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Recent articles by Andrew:

'Predictive policing' could amplify today's law enforcement issues

Law enforcement in America is facing a day of reckoning over its systemic, institutionalized racism and ongoing brutality against the people it was designed to protect. Virtually every aspect of the system is now under scrutiny, from budgeting and staffing levels to the data-driven prevention tools it deploys. A handful of local governments have already placed moratoriums on facial recognition… → Read More

After Math: Space toilets and long-haul hybrid pickups

While we’ve all been caught out like this at some point down here on Earth, this week we have a glimpse at how NASA will provide bathroom facilities on the moon. Tesla may push the boundaries of automotive technology but its production process is a bit of a mess. In a recent initial quality survey from JD Power and Associates, Tesla customers reported 250 build defects (misaligned body panels,… → Read More

Hitting the Books: The media's role in history's most damaging data dump

Disinformation efforts — the organized spread of lies — have proven especially effective in the modern media landscape. → Read More

How to guesstimate the number of alien civilizations in a galaxy

“Before Drake's work, this question would have seemed to be beyond the realm of scientific inquiry,” Westby told Engadget. fp is the fraction of those stars that have planets. fl is the fraction of those planets that actually do develop life at some point. → Read More

NVIDIA and Mercedes partner to create a next-gen car computer

During a joint press conference held Wednesday, NVIDIA and Mercedes Benz announced that they are teaming up to develop a “revolutionary in-vehicle computing system” for the automakers next generation of luxury automobiles in 2024. → Read More

Facebook’s new choreography AI is a dancing queen

It is capable of interpreting his company’s dance style and generating more movements based on the using thousands of hours of video it was trained on. What’s more they were limited to the style of the dances and music they had been trained on. But Facebook’s AI is much more stylistically flexible. → Read More

Apple Clips lets you use an app's best features without downloading it

Among the numerous pieces of new hardware and software debuted at Apple’s WWDC 2020 remote event on Monday, showed off a handy new iOS 14 feature that will enable users to view and interact with dynamic content from third party developers simply by scanning a QR code. → Read More

After Math: A glimmer of hope

Though few and far between, there have been some bright spots in this week’s headlines. → Read More

Hitting the Books: Can golf evolve and survive in the 21st century

With Phillips’s background as an instructor and Rose’s scientific outlook on the body, the two were already far out in front of the trend concerning biomechanics and the golf swing. “It was like, ‘That’s it! It’s just that they didn’t know because we were never taught. → Read More

EA debuts 'Star Wars: Squadrons' gameplay

During its Play Live online event on Thursday, EA gave fans their first look at the upcoming combat flight sim, Star Wars: Squadrons. Set in the venerated Star Wars universe, Squadrons offers both a single player campaign where neophyte flyers can earn their wings and an intense online multiplayer. → Read More

NY City Council passes NYPD surveillance oversight bill

In a 44-6 vote on Thursday, the NYC City Council voted in favor of passing the POST Act, which will empower civilian oversight of the NYPD's sprawling surveillance state. → Read More

Online and independent: The future of journalism is already here

A new generation of independent, internet-based journalists are bringing the voice of the people to the ears of the American public, all without paywalls. → Read More

Researchers taught a robot to suture by showing it surgery videos

The UC Berkeley team, led by Dr. Ajay Tanwani, has developed a semi-supervised AI deep-learning system, dubbed Motion2Vec. → Read More

Hitting the Books: A fully-connected future means you'll never be alone

Over much of the period, networked solitude was seen as a necessary and increasingly productive companion to physical solitude. → Read More

Facebook announces the winner of its Deepfake Detection Challenge

After a nearly year-long competition, Facebook announced the winner of its Deepfake Detection Challenge on Friday morning. → Read More

'Horizon: Forbidden West' continues Aloy's journey on PS5

Horizon: Zero Dawn was arguably one of the most engaging and compelling titles released during the the PlayStation 4’s reign though even with an added DLC, fans of the game clambored to experience more of Aloy’s adventure. → Read More

Bethesda reveals gameplay for its 'Ghostwire: Tokyo' supernatural thriller

In Ghostwire: Tokyo, you’ll hear and encounter sounds that you normally would not hear in the city in real life. → Read More

The 'Final Fantasy XV' team is making 'Project Athia' for PS5

During Sony’s online PlayStation 5 preview event on Thursday, viewers were treated to an exciting (albeit truncated) look Luminous Productions’ launch title, Project Athia. → Read More

How to purchase your next pair of glasses online

If you have a relatively recent prescription and an internet connection, you can easily find a pair of stylish -- and shockingly affordable -- glasses online. → Read More

After Math: Take a mental health break from this crisis with these games

It’s been a bonkers week. So if you feel the need to take a breather from this hellscape reality before diving back into the political fray (or even doomscrolling through Twitter again), this week’s headlines have your back. → Read More