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Past articles by Nicholas:

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What Your Mustache Tells Her About You

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How to Choose a Tattoo Shop

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It’s nearly 2017! Can we finally retire the current year as an argument for social change?

It's a lazy and unconvincing rationale. → Read More

You Don't Need to Be a Rocket Scientist to Pay Off $60,000 in Debt

Living debt-free isn't easy, but it can be done, even after accruing a mountain of debt. Just ask Jason Lowery. → Read More

Millennials Are Making a Lot of Simple Mistakes That Are Ruining Their Credit

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Tom DeLonge's New Sekret Machines Project Takes a Serious Look at UFOs

Has Blink-182's Tom DeLonge lost it? He has, after all, spent more than a year and a half meeting with high-ranking military officials and scientific... → Read More

Unpopular Opinion: Bat Out of Hell Is Better Than Born to Run

When producer Todd Rundgren first heard Bat Out of Hell, he thought it was a parody of Bruce Springsteen. In fact, many years later, he remarked, “I can’t believe the world took it seriously.” Indeed, the world did take Bat Out of Hell seriously, in all its faux-Wagnerian glory. It... → Read More

Unpopular Opinion: You Hate Juggalos Because They Have More Fun Than You

I wouldn’t call myself a Juggalo, but I love Insane Clown Posse and I appreciate the Juggalo subculture. It’s not just that I think they’re responsible for innovative, interesting and hilarious rap. It’s hard to ignore the fact that they’ve created one of the only vibrant and original subcultures in... → Read More

Unpopular Opinion: In Defense of Pop Country

“I like everything but rap and country.” So says every 13-year-old just peeking over the fence into the wider world of music. And good on them. Of course, most of us grow up and realize that dad was right. Country music is boss. It’s not the most controversial opinion in... → Read More

Josh Haddon Left Us With Some Inspiration to Love Livin'

The comedian taught us a lot about life and death. → Read More

Unpopular Opinion: It's Time to Talk About How Terrible Pantera Are

I’ve been wanting to say this for a while. I fucking hate Pantera with the burning fury of 10,000 white-hot suns. No, it has nothing to do with Phil Anselmo’s frequent outbursts of racism. I’m not easily offended and I can’t think of much I care less about than what... → Read More

In Praise of Cheap Beer

Sometimes you’ve just gotta get back to basics. → Read More