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Past articles by Stacy:

Pig kidney transplanted in a human lasted for TWO MONTHS in new record that could be a breakthrough for organ donations

History has been made after New York doctors revealed a pig kidney functioned in a man for 61 days, marking the longest time a non-human organ has survived in a human. → Read More

Now Germany and Belgium are looking to BAN Apple's iPhone 12 due to fears radiation could damage people's health

France banning Apple iPhone 12 sales has started a snowball effect across Europe. Germany and Belgium could announce the same move, while Italy is monitoring the situation. → Read More

iPhone 15 is officially UNVEILED: Apple's new smartphone starts at $799 in five new colors, USB-C charging and upgraded camera technology

Apple has officially unveiled the new iPhone 15 with a brighter display, a 48-megapixel camera and 100 percent recycled cobalt in its battery. It is available for $799 and in five colors. → Read More

Becoming a halfway vegan could curb climate change, scientists claim

A new study claims that swapping 50 percent of our meat and dairy intake for the next 27 years would reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by 31 percent. → Read More

America's lithium boom hits North Carolina: DoD to re-open Kings Mountain mine that can produce five million tons of 'white gold'

The US government has committed $90 million to help re-open a lithium mine in North Carolina that was one of the world's largest producers of 'white gold' before it closed in 1988. → Read More

Baby boy's dark-brown eyes turn bright BLUE overnight after being given a COVID treatment

A six-month-old infant was prescribed an antiviral drug to treat Covid that changed his dark-brown eyes to a bright blue in just 18 hours after receiving the first dose administered as a syrup. → Read More

Elon Musk's fleet of Starlink satellites are spewing out RADIATION

The amount of radiation leaking from SpaceX's Starlinks is enough enough to be mistaken as radio waves from distant celestial objects and hinder scientific discoveries. → Read More

Over 1.5 million Android users downloaded spyware apps that are sending data to China

Cybersecurity experts are warning Android users of two spyware apps that are scraping devices of sensitive information, which is then sent to servers in China. → Read More

Is this the world's ultimate swear word? Mathematician uses algorithm to create new offensive term

Most people have a favorite curse word, but a mathematician from Kings College London has created a new one with an algorithm, which she says is the world's ultimate swear word. → Read More

All the rumored Apple iPhone 15 changes and new features

Apple is likely to unveil the new iPhone 15 in September, but tech experts and patents have shared predictions of what users could expect, including new colors and even a higher price. → Read More

Congressman on intelligence committee says UFOs 'defy physics as we know it and fly underwater'

A congressman revealed he is 100 percent sure he has seen compelling evidence of UFOs, which be claims defy 'defy physics as we know it,' yet the government is covering them up. → Read More

Microsoft leaks a new Sony PlayStation console set for later this year

Microsoft may have leaked an upcoming gaming console for its rival Sony in court documents, which shows gamers could see a new PlayStation 5 Slim console released later this year. → Read More

Report compares T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T to reveal which is the best service in the US

A new report reveals not all cellphone carriers in the US are created equal. An analytics company looked at data from T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T to see which has the fastest speeds. → Read More

Could Africa split in HALF? 2,000-mile crack is widening by one inch every year

A massive rift is ripping through the southeastern region of Africa that is predicted to split the continent in two. Somalia and half of Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania would form the new continent. → Read More

The 'dangerous' of competitive eating like those at Nathan's hot dog contest

Nathan's famous hot dog eating contest saw Joey Chestnut scarf down 62 wieners in just 10 minutes, but this victorious feat could have grim health consequences in the future. → Read More

'Water cremations' are rising in popularity across America as an eco-friendly and cheap way to go

Water cremation is becoming popular among Americans who are looking for a more eco-friendly and cheaper options for when they day. This process costs up to $3,000. → Read More

Average person accidentally eats up to one POUND of bugs each year

Eating insects may not sound appetizing, but most people consume them daily without realizing it. This is because the FDA allows a certain amount of heads, legs and even whole bugs in food. → Read More

Melinda Gates says she's 'very nervous' AI will be biased without women developers

Melinda French Gates has joined the conversation about artificial intelligence, revealing she is 'very concerned' about the technology being 'baked with bias' due to a lack of women in the industry. → Read More

Crew onboard Virgin Galactic spaceplane celebrates successful launch

The crew of Italian researchers celebrated the successful Virgin Galactic flight to space. The mission took off Thursday, marking the company's first space tourism flight. → Read More

Richard Branson will enter billionaire space tourism race TOMORROW when Virgin Galactic takes off

Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic is set to take four wealthy individuals to the edge of space Thursday, marking his first step into billionaire space tourism race with Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos. → Read More