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Past articles by Dr.:

Dr. Carl Hart: Blame Drug War For DMX’s Death, Not Drugs

This familiar script allows journalists to tell a sexier tale, brimming with clickbait for the undiscerning reader; it also reinforces misguided notions about the unpredictability of drug effects, which enables authorities to divert attention away from more pressing legitimate concerns, like heart disease, racism, poverty, substandard education, and un-and under-employment. → Read More

The Real Opioid Emergency

The current crisis fits a historical pattern of racial disparity in how society treats drug users. → Read More

Ivy League Professor: 'I Would Much Rather My Own Children Interact With Drugs Than With the Police'

Hart writes: Drug effects are predictable; police interactions with black people are not. In encounters with police, too often the black person ends up dead. That is why I would much rather my own children interact with drugs than with the police. → Read More

This is how Singapore teaches children to stay away from drugs

The city-state has been distributing morbid anti-drug propaganda in its schools. So we asked an expert what Singapore’s harsh anti-drug policies actually achieve in reality. → Read More

What’s really behind the ‘failure’ of the US ‘war on drugs’ in Afghanistan?

Although drug production has not been reduced, this has not really been a failure. The drug war’s true function lies in reinforcing western support for the war. → Read More

“The degree of the racism is insane”: Johann Hari on the ‘war on drugs’

“African Americans are no more likely to buy or sell drugs than any other group, but they make up the overwhelming majority of the people who go to prison for it.” (27:42 minutes) → Read More

In the US war on drugs, “equal justice under law” rings hollow

Our massive criminal punishment system is infected at all points by racial injustice. And the ‘war on drugs’ has only accelerated mass incarceration. → Read More

Pandora’s box: the real impact of drug policies

Policies that should simply have been health strategies, have actually opened the door to a punitive system which has accelerated violence, socio-economic gaps, and international asymmetries. Can we close ‘Pandora’s box’? → Read More

Myths, moralism, and hypocrisy drive the international drug control system

Why are Colombia and Bolivia acceptable theatres for violent weaponised counter-narcotics operations, and not Poland or Canada? Our international drug policies reflect a damaging bias towards the global north. → Read More

A Neuroscientist Explains How He Found Out Meth Is Almost Identical to Adderall

A Columbia University psychiatry professor talks about what he's learned from trying the drug himself and studying it over the years. → Read More

Why research is biased against pot and other recreational drugs

Scientists routinely focus on the negative while virtually ignoring the beneficial effects, says neuroscientist Carl Hart. It’s not that they’re dishonest, just self-interested. → Read More