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Hillier, ON, Canada

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Past articles by Jay:

Waking Up Before Dawn With My Son, on the Day of a Funeral

My son and I had been awake for hours, so we got up at dawn and shared the early morning with each other, savoring the time together. A child in our community had died, which made the time all the more precious. → Read More

Zen and the Art of Not Reacting to Children’s Bad Behavior

How borrowing from stoicism helped one dad become a better disciplinarian for his kid. And how it took a lot of practice. → Read More


Colorado Challenges Police to Serve and Protect, Not Fine and Collect

The ballot measure is creative and straightforward: all fines issued against Coloradans can be satisfied with a donation to a registered charity of their choice. → Read More


Listen NPR, The Market is Already Saving PBS

PBS has already started to embrace privatization, which is why shows like Curious George and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood are available through streaming services. Privatization has already saved Big Bird, but NPR has yet to catch a clue. → Read More

A Career In College Admissions Convinced Me Not To Push My Kid To Go To College

I will support him either way. → Read More


Blame Building Codes for the Bathroom Wars

Municipal code enforcement and “potty parity” laws make the bathroom wars intractable. → Read More


Selling Higher Education Is Sleazier Than Selling a Used Car

"In a previous life, I worked in a sleazy industry that championed predatory lending practices which often sent my clients spiraling down a rabbit hole of debt. What was this ethically questionable industry? I worked in higher education." → Read More

Why My Wife And I Decided to Be ‘One and Done’ Parents

Jay Stooksberry explains why he and his wife are "one and done parents" and how he doesn't give a damn what you think about it. → Read More


FDR Was Another President with a Greatness Plan

In an effort to boost morale, a friend of mine – a Democrat in mourning following Election Day – posted the following message online: “We had to elect Hoover in order to have twelve years of FDR.” But many of the things that partisan Democrats hate about Trump were also prominent policies of their modern-day demigod of progressive politics, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. → Read More


"We Are All Negan" – Walking Dead and the Collectivist Violence of the State

An obvious cult of personality surrounds Negan. Those beholden to his violent leadership dissolve their personal identities, elevating their sense of self-sacrifice as a virtue within their rank-and-file. Negan’s omnipotence serves as a metaphor for the absence of individualism in collectivist mindsets. → Read More


Lessons from the A-taco-lypse

Consumer behavior seems to support these maverick business practices. → Read More


Want to Stop Gun Violence? End The War On Drugs

We are in the midst of Prohibition 2.0. This time we call it the “War on Drugs,” and its impact is even more deadly. Without legal mechanisms in place, the only option for arbitration in the black market is violence. → Read More

No Fly List: Trump’s Federal Database for Muslims?

The No Fly List has been a standard bearer for the anti-democratic targeting of Muslims, and it has often been used to bar entry into the United States. → Read More

The Syrian Refugee Crisis: We Cannot Repeat History

Hindsight is only 20/20 if you work to avoid the mistakes of the past. Hopefully, we don’t allow history to repeat itself. → Read More