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Past articles by Sebastian:

Understanding Putin’s Ultimate Objective

Images we deemed purely in the realm of history are being broadcast live 24 hours a day on all media platforms. Tanks rolling down urban... Read More → Read More

China’s War With the World

We should understand the threat that Chinese President Xi Jinping’s communist regime represents. → Read More

It’s No Longer Just Left vs. Right

Our media and political class have been captured by the radicalism that has bubbled under the surface of left-wing politics for decades. → Read More

Who Can Save Us Now?

America's political leaders have failed us in multiple ways over multiple decades. → Read More

The Truth About China and the Coronavirus

China's communist regime lied about the virus that originated in Wuhan and is using the COVID-19 pandemic as a weapon of disinformation against America. → Read More

Impeachment: Pelosi’s Biggest Mistake Ever

With no real chance at impeachment, Speaker Nancy Pelosi is playing a shell game she's sure to come out on the losing side of. → Read More

Of Ilhan Omar, Anti-Semitism, and America –

It was only a matter of time. And in this case, it didn’t take long at all. After Representative Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) made her racist remarks about the “evil” and “hypnotic” influence of Israel, the undue influence of the Jewish lobby in Washington, (“it’s all → Read More

The Difference in How Socialism and Free Markets Work in the Real World

How is it possible that, according to one recent poll, a stunning 52 percent of millennials would like to live in a socialist or communist America? → Read More

The FBI Has Become Too Dangerous –

If you’re not the first lady, being alone in the Oval Office with the president of the United States is a rare occurrence. Even visiting heads of state will be accompanied by an interpreter, or an official notetaker, when they meet privately with the → Read More

Trump is right about Saudi Arabia: strategic concerns are paramount

President Trump inherited a grim situation in the Middle East; he has put our enemies on notice and reasserted American leadership around the world. → Read More

Why the Media Couldn’t Care Less About Khashoggi –

People die. Every day. It’s our lot. Some deaths attract more attention than others. Sometimes for good reasons. Sometimes for nefarious and dishonest ones. The largest metropolitan U.S. cities see deadly violence every weekend. And those run by the Democratic Party for the last several decades are especially → Read More

Who will fight for Judge Kavanaugh?

The case reminds of Whittaker Chambers, whose reputation Democrats destroyed in congressional hearings because he dared to speak the truth and would not back down. → Read More

The permanent consequences of the Kavanaugh hearing

This is the lasting damage that the “ends justify the means” strategy of Democrats has already done to America. → Read More

Barack Obama and the 'resister-in-chief'

How those who love the republic identify and deal with bureaucrats who have broken the sacred compact between Americans and their government? → Read More

Washington's facade of civility was buried with McCain

MAGA wasn’t just a campaign slogan. It was a declaration of political warfare against the established elite on both the left and right. → Read More

Brennan is the first, but he won't be the last

Trump was right to strip Brennan's clearance given the damage Brennan was doing to American interests. → Read More

Brennan is the first, but he won't be the last

Trump was right to strip Brennan's clearance given the damage Brennan was doing to American interests. → Read More

Trump versus Putin: A new sheriff is in the White House

President Trump is the right man to meet with and rein in the former KGB colonel. → Read More

Long live the better, stronger NATO of the Trump era

The old NATO is dead. Long live the new, and once more relevant, NATO. → Read More

America is indeed different — and that’s why I'm here

Ours is the only country in the world to be founded on the principle of individual liberty. → Read More