partaking in routine medical exams, receiving life-saving vaccines or even properly managing their blood glucose levels (should they suffer from diabetes). However, a… → Read More

After Math: How COVID-19 is already clobbering 2020

US wireless carriers pledge to suspend cancellations amid outbreak In a stunning display of just how easily their most draconian business practices can be done away with on a whim, the nation's major telecom carriers (including the Big Four) announced last week that for the next 60 days, would not cancel service or enforce late fees for customers who cannot pay their bills due to the outbreak.… → Read More

'The Oprah Show' was secretly a great podcast all along

The Oprah Winfrey Show: The Podcast is what they're calling the project and it's available for free on exclusively on Apple Podcasts. Oprah hosted 4,561 episodes in total and they'll almost all eventually be given the podcast treatment. The first ten episodes released represent a broad cross section of topics ranging from healing childhood traumas and managing the emotional impact of divorce to… → Read More

After Math: Anything worth doing is worth overdoing

Explore Mars with a 1.8-billion-pixel panorama from the Curiosity rover Did the Curiosity rover need to dutifully snap 1,200 images of the rugged Martian landscape? Not any more than the effort it took NASA engineers to stitch those individual shots into a mammoth 1.8-billion pixel panorama. But they did it anyway because science is awesome and it's not like Curiosity has much else to do out… → Read More

Hitting the Books: How an attempt at digital allyship fell flat

#HashtagActivism: Networks of Race and Gender Justice by Sarah J. Jackson, Moya Bailey, Brooke Foucault Welles For people living in the margins of American society, Twitter's ability to connect and amplify their voices offers unprecedented social and political opportunity. Hashtags like #BlackLivesMatter, #GirlsLikeUs, and #ICantBreathe have become rallying cries whose online impacts have… → Read More

The company behind the robotic arms that help us explore Mars

Maxar Technologies knows a thing or two about building space-based systems. The company has been developing and deploying satellite technology since 1969. It's built robotic arms for NASA since the Apollo era, as well as for commercial customers -- over 75 in total. In fact, all five robotic arms currently on the surface of Mars were built by Maxar. "I would absolutely call it a collaborative… → Read More

The next Mars rover will be named 'Perseverance'

During a live webcast on Wednesday, NASA administrators unveiled the official name of the upcoming Mars 2020 Rover mission. Say hello to Perseverance. → Read More

Goodyear's smart tire concept 'prints' its own treads

The thunk-whumma-whumpa-whuppa sound of a tire puncturing and losing pressure at freeway speeds is unmistakable. However, if Goodyear has its way humanity could... → Read More

After Math: Steven Seagal-like longevity

Say what you will about Steven Seagal but the '80s action star is still somehow able to draw headlines in 2020, even when he's not premiering his latest passion... → Read More

Hitting the Books: These brain cells could hold clues to the CTBI crisis

Welcome to Hitting the Books. With less than one in five Americans reading just for fun these days, we've done the hard work for you by scouring the internet fo... → Read More

Clearview AI leak names businesses using its facial recognition database

The police weren't the only ones using Clearview AI's facial recognition tech. → Read More

NTSB chair eviscerates Tesla for inaction over Autopilot concerns

The National Transportation Safety Board held a hearing on Tuesday regarding a deadly 2018 crash in which a Tesla Model X slammed into a Mountain View highway d... → Read More

After Math: The rule of threes

While the Sonic movie was busy running rings around its box office competition last week, a mysterious triplicating pattern began to emerge across the internet... → Read More

Hitting the Books: A brief history of industrial espionage and corn

Welcome to Hitting the Books. With less than one in five Americans reading just for fun these days, we've done the hard work for you by scouring the internet fo... → Read More

Hunt the high seas as a hyper-evolved super shark in 'Maneater'

Sharks have had a bad rap for years. Between Jaws, Deep Blue Sea (RIP Samuel L Jackson), and Shark Week, these apex oceanic predators have long been maligned as... → Read More