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Past articles by Walter:

Tulsa’s Big Bet on Remote Workers

More than 2,000 people have moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma because of Tulsa Remote, a program that pays remote workers $10,000 to move. And two new studies suggest the program is working: the participants are experiencing a higher standard of living due to the city’s low housing costs, and are engaged in the community. But there are challenges for other cities looking to copy the model. For one thing,… → Read More

What Causes Inflation?

What causes inflation? There is no one answer, but like so much of macroeconomics it comes down to a mix of output, money, and expectations. Supply shocks can lower an economy’s potential output, driving up prices. An increase in the money supply can stoke demand, driving up prices. And the expectation of inflation can become a self-fulfilling cycle as workers and companies demand higher wages… → Read More

What Will the Global Economy Look Like in 2023?

Three experts explore how the global economy will look in 2023. Though they agree there’s a chance inflation eases, there are major risks and it will take a long while before inflation gets down to central banks’ target levels. And there are other risks lurking too, from sovereign debt defaults to geopolitical rifts. → Read More

What the Next Era of Globalization Will Look Like

Rana Forhoohar, a columnist at the Financial Times, makes the case for less global, more local supply chains. In her view, the last few decades of globalization hasn’t worked for most people. And more localized economies can provide more resilience, more sustainability, and less inequality. → Read More

Why Economies Become Less Dynamic as They Age

Covid-19 revealed the limits of the U.S. economy and the ways it wasn’t as dynamic as many had thought. For years, the U.S. has struggled to build new things, from roads to railways to housing, but analysts have struggled to explain why. But a canonical book by the political economist Mancur Olson offers an answer: As economies age, lobbyists and interest groups slow everything down. Olson’s… → Read More

Can Zombie Firms Survive Rising Interest Rates?

Companies that can’t pay their debts are supposed to turn things around or go out of business. But across the world, a rising number of “zombie firms” are limping along, unable to pay their debts but somehow hanging on. Now, with interest rates rising, the question is whether the zombies will start dying off. If they do, it could be painful in the short run. But it might present acquisition… → Read More

The US Supreme Court's hard right turn

The conservative majority is transforming the country. → Read More

4 reasons Netflix should buy Roku

Quartz is a guide to the new global economy for people in business who are excited by change. We cover business, economics, markets, finance, technology, science, design, and fashion. → Read More

A Harvard economist summarizes his class on monopolies in 54 tweets

Harvard economist Jason Furman relays a 75-minute lecture in 54 tweets. → Read More

A beginner’s guide to ETFs

Everything you need to know about ETFs in five minutes or less, including why we wouldn’t have them without cooking oil. → Read More

Is the tech boom over?

Inflation, higher interest rates, and the war in Ukraine are contributing to a tech-market reset. → Read More

The best case and worst case scenarios for the VC market

The best case and worst case scenarios for the VC market. → Read More

Way fewer Fortune 500 board seats are going to CEOs

Companies are looking for experience in sustainability, inclusion, cybersecurity, and politics. → Read More

Where will venture capitalists look next?

They're reassessing the market and sitting on a record amount of capital. → Read More

What Warren Buffett gets right and wrong about bitcoin

The Oracle of Omaha was asked about bitcoin at Berkshire Hathaway's annual meeting and claimed he wouldn't buy the cryptocurrency at any price. → Read More

Airbnb’s five rules for work-from-anywhere

The company won't dock pay and will allow stints in 170 different countries. → Read More

Is a recession coming?

Forecasters say there's about a one-in-three chance of a US recession in 2022. → Read More

Would you want ex-WeWork CEO Adam Neumann on your board of directors?

The question is whether he's learned from his investors' mistakes. → Read More

The companies boycotting Russia are demonstrating six key values

A professor of business ethics explains the philosophy behind the decisions. → Read More

Listen to the crypto converts

For crypto to go mainstream, people had their minds changed about the value and power of blockchain. Here are the stories of 12 of them. → Read More